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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Shared Life: Summer in Chicago & Shows from July, August, September 2015

After returning to Chicago from Audiofeed, the following week some friends were in town to play at Taste of Chicago on July 10th in Grant Park. I left work & arrived just as they were setting up. There were technical difficulties but it was good to hear the tunes of Mike Mains & The Branches.

The next day I cheered on the Pittsburgh Pirates while Elphie was amused enough to film it. On Sunday, July 12th after attending a service at Risen Savior, Jon decided to blow up a parking cone then Elphie & went to The Original Rainbow Cone for ice cream after getting groceries. On July 17th, we hung with friends we met in San Antonio until they left by bus. We had dinner at JPUSA where we saw Spike's new "mobile" phone then headed downtown where Skot gave a parking garage tour. The next day Elphie & I went to IKEA. Josh Robieson had an idea to make a trailer for the upcoming movie he & friends developed called "Time Toupee." We filmed it on Sunday July 19th & it was edited in the week to follow.

On July 25th we went to Subterranean to see Listener. They didn't play at Audiofeed this year so it was good to catch them on tour.

I was privileged to film Chicago Chalk Champ Shaun Hays' seminar for the Chalk Art Festival in Melrose Park. Technical difficulties made the live stream difficult but I cleaned it up some then reposted it as it is seen here.

The Full Moon Jam occurred on July 30th in Uptown Chicago. It was the first time I've attended one of these & it was pretty cool.

August started with a trip to Indiana for Sean & Marissa's wedding. I picked up some fireworks along the way. The next day, August 2nd we spent the day at the Bristol Renaissance Faire then traveled through quite the storm with tornado possibilities back to Chicago. The lightning was pretty amazing. August 5th I filmed another seminar for Shaun Hays. This one had even more significant technical difficulties with the live stream so I posted this shortly after for those who wanted to see it before the Chalk Champ Chalk Art Festival.

Shaun Hays' Chalk Champ Chalk Art Festival fell on August 8th. Elphie & I documented the events of the day for him. It was an interesting but cool experience.

We also had our friend Guy paid us a visit. We tried to catch the Navy Pier Fireworks but ran late. Instead we saw a strange cow covered limo. We ended the night at Nocturna. This happened there as well.

Social Distortion played the House of Blues on Tuesday August 11th. They played mostly from the self titled album on its 25th Anniversary. It was a good show.

Friday the 14th we returned to House of Blues for Chant & KMFDM. Both were good shows


The Illogical Spoon played at Wilson Abbey on Saturday August 15th. I went solo to this one then caught the Navy Pier Fireworks afterwards.


On Monday August 17th I went to Subterranean to see Youth Crisis, Brick Assassin, Assault & Battery, & Concrete Elite. It was a good show especially for me on that night. I needed a show like that. It ended up being Sid's last show with Brick Assassin.




On August 23rd, Shaun Hays did his Chalk Art at Risen Savior & gave a message as well.

Haujobb played at The Abbey Pub on Tuesday August 25th.

On Friday August 28th, Still Alive played an album release show at Subterranean. I missed the first part of the show but made it in time to see In Exile as well prior to Still Alive's set.


On Saturday August 29th, Elphie & I joined Moses & Mary for a trip to the Berwyn Route 66 Car Show. Though I'm not really a car guy, it was good to hang with friends & see some of the cars too.

Tuesday, September 1st Common Fox Weeping debuted as a band at The Workshop. It was a good first show & they are definitely a talented band.

Friday September 4th Elphie & I went to Cincinnati for the weekend. On Saturday, we hung out with friends at Donna's house then got pizza compliments of Davey Policastro. We went to A Voice For The Innocent's Speak Up Saturday at The 86 & replenished my coffee needs.

Sunday, after hanging with friends some more, we went to the WEBN Fireworks down on the river where we met up with the Durbin's.

On Labor Day, Monday September 6th, Russ & I went to Great American Ballpark to see the Pittsburgh Pirates play the Cincinnati Reds. The Pirates lost 3-1 then Elphie & I returned to Chicago. On Wednesday September 9th I caught another Brick Assassin show. This time it was with Pillage, Freedom, & Agnostic Front. Another great show!




Riot Fest took place from September 11th-13th. I got to see two after shows. I had planned to attend three but a house show with Desiring Dead Flesh ran a bit longer than I anticipated.

On Saturday September 12th & Sunday September 13th, I was on location for the filming of "Time Toupee." Saturday night was a Riot Fest after show with Thrice at Concord Music Hall.

Sunday night at House of Blues Elphie & I saw The Interrupters & Rancid. All of these were cool shows.


On Friday September 18th on another violently stormy day we went to El Rey Ballroom just up the street from where we live to see BioCarbon13 & Hocico. It was cool.


The Pittsburgh Pirates played their last series in Chicago at Wrigley Field September 25th-27th against the Cubs. They won 3-2, 4-0 & lost 4-0. During the game on Sunday night the Supermoon eclipse happened. On Saturday night, we went to Nite Cap to see Grave Robber. It's always good to see our friends!

This project was using an iPhone 6, Sony HD Bloggie, Canon Power Shot SD 780 IS, & JVC HDD Everio by Elphie & Joel A. Swanson.

Edited by Joel A. Swanson using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Music Festivals 2015: Audiofeed & Take Hold Fest

After the last 2 summers being packed with travels to various states for music festivals, this year after the wedding, Elphie & I went to one music festival together: Audiofeed. This was a part of our honeymoon...sorta. I also attended Take Hold Fest in November in Grand Rapids, MI.

Footage filmed on Wednesday July 1st, 2015 as we departed from Southside Chicago for Audiofeed 2015 in Champaign Urbana, IL. Also included is a flashback to Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 at Winchester at Denny’s in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, shopping at Meijer, arriving at Audiofeed 2015, putting up our tent, eating at Mama Linda’s Hog Roast, Shawn Browning speaking at the Black Sheep Stage & The Asylum, Harry GoreInsomniac Folklore playing during Christmas in July at The Asylum, & hanging with folks.

This footage includes Elphie sleeping while I wake for the day, Dougle McMysteron speaking twice at The Asylum, Destroy Nate Allen playing & Nate & Tessa Allen speaking at The Anchor Worship Tent, Adrienne & Tyler speaking & Insomniac Folklore playing at The Asylum, KeYoung on Black Sheep Stage, Laura McElroy on The Front Porch, hanging with folks, Nate Allen playing at The Asylum, cooking venison steak & giving some to friends, 6’ 10 playing on The Radon Stage, Desiring Dead Flesh on the Front Porch, more hanging with folks, Silent Planet playing on The Black Sheep Stage, hanging in the Asylum, fireworks, Grave Robber playing on the Black Sheep Stage including the blood bath, mullet man, greeting Jeff Bradshaw in the pit, & Leper Blood Hymns at The Asylum.

This footage includes Jonathan Hape, Narrow / Arrow, Timbre, & The Soil & The Sun on the Arkansas Stage. Justin Kaleb Driggers, Trouper, This Heart, Insomniac Folklore, Destroy Nate Allen, Exegesis, & Leper on the Radon Stage, Spirit & The Bride, & Brandon Reid on the Front Porch, Church Tongue, Debtor, War Of Ages, The O.C. Supertones, & My Epic on The Black Sheep Stage, Nate & Tessa Allen speaking at the Anchor Worship Tent, KJ & Bill Fanum speaking at The Asylum, hanging out & Elphie bubble blowing at camp,  hula hoop folks, frisbee folks, Buck Buck, a furry picture, a siren light glowing, the moon, & Asylum hangs with Josh Robieson & others.

This footage includes Spirit & The Bride, Comrades, Strengthen What Remains, In Exile, The Scurvies, JawBone, Take It Back!, Destroy Nate Allen, & Flatfoot 56 on the Black Sheep Stage, Hushpad & The Altar Boys on the Radon Stage, The Altar Billies & Kevin Max on the Arkansas Stage, Deborah on the Front Porch, Insomniac Folklore in the Kid’s Zone, Ball-Peen Hammer (a Leper side project) in the Asylum, a “Future of Christian music” seminar with Jay Newman, Aaron Lunsford, & John J. Thompson, Nate & Tessa Allen speaking at the Anchor Worship Tent, hanging out to start the day, hanging with Alan before Spirit & The Bride, Ninja-Olympics, Tony Bilbrey on a unicycle & teaching others, Jesi Neaves goes to Denny’s, fried candy bars, Honz’s dance moves & nipple, a commitment to Christ, eating elephant ears in pajamas, blood moon, a power outage, a pillow fight, & late night hangs with many friends with lots of goodbyes.

This footage includes packing up to leave the festival, hanging with Destroy Nate Allen, Insomniac Folklore, Kat Jones & other friends at a nearby diner, traveling to the Peoria, IL area for a show at a farm house featuring Destroy Nate Allen, Insomniac Folklore, Nate Allen, & Parental Petulance, returning to Chicago, & credits for this project.

Additional soundtrack is “Don’t Look Back” by Squad Five-0 & "Travelers" by 6'10.

All band footage along with these clips posted above are all available in this playlist:


Take Hold Fest in Grand Rapids, MI took place November 13-15th, 2015. I missed the first night & part of the next day as well but I caught performances by 6' 10, Drained, In Exile, Borrowed Spirit, Spirit & The Bride, The Festal Shout, F.B.S., New Heart, Heartside Hooligans, KeYoung, & FlatFoot 56. I attended the church service the next day before returning to Chicago.

Filmed using an iPhone 6, Sony HD Bloggie, Canon Power Shot SD 780 IS, & JVC HDD Everio by Elphie & Joel A. Swanson. Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson

The projects & bootlegs are available for donation.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Joel & Elphie Getting Married (06.13.15)

On Saturday June 13th, 2015 Elphie & I were married in a small ceremony at a friend's house in Fort Wright, Kentucky just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. It was officiated by Chris Human - a friend more like a brother & owner of The 86 which I was able to be part of its beginnings. Elphie had her friends Sarah & Debbie stand beside her while I brought in my friends Joe & Russ to stand by me. Our immediate family were able to make the trip as well as friends from a few different places besides the Cincinnati area. The day turned out to be very nice despite a forecast for rain. It was also much warmer than expected after such a cold winter & cool spring up to that point. All in all it was a very good day & we were blessed by those in attendance as well as anyone who logged in for the live stream. The footage of the wedding ceremony linked below includes some footage from the live stream as well as stationary cameras I set up with help from Michael Sheehy. He also set up a few cameras and tried to capture the walk in of the wedding party as well as the leaving. Due to the heat some of his cameras failed to operate properly. Here is the final edit of the footage of the Wedding Ceremony:


I compiled a playlist of videos that documented events surrounding the wedding. Also added in are a couple clips highlighting the building of our relationship and the RAWk n Roll Celebration at The 86 from the night before the wedding. Except for the RAWk n Roll Celebration, all of this footage was compiled & burnt to a DVD with a few photo slideshows as well. The RAWk n Roll Celebration is on a separate DVD available for donation for anyone who would want it. Here is The Playlist:


This wedding video project was compiled during a period of time from August through completion in October 2015. The final project is pretty much the same as it appears in the playlist with differences in how it's divided up for viewers of the DVD. In watching the DVD, I realized a couple minor mistakes that were made which is frustrating. Otherwise I accomplished what I had hope to with this project. Here is each clip with its description:

 Intro & Invitations (02.10.15 - 02.12.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes the project intro & wedding invitations being printed then mailed out.


 Wedding Preparation Trip To Cincinnati (05.22.15 - 05.26.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes traveling to Cincinnati for some wedding preparations, the cake taste testing at Graeters, visiting Spring Grove Cemetery to scout picture taking locations, hanging at the Sheehys home - the wedding location, hanging with the Humans and other friends, and returning to Chicago.


Wedding Tattoo Trip To Pittsburgh (05.29.15 - 05.31.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes traveling to Pittsburgh by Amtrak to get a Wedding Tattoo done at In The Blood in the Southside by Justun Wanted. Joel arrived around 7am & went to Primanti Brothers for a sandwich then walked to the Southside & ate the sandwich by the river. As it got closer to the time the shop opens, Joel walked over to the shop. The tattoo did not take long so afterwards he walked to his old house with the Rooke's in Hazelwood as storms came through the area. That evening was spent hanging at Roland's with one of his best dudes, Joe enjoying conversation & a decent meal as well as some of the Pirates game before going to the Amtrak station to return to Chicago.


The Wedding Week (06.10.15 - 06.11.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes Elphie traveling by Megabus to Cincinnati to do her final preparations before the wedding, hanging with friends at Skyline Chili, the parents meeting, Joel in Chicago, a clip from the mewithoutYou show he attended, & Joel's trip to Cincinnati.


The Day & Night Before The Wedding (06.12.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes a trip to the county courthouse to apply and pick up the marriage license and the RAWk n Roll Celebration - A TigerRAWk Show hosted at The 86 featuring Spirit & The Bride, Destroy Nate Allen, F.B.S., Leper, and Grave Robber.


 Final Preparations On Wedding Day (06.13.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes the final preparations prior to the Wedding Ceremony and the guests arriving.


The Wedding Ceremony (06.13.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes the wedding ceremony using footage from several cameras along with the live feed which was broadcasted here at the time of the wedding.


Pictures, Reception, Cake, & Leaving To Honeymoon (06.13.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes the a collage of a few of the pictures taken at Spring Grove Cemetery after the wedding, folks hanging at the reception, the cutting of the cake, and Joel & Elphie leaving for the honeymoon.


Honeymoon & Newly Wed Life (06.13.15 - 06.26.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes the honeymoon through Indiana with stops at a hotel for the night, Fair Oaks dairy farm, Albanese Candy Factory, then onto Aurora, IL a hotel stay, mini golf, & a movie, and back home in Chicago visiting the Shedd Aquarium. Newly wed life shots include a special night at Nocturna with free admission & special song request of "Love Song" by The Cure DJed by Scary Lady Sarah & visiting Lincoln Park Zoo.


 Messages From Family & Friends (06.13.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes messages from family & friends:

Sarah, Lisa, Josiah, Amy, Peggy &; Jeff, Nate & Tessa, Laura, Monica, Chris, & Jonah, Joel's Mom, & Skot & Rachel.


Joel & Elphie's Wedding - The LIVE Stream (06.13.15)
This is the LIVE stream in its entirety from the start of the broadcast until after the wedding ceremony was complete and folks made their way out. The LIVE stream was for anyone who was unable to make it to the wedding. I decided to keep it available on my youtube channel for anyone who cares to watch it again or for the first time though I would recommend the other video of the wedding ceremony as it has better sound & other angles included. Also, that one starts just before the ceremony whereas this one shows a whole lot of other nonsense that would probably be boring to most folks.


The RAWk n Roll Wedding Celebration @ The 86 (06.12.15)
The following footage are the full set of each band who played the RAWk n Roll Celebration - a TigerRAWk Show at The 86 on June 12th - the night before our wedding. Check the bands out! They are all friends of ours & we were very happy to have them share this time with us.

Spirit & The Bride
Set List:
1. prayer/intro
2. Bite Your Tongue
3. Authority
4. Name Above All Names
5. Thresholds
6. Armageddon


Destroy Nate Allen
Set List:
1. Destroy Nate Allen intro/chant
2. Chick Flick
3. Put Your Head On My Shoulder
4. Turns Out You're Perfect For Me
5. Boobie Bar
6. Vegetables (w/ special guests Jeff Bradshaw & Spirit & The Bride)
7. White Flag


Set List:
1. Hammerfist RocknRoll
2. All I Wanna Do Is RocknRoll
3. You Can't Hide
4. Standoff
5. Self Destruction
6. Gods Or Men
7. Consumed
8. They Hate You
9. Live Grenade
10. Apocalypse


Set List:
1. What Does It Mean To Die
2. Jet Black Technical Difficulties
3. Jet Black Tears
4. I'm Not Afraid To Sleep Anymore
5. Watch What You Say
6. Haunt
7. Werewolf
8. 13 Silver Bullets
9. Take What You Want From Me


Grave Robber (special acoustic set)
Set List:
1. Intro
2. Fear No Evil
3. Reanimator
4. Paranormal Activity
5. I Wanna Kill You Over & Over Again
6. Skeletons
7. Dark Angel
8. Nightbreed
9. Army Of The Dead


Other Clips:
I included a couple of other clips into the project.

