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Monday, July 12, 2010

List Of DvDs Available From a TigerRAWk Film For Whatever You Can Donate

Eventually there will be a donation link for each project. In the meantime as I continue to revamp things, please use this donation button for paypal and specify in "special instructions to seller" which project you would like. Thanks for your support!

A TigerRAWk N Roll Summer 2014


featuring footage from:
Death Or Glory w/ full set of Our Corpse Destroyed
The Rose Hill Final Show w/ clips of Beneath The Destruction, Authors, & ForeverAtLast
Audiofeed Indie/Folk/etc. w/ full set of The Saudades
Audiofeed Punk w/ full set of Destroy Nate Allen
Audiofeed Metal/Hardcore/etc. w/ full set of Spirit & The Bride
Ultrasound w/ full set of Desiring Dead Flesh

A TigerRAWk N Roll Summer 2013


Audiofeed/Kingdom Come/Other Shows
Indie w/ full set by Listener
Punk w/ full set by Grave Robber
Metal w/ full sets by Spirit & The Bride

Stand Together Fest w/ full set by Jawbone

Alliance Festival w/ full set by Those Who Fear

UltraSound Fest w/ full set by Leper

Cornerstone 2012

Metal/Hardcore - full sets from Norma Jean & Grotted with clips of Set Free, Me The Mountain, Strengthen What Remains, A Hero Remains, The Burial, A Lesser Hope, The Infantry, The Rose Hill, Every Knee Shall Bow, Wolves At The Gate, Behold The Kingdom, Harp & Lyre, Becoming The Archetype

Indie, Folk, Rock, Pop, & Hip Hop - full set of Like Brothers with clips of Like Brothers, Spoken Nerd, La De Les, Listener, Keyoung, Levi The Poet, Mike Mains & The Branches, Da M.A.C., Insomniac Folklore, Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost, Timbre, Kye Kye, Josh Garrulous

Punk/Hardcore - full sets of Flatfoot 56, Destroy Nate Allen with clips of Triple Stitch, The Kings Kids, Fight To Die, F.B.S., Crush The Enemy, Ruin Into Ruin, Leper, Grave Robber, White Collar Sideshow, All The Departed, The Scurvies, The Blamed, Squad Five-0, Crashdog, The Homeless Gospel Choir, Gamblers Die Broke

Cornerstone 2011

Indie Rock (Blindside - full set; clips of other bands - will be listed when I have a few minutes)

Punk Rock (Flatfoot 56 - full set; clips of other bands - will be listed when I have a few minutes)

Hardcore & Metal (The Chariot full set; clips of other bands - will be listed when I have a few minutes)
Cornerstone 2010 (w/ bonus footage of Unified Underground 2010)

Cincy @ Cornerstone (All the Day Holiday, The Rose Hill, Still Pioneers, Ancient Mariner

Indie Rock (mewithoutyou - full set; clips of other bands - will be listed when I have a few minutes)

Punk Rock (Flatfoot 56 - full set; clips of other bands - will be listed when I have a few minutes)

Hardcore & Metal (The Chariot - full set; clips of other bands - will be listed when I have a few minutes)
The Lakeside Cornerstone Chronicles 2009 (includes bonus footage of Unified Underground 2009)

Cornerstone 2009 LIVE Performance Bootlegs:

Cincinnati @ Cornerstone 2009 (all full sets)
The Beneath, All the Day Holiday, Brian Beyke, I Am The Messenger, We Became The Sun

Unified Underground @ Cornerstone 2009:

Sleeping Giant & FlatFoot56 (full sets)
Clips of FBS, Revolution Radio, Rodent Emporium, Sexually Frustrated,Pastor Skip (Rise Above), Our Corpse Destroyed, The Last Hope, Dan "Pops" Bawinkel (Fat Calf) ,Eric Gregson (Sleeping Giant), Venia, Lara Freeburