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Friday, August 28, 2015

Chicago Chalk Champ - Shaun Hays

I met Shaun through Audiofeed Festival. The first year, 2013, his art was on display on the blacktop going towards the restrooms & he did a speed chalk drawing at the Asylum at the end of the fest. I don't think I personally met him that year though...that came in 2014 amongst a lot of cardboard.

He has been battling health problems this year which mostly prevented him from attending Audiofeed but he had a chalk art event just outside Chicago @ Winston Plaza in Melrose Park for which he decided to hold a couple seminars in advance of the event. The idea to live stream the event was brought up & Shaun asked me if it was possible. We discussed it & decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately the internet connection wasn't real great but we were able to broadcast a live stream the first week. I also was filming with another camera so I later recut the footage & used the better audio source (though it was after the event that I finally was able to get to that).


The second week, the internet signal was even worse. I was able to broadcast for a bit at the end of the seminar, filming using other cameras. I spliced what I captured from the different cameras all together & posted it just before the actual event.


The Chalk Art Festival happened on Saturday August 8th, 2015 @ Winston Plaza in Melrose Park. Elphie & I arrived to get some pictures & footage for Shaun of the art being done. I put together what ends up being just under 15 minutes of footage that showed the art of the participants, Shaun's featured artwork, other activities that were going on, a glimpse of the judging, & the announcement of the winners. It was a fun event. I added a song called "Summer (Break Out & Grow)" by Ancient Mariner as a soundtrack.


This past Sunday (August 23rd, 2015) Shaun came to Risen Savior to speak as well as his chalk art. I filmed him during the speed drawing & a quick clip of his speaking.


Check out Shaun & his art at http://ChicagoChalkChamp.com


All footage filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson

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