Minimize The Distance was a project I created when Elphie asked for a special video ONLY for her. At the time I was in Pittsburgh & she was in Chicago. I decided that blowing up Ohio & Indiana seemed like a logical way to bring us closer together so I took some footage of explosions & such along with some other footage I had to create that effect using a song she really likes by KMFDM.


A Step Toward Something Beautiful
Elphie needed more time to make a commitment to being an official dating couple than I did. This video shows my thoughts & feelings while waiting on her to be ready as it leads up to her making that commitment & doing so through a fun scavenger hunt through the house. I added in "Reflections" by Travelogue & she had "Beat Your Heart Out" by The Distillers playing.


An Audiofeed Proposal (07.06.15)
I proposed to Elphie awkwardly one night at the end of Audiofeed Festival right before going to bed. She accepted the proposal. I added in "Haunt" by Leper from the Audiofeed set as background music. I suppose I could have done better a proposing but this is how it ended up.


Soundtracks include "Turns Out Your Perfect For Me" by Destroy Nate Allen, "Go-Go To The GraveYard" by The Deadlines, "Enjoy The Silence" by Depeche Mode, "Flower Tattoo" by The W's, "Love You Till The End" by The Pogues,  "World Of The Future" by House of Wires (album version & Jon Sonnenberg Acoustic Selections Edition), "Haunt" by Leper (album version & Skot Shaw live acoustic version), "No Tomorrow" by Squad Five-0, and "Love Song" by The Cure (DJed by Scary Lady Sarah).

Filmed using an iPhone 4, iPhone6, Sony HD Bloggie, Canon Power Shot SD 780 IS, JVC HDD Everio, the live stream through a Macbook and Canon z12, and other cameras by Michael Sheehy, Elphie, & Joel A. Swanson

Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Southside Chicago House Show featuring Taylor Sorensen of The Trigger Code & Skot Shaw of Leper (06.26.15)

Early in 2015 I got a request from my cousin, Taylor Sorensen about doing a show in Chicago. He was looking to do living room shows for a tour & wondered if it could happen in the place I had been moving into here in Chicago & so we worked it out. After a change of dates, Friday June 26th was settled on & the word was spread to friends.

There were a few other events that interfered with this one as far as friends who could attend by it was a good evening.

1. Harken (Ascolta)
2. The First (Primul)
3. Jet Black Tears (Lacrime Nera)
4. I'm Not Afraid To Sleep Anymore (Non Ho Piu Paura Di Dormire)
5. 13 Silver Bullets
6. Haunt (Perseguita)
7. I Hate Everything (Odio Totto)

Skot Shaw opened the night with a semi-acoustic set of Leper material. It was different but was cool nonetheless.

1. Home
2. Come On Let's Do It OK!
3. What Love Is
4. Head On A Swivel
5. Move The World
6. On My Own
7. Anybody 'Round Here Heard A Thing About Love
8. The Fugitive Kind
9. Papa
10. Red Lights
11. Leaving Woman
12. Never Say Die

Taylor Sorensen then took the floor playing a mix of older material & some from the new project he is working on as The Trigger Code. The set was very intimate as he was going for on this tour. He explained the songs & bantered with the crowd throughout the night allowing a conversation to occur.

It was a good night overall. Hopefully the next time we can get a few more folks to come out.

Filmed LIVE during a House Show in Southside Chicago, Illinois on Friday June 26th, 2015 using an JVC HDD Everio. Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini.

Filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Shared Life: Spring in Chicago & Show Footage (April - June 2015)

The Spring in Chicago edition of "A Shared Life" video project includes footage from April through June of 2015.


***It seems it's possible this video is blocked for most of you that would find it worth watching. I attempted to "mute" the part that causes this problem but YouTube says that it could not remove the audio from that part for some reason. It worked with another video so why it wouldn't work with this is a mystery to me. If you can watch it, enjoy. If you can't, my apologies.***

The footage starts with an Easter trip to Pennsylvania & back from April 2nd through 4th. On April 6th an experiment involving a Peep & microwave occurred.

There were some Nocturna & Neo events (April 18th, May 15th, & June 20th) including a special song request on June 20th.

I watched some Pittsburgh sports at Durkin's a few times in April. It seems I am subject to seeing loses when I go there. On April 27th we had a very noisy work day in Uptown. I went to several Pirates games at Wrigley Field versus the Cubs (April 28th, 29th, May 15th, 16th, & 17th ) & at U. S. Cellular Field versus the White Sox (June 17th & 18th). On April 29th I got to see the Pirates beat the Cubs for my birthday. Stewart attended the old ballgame with me on May 15th.

Other footage of my birthday is included too. Elphie's birthday celebration on May 13th is also included along with a few other parties. On May 2nd we attended the wedding of Sarah & Ryan Wendt then went to Montrose dog beach to hang until the reception. After a ballgame, we hung at Millennium Park on May 17th. We did the Hunger Walk on June 20th then went to Lincoln Park Zoo on June 27th.

