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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Shared Life: Winter In Chicago & Footage from Shows (January - March 2015)

With my relationship w/ Elphie, recent move, & change of scenery to Chicago, I started naming the video clips of life as "A Shared Life." Instead of the past clips being compiled monthly I decided to move to seasonal. I did this in part to make it easier to try to catch up since I seem to always be way behind in posting video recently.

This is a compilation of footage from Winter In Chicago from January through March of 2015.


After celebrating the New Year with my new Chicago neighbors...


On January 3rd, Elphie & I attended Nik & Renathe's Wedding at JPUSA's Wilson Abbey as well as the reception. It was fun & provided some ideas for our wedding that was coming in June. January 4th I filmed a short clip from the first service we attended @ Risen Savior. At that time, the service was bilingual which was interesting. On January 30th we hung out w/ Moses & Jennifer @ Pick Me Up Cafe & then went to Chicago Comics. Later that evening got to hang w/ Derek Zanetti @ Reggie's during his show w/ AntiFlag.

On February 1st, Winter Storm Linus descended on Chicago so we built a snowman of the same name, February 2nd, Groundhog Day, I filmed the conditions while traveling to work by CTA. On February 7th, we hung out in Uptown where we encountered a strange street preacher then traveled w/ Leper to Aurora & Kalamazoo, MI the following weekend on February 14th & 15th. February 18th brought some birthday Back To The Future hangs w/ Josh Robieson @ The Duffors. Lisa visited us on February 19th while she went to a convention. I decided to walk on the lake @ Montrose Beach on February 20th. On February 27th Josh had a hotel birthday bash where we enjoyed the hot tub & a game of Cards Against Humanity.

March 6th brought Sean & Marissa to visit as they travelled. We got some good pizza with them. St. Patricks celebrations began on March 14th so we braved downtown Chicago to see the green river & also bought a soda of that name. It was pretty good. On March 15th, we took in a minor league hockey game between the Chicago Wolves & Rockford Icehogs. March 21st, we checked out the food @ Lindy's & Gerties. March 28th we watched our friend Courtney do Roller Derby.

Winter in Chicago was relatively cold as one would expect but it wasn't too terribly snowy. While it was happening it didn't seem that eventful but looking at all the shows it was busy enough that's for sure. We survived the winter months & all it had to throw at us.

Soundtrack is "Winter In Chicago" by 6' 10.

LIVE footage from January - March 2015

Playlist from The Don Hill Benefit @ Wilson Abbey (01.17.15)
(featuring Tony Scharf, David Shock, Candle Nine, Aphorism, Justin McGrath (Polyfuse), Noise Theorem, PBK, mindfluxfuneral, & Chicago Drone Esemble)


United By Defiance by Still Alive LIVE @ Reggie's (01.31.15)


Musical Preference by The Homeless Gospel Choir LIVE @ Reggie's (01.31.15)


Nauseating by Such Gold LIVE @ Reggie's (01.31.15)


Power To The Peaceful by Anti-Flag LIVE @ Reggie's (01.31.15)


Lies That Bind by Leper LIVE @ Mike & Denise's (02.07.15)


Inaction In Action by Jonathan Hape LIVE @ The Burlington (02.09.15)


13 Silver Bullets by Leper LIVE @ Papa Pete's (02.14.15)


Modern Chemistry LIVE @ Reggie's (03.01.15)


Normal by The Homeless Gospel Choir LIVE @ Reggie's (03.01.15)


Boxcar by Frank Iero & The Cellabration featuring Derek Zanetti LIVE @ Reggie's (03.01.15)


All Eyes West LIVE @ Reggie's (03.13.15)


The Beatdown LIVE @ Reggie's (03.13.15)


Killigans LIVE @ Reggie's (03.13.15)


Brother, Brother by Flatfoot 56 LIVE @ Reggie's (03.13.15)


The Way It All Unfolds by Leper LIVE @ GrandBar (03.16.15)


Straight To Hell by Grave Robber LIVE @ GrandBar (03.16.15)


Winter In Chicago by Flatfoot 56 LIVE @ Ballydoyle Pub (03.17.15)


Timothy by 6'10 LIVE @ Ballydoyle Pub (03.17.15)


Amazing Grace by Flatfoot 56 LIVE @ Ballydoyle Pub (03.17.15)


The Crossing LIVE @ Wilson Abbey (03.20.15)


Chicago Brick Crew (C.B.C.) by Brick Assassin LIVE @ Quenchers (03.22.15)


In Exile LIVE @ Quenchers (03.22.15)


Lawskof LIVE @ Quenchers (03.22.15)


"Da Boss" by 6'10 LIVE @ Quenchers (03.22.15)


End Of The Ocean LIVE @ Beat Kitchen (03.23.15)


"Cheers (Here's To Life)" by Gasoline Heart LIVE @ Beat Kitchen (03.24.15)


Filmed using an iPhone 4, Sony HD Bloggie, & Canon Power Shot SD 780 IS by Elphie & Joel A. Swanson

Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson

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