Soundtrack is "Separate & Sprout" by Cut The Red Wire

Elphie & I got married in June as well. Another post will be made once all the footage is edited but here is the LIVE stream & a related playlist:



LIVE Concert Footage:

"In A Sweater Poorly Knit" by mewithoutYOU LIVE @ House Of Blues (04.11.15)


"Spirit O Spirit" by Dr. Dog w/ mewithoutYOU LIVE @ House Of Blues (04.11.15)


Must Be The Holy Ghost LIVE @ Reggie's (04.27.15)


"Attack Of The Dungeon Witch" by He Is Legend LIVE @ Reggie's (04.27.15)


Destroy Nate Allen - full set LIVE @ The Wilson Abbey (05.01.15)


Danielson LIVE @ The WIlson Abbey (05.01.15)


"Standing In Line" by Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil Live @ The Wilson Abbey (05.01.15)


Fances Luke Accord LIVE @ The Wilson Abbey Red Line Room (05.03.15


"Chicago Pier" by Timbre LIVE @ The Wilson Abbey Red Line Room (05.03.15)


"San Dimas High School Football Rules" by Kris Roe of The Ataris LIVE @ Concord Music Hall (05.16.15)


"Into Your Veins" by Five Iron Frenzy LIVE @ Concord Music Hall (05.16.15)


"Chick Magnet" by MxPx LIVE @ Concord Music Hall (05.16.15)


Lithuania LIVE @ Abbey Pub (06.11.15)


Foxing LIVE @ Abbey Pub (06.11.15)


"D-Minor" by mewithoutYOU LIVE @ Abbey Pub (06.11.15)


RAWk n Roll Wedding Celebration sets:
Spirit & The Bride


Destroy Nate Allen






Grave Robber - acoustic


House Show sets:
Leper Semi-Acoustic


Taylor Sorensen of The Trigger Code


Filmed using an iPhone 4, iPhone 6, Sony HD Bloggie, & Canon Power Shot SD 780 IS by Elphie & Joel A. Swanson

Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Shared Life: Winter In Chicago & Footage from Shows (January - March 2015)

With my relationship w/ Elphie, recent move, & change of scenery to Chicago, I started naming the video clips of life as "A Shared Life." Instead of the past clips being compiled monthly I decided to move to seasonal. I did this in part to make it easier to try to catch up since I seem to always be way behind in posting video recently.

This is a compilation of footage from Winter In Chicago from January through March of 2015.


After celebrating the New Year with my new Chicago neighbors...


On January 3rd, Elphie & I attended Nik & Renathe's Wedding at JPUSA's Wilson Abbey as well as the reception. It was fun & provided some ideas for our wedding that was coming in June. January 4th I filmed a short clip from the first service we attended @ Risen Savior. At that time, the service was bilingual which was interesting. On January 30th we hung out w/ Moses & Jennifer @ Pick Me Up Cafe & then went to Chicago Comics. Later that evening got to hang w/ Derek Zanetti @ Reggie's during his show w/ AntiFlag.

On February 1st, Winter Storm Linus descended on Chicago so we built a snowman of the same name, February 2nd, Groundhog Day, I filmed the conditions while traveling to work by CTA. On February 7th, we hung out in Uptown where we encountered a strange street preacher then traveled w/ Leper to Aurora & Kalamazoo, MI the following weekend on February 14th & 15th. February 18th brought some birthday Back To The Future hangs w/ Josh Robieson @ The Duffors. Lisa visited us on February 19th while she went to a convention. I decided to walk on the lake @ Montrose Beach on February 20th. On February 27th Josh had a hotel birthday bash where we enjoyed the hot tub & a game of Cards Against Humanity.

March 6th brought Sean & Marissa to visit as they travelled. We got some good pizza with them. St. Patricks celebrations began on March 14th so we braved downtown Chicago to see the green river & also bought a soda of that name. It was pretty good. On March 15th, we took in a minor league hockey game between the Chicago Wolves & Rockford Icehogs. March 21st, we checked out the food @ Lindy's & Gerties. March 28th we watched our friend Courtney do Roller Derby.

Winter in Chicago was relatively cold as one would expect but it wasn't too terribly snowy. While it was happening it didn't seem that eventful but looking at all the shows it was busy enough that's for sure. We survived the winter months & all it had to throw at us.

Soundtrack is "Winter In Chicago" by 6' 10.

LIVE footage from January - March 2015

Playlist from The Don Hill Benefit @ Wilson Abbey (01.17.15)
(featuring Tony Scharf, David Shock, Candle Nine, Aphorism, Justin McGrath (Polyfuse), Noise Theorem, PBK, mindfluxfuneral, & Chicago Drone Esemble)


United By Defiance by Still Alive LIVE @ Reggie's (01.31.15)


Musical Preference by The Homeless Gospel Choir LIVE @ Reggie's (01.31.15)


Nauseating by Such Gold LIVE @ Reggie's (01.31.15)


Power To The Peaceful by Anti-Flag LIVE @ Reggie's (01.31.15)


Lies That Bind by Leper LIVE @ Mike & Denise's (02.07.15)


Inaction In Action by Jonathan Hape LIVE @ The Burlington (02.09.15)


13 Silver Bullets by Leper LIVE @ Papa Pete's (02.14.15)


Modern Chemistry LIVE @ Reggie's (03.01.15)


Normal by The Homeless Gospel Choir LIVE @ Reggie's (03.01.15)


Boxcar by Frank Iero & The Cellabration featuring Derek Zanetti LIVE @ Reggie's (03.01.15)


All Eyes West LIVE @ Reggie's (03.13.15)


The Beatdown LIVE @ Reggie's (03.13.15)


Killigans LIVE @ Reggie's (03.13.15)


Brother, Brother by Flatfoot 56 LIVE @ Reggie's (03.13.15)


The Way It All Unfolds by Leper LIVE @ GrandBar (03.16.15)


Straight To Hell by Grave Robber LIVE @ GrandBar (03.16.15)


Winter In Chicago by Flatfoot 56 LIVE @ Ballydoyle Pub (03.17.15)


Timothy by 6'10 LIVE @ Ballydoyle Pub (03.17.15)


Amazing Grace by Flatfoot 56 LIVE @ Ballydoyle Pub (03.17.15)


The Crossing LIVE @ Wilson Abbey (03.20.15)


Chicago Brick Crew (C.B.C.) by Brick Assassin LIVE @ Quenchers (03.22.15)


In Exile LIVE @ Quenchers (03.22.15)


Lawskof LIVE @ Quenchers (03.22.15)


"Da Boss" by 6'10 LIVE @ Quenchers (03.22.15)


End Of The Ocean LIVE @ Beat Kitchen (03.23.15)


"Cheers (Here's To Life)" by Gasoline Heart LIVE @ Beat Kitchen (03.24.15)


Filmed using an iPhone 4, Sony HD Bloggie, & Canon Power Shot SD 780 IS by Elphie & Joel A. Swanson

Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson

Friday, August 28, 2015

Chicago Chalk Champ - Shaun Hays

I met Shaun through Audiofeed Festival. The first year, 2013, his art was on display on the blacktop going towards the restrooms & he did a speed chalk drawing at the Asylum at the end of the fest. I don't think I personally met him that year though...that came in 2014 amongst a lot of cardboard.

He has been battling health problems this year which mostly prevented him from attending Audiofeed but he had a chalk art event just outside Chicago @ Winston Plaza in Melrose Park for which he decided to hold a couple seminars in advance of the event. The idea to live stream the event was brought up & Shaun asked me if it was possible. We discussed it & decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately the internet connection wasn't real great but we were able to broadcast a live stream the first week. I also was filming with another camera so I later recut the footage & used the better audio source (though it was after the event that I finally was able to get to that).


The second week, the internet signal was even worse. I was able to broadcast for a bit at the end of the seminar, filming using other cameras. I spliced what I captured from the different cameras all together & posted it just before the actual event.


The Chalk Art Festival happened on Saturday August 8th, 2015 @ Winston Plaza in Melrose Park. Elphie & I arrived to get some pictures & footage for Shaun of the art being done. I put together what ends up being just under 15 minutes of footage that showed the art of the participants, Shaun's featured artwork, other activities that were going on, a glimpse of the judging, & the announcement of the winners. It was a fun event. I added a song called "Summer (Break Out & Grow)" by Ancient Mariner as a soundtrack.


This past Sunday (August 23rd, 2015) Shaun came to Risen Savior to speak as well as his chalk art. I filmed him during the speed drawing & a quick clip of his speaking.


Check out Shaun & his art at http://ChicagoChalkChamp.com


All footage filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Filming Life (revisited & updated)

Over the years & especially recently since I got back into using this page, you have primarily seen LIVE music clips & some full concerts I've edited on this page. A lot more is to come. This is a link to a recent reflection on life. I also have filmed clips that have shown my life much like many of my other friends take pictures to show their life.


You can read what I had to say there and find links to the video playlist that are broken down into various "eras" or if you aren't the reading type then here are those playlists embedded & linked w/ only a brief explanation.

Chicago: A Shared Life (2014 - ?)
Life in Chicago started at the end of 2014. There are a few other clips in here highlighting important events shared with Elphie from the Pittsburgh years as well.

Joel & Elphie's Wedding - 06.13.15
This playlist has both the live footage from the concert the night before, the live stream of the wedding ceremony, the recut & edited wedding ceremony, & other footage surrounding the celebration

LIFE (2012 - 2014) Pittsburgh Years
It was a much shorter chapter than I expected when I first moved to Pittsburgh. Though I met Elphie while in Cincinnati, our relationship developed more quickly shortly after I arrived in Pittsburgh & for it to continue to the place we are now meant leaving Pittsburgh. I was blessed with the opportunity to live with good friends while in Pittsburgh & reconnect with old friends. I was able to hunt once again which is an activity I enjoy. I also watched my favorite sports teams (ALL PITTSBURGH!) quite a lot. Going to shows decreased significantly but I suppose that's ok. Though the time was short, it was good.

LIFE (2007 - 2012) Cincinnati Years
My time in Cincinnati centered a lot in the music scene. I was able to try my hand in booking & promotion & was part of the start of a venue - The 86. I worked my own venue first at Covenant then did house shows when my living arrangements allowed. My most significant learning in video work (though the learning will continue of course) was during this time & I utilized it as much as I could in other areas such as w/ Covenant & The 86.

The 86

These clips highlight the shows as well as "shenanigans" of those of us who spent a lot of our time at The 86.

LIFE @ Covenant (2007 - 2012) - these clips fall into the Cincinnati era

The first few years I spent in Cincinnati I worked with Covenant - a Nazarene church in Northside. I tried to share what was going on in the ministry through my video work. I also had the opportunity to book & promote shows there prior to my leaving & moving on to do my own thing.
LIFE (2005 - 2007) Mansfield Years
These are some of the first videos I shot & edited. They aren't so great but shows a little bit of my life at that time. I got interested in doing this after watching the tour video put out by The Chariot (and other artists who followed suit) so there may be a few references to things I saw in that.

LIFE (2004 & 2005) "Vintage" TigerRAWk footage - encompasses life in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Meadville, PA, & Mansfield, Ohio

Prior to retiring the analog video camera, I took all the footage I shot at Cornerstone & a few places I lived to show whatever was of life in those places. This isn't good footage really but it was life then.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My 'Burgh Life: November - December 2014, Moving to Chicago & The Holidays

This post reflects on the the last sets of videos filmed in 2014 which also brought to an end my time living in Pittsburgh & the beginning of life in Chicago.

After celebrating our One Year Anniversary of being a couple, Elphie & I rented a UHaul to move the majority of my belongings to the home we would share in the future in Chicago. I ended up with a very painful eye infection or something in the midst of trying to load up my stuff but eventually got it all into the truck. I believe I took that Thursday off work in hopes of making the move easier by being able to leave Pittsburgh earlier in the day but the eye situation screwed that up. Anyway on Thursday November 13th, we left in late afternoon & headed north to my parents house where I gathered more of the things I felt wanted to bring to Chicago. We left for Chicago on Friday the 14th afternoon from Warren, PA & arrived in Chicago where all was unloaded as quickly as possible into a room that I would get to use eventually. We slept then I took the truck to a UHaul location to drop it off early Saturday morning. After a little more rest, some things were unpacked & somewhat organized. That Sunday November 16th we went to see Craig Ferguson live. Throughout the rest of the week I attempted to organize my stuff, visited what would be my new job to learn about the daily operations, & hung out with some Chicago friends before returning to Pittsburgh by Amtrak on Thursday November 20th.

Previously, on Amtrak there was a significant delay in travel causing some issues with both trying to interview for the future job but also with getting back to work my new job. I'm not typically one to complain about service but this was an exception. Amtrak reimbursed that trip so this ended up being mostly a free ride back home to Pittsburgh. Back in Pittsburgh we got ice cream at Klavon's Ice Cream Parlour again...I wish we had discovered how good it was sooner.

Elphie spent Thanksgiving meeting the Sorensen side of my family in Clymer, NY before taking Megabus back to Chicago on Friday November 28th. I stayed in Warren for the weekend to prepare for deer hunting season. It meant that I would be missing a couple days of work unexcused because the powers that be did not approve my request for those two days. Saturday I scouted the area I intended on hunting & prepared a few spots I thought might bring some luck. I saw several deer near where I ended up deciding to set up including a buck.

Monday December 1st, I arrived at my spot & saw a lot of deer (without antlers so I couldn't take a shot at those) & possibly a buck (but it was too far & running so I didn't feel comfortable taking the shot) all within less than half an hour. I'd say it was at least 10 deer. I didn't see anything for a while after that then heard a shot not too far away. Shortly after that I heard noise & saw a deer running toward me. It turned out to be a buck so I fired a shot. It continued to run & headed toward my car then stopped, stumbled, & fell dead. I walked over to it & found it to be an 8-point buck! It was my first deer since I was a teenager & first buck in 20 years! It provided good eating for us!

I continued to hunt the Fridays & Saturdays through the rest of the season in hopes of also taking an antlerless deer but I never saw another deer the rest of the season.

I decided that this deer I was able to shoot was well worth any punishment I received from work. As I returned to Pittsburgh after the hunt I called to find out when I was expected to start my day. I was given the earliest start time & told to bring a doctor's excuse. I of course did not have a doctor's excuse but went in anyway to face the music. I was told I was depended on & need to be at work as scheduled. I agreed but explained I had requested it off. When asked where my doctor's excuse was I explained I didn't go to see a doctor because I wasn't sick but hunting. I also explained that I would be resigning my position within the next two weeks anyway so I could turn in a notice now or later. I was told later & was given the rest of the day off. I took it then I worked out the rest of my time employed with the company. Throughout the rest of my time in Pittsburgh I also went to a few more Penguins games.

December 4th -  Penguins lose 3-0 to the Canucks
December 15th - Penguins 4-2 WIN over the Lightning

My last week in Pittsburgh, I attended the Broken Bones Bible Study at In The Blood one last time Tuesday December 16th then worked my last day at Airstar on Thursday December 18th. It felt good to leave the job & the stress of dealing with the management behind. I went to a final Penguins game in Pittsburgh that evening with my family & the Penguins WON 1-0 vs the Avalanche in overtime.

I moved the rest of my belongings in my car on Friday December 19th to Chicago. After a much longer trip than expected due to an accident on the highway, I arrived & unloaded in Chicago late in the evening.

On Saturday December 20th there was a show at Risen Savior featuring Brick Assassin, 6'10, FBS, & Flatfoot 56. We attended that before all the holiday travel:

Brick Assassin






Flatfoot 56


After the show, we traveled overnight to Warren, PA to spend a few days (December 21st-23rd) celebrating Christmas with my family. We arrived shortly before church time but I fell asleep & missed the service. We then spent time with my Sorensen Grandparents. We opened gifts on Monday night then left Tuesday for a stop in Pittsburgh before making the rest of the trip to North Carolina. We were in North Carolina with Elphie's family & friends to celebrate Christmas from December 24th-27th. From there we headed north by way of Ohio & northern Kentucky to see some friends on our way to Chicago. We spent December 27th mostly in travel, met Russ in Lexington, KY for pizza before arriving at the Sheehy home that evening. Sunday we spent in fellowship with the goth friends/family then I left to watch the Steelers beat the Bengals (or Bungals) w/ Chris & Leo. We stopped by The 86 on Monday December 29th to get coffee & food at Island Frydays before leaving for Chicago. On December 30th we opened the gift we received from the Rooke's by uncorking the "Scruffy Cider" & enjoying a glass w/ dinner.

My first New Year's Eve in Chicago was spent with our neighbors (& new friends) while fireworks went off outside on the streets & playing Cards Against Humanity.

Soundtracks include "If I Fell" by Brandon Reid, "Gasoline" by Destroy Nate Allen, "Silver Bells" by Sleeping At Last, "What Child Is This" by Leper, "Still Still Still" by BATZZ in the Belfry, "The Holiday Song (Some Christians Are Nazis)" by The Homeless Gospel Choir, "Dream A Dream" by Charlotte Church, "Auld Lang Syne" by MxPx

Filmed using a JVC HDD Everio, Sony HD Bloggie, iPhone 4, &Canon Power Shot SD 780 IS by Elphie & Joel A. Swanson.

Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson

Thursday, July 30, 2015

"Time Toupee" - The Trailer


This is a trailer that Josh Robieson & I worked on over the last week or so for a movie called "Time Toupee"
It was fun to work on & learn a few new things in the process. Hope you like it & support the funding campaign if you can! Only $900 needed to reach the goal!
"Time Toupee" - The Trailer
PunGent Studios w/ a TigerRAWk Film present a trailer for "Time Toupee"
An angry, bald cop finds his salvation when things get too hairy. With a time altering wig in his arsenal, you know it's TIME TOUPEE!
Tony Donovan is a temperamental, clumsy police officer suffering from alopecia. When the case of a lifetime falls into his lap, he must navigate the pitfalls of the investigation without losing his temper, his sanity, or his life.
When this detective is on the case you know it's TIME TOUPEE!!
Helping him along the way is the nervous rookie Adam Fuddnuddler, his sauve and handsome best friend and partner Dominic Sprazzo, his office crush Delilah, his anger management psychotherapist, and a mysterious blind gypsy who sees much more than anyone. Oh, and did we fail to mention a mystical wig that can alter time itself? Yeah, he has that too!
In a world of thinning justice, where a bald faced lie sends a cop to his demise, you know that it's TIME TOUPEE!
Starring Josh Robieson from Flatfoot 56, wrestling superstar Tony Kozina, Kimberly Azana from Boss and Couples Retreat, and featuring international wrestling stars such as Kongo Kong, The Hooligans, Yabo Gustobo, Machine and many more!
Please visit our kickstarter to find out more & to be a part of this groundbreaking new film!
Movie concept created & written by James Amthor & Josh Robieson
This trailer Written & directed by Josh Robieson. It narrated & also written byJames Amthor. These scenes acted by Kimberly AzaƱa & Josh Robieson. Additional soundtrack is Chopin's Funeral March.
Filmed using an iPhone 6 & JVC HDD Everio. Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini. Filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson

Friday, July 24, 2015

My 'Burgh Life: Joel & Elphie Celebrate 1 Year Together (October 30th - November 7th, 2014)


This project contains footage of Joel & Elphie celebrating the first anniversary of the commitment to be in relationship with each other. Elphie traveled by Amtrak back to Pittsburgh & arrived while I was at work. On October 30th besides watching The Crow (as EVERYONE should) we went to a Penguins game that they won 3-0 over the defending Stanley Cup Los Angeles Kings. Before we watched the movie, Elphie decided to bag up Scout.

On Halloween we officially celebrated the anniversary. We went to EatNPark for dinner then drove around the nearby South Hills neighborhoods to see the decorations & trick or treat costumes before heading out to Monroeville for some Monster Mini Golf. It's not documented apparently but we hit another EatNPark for dessert where the manager I assume was dressed in drag & costume. It was interesting. We picked up a few movies then went back to the house to watch Donnie Darko.

The next day we decided to take advantage of the Daylight Savings time change by driving to the Cincinnati area to enjoy a nice meal of Island Frydays & LIVE music from The Saudades & Leper at Joe's Java in Wilmington. We returned to Pittsburgh late then I had to work fairly early in the morning of course. Also not documented in video was the Halloween leftovers shopping trip & the visit to Burgatory.

At the end of the week, I got the privilege of driving in a brief but awful storm while at work. After work we went to Game N'at to play arcade games, pool, pinball, & other games. It was a good time. The next day we decided to stop by Klavon's Ice Cream Parlor in the strip & enjoyed some amazing ice cream.

It wasn't a bad way to celebrate our first year as we prepared to transition to the next chapter in life.

Additional soundtrack includes Tell Tale Heart by Grave Robber

Here are the LIVE clips separate from the project for those who care.

Horrible Rambler by The Saudades


Primul (The First) by Leper


Filmed by Elphie using a Canon Power Shot SD 780 IS & Joel using an iPhone 4 & Sony HD Bloggie. Edited by Joel using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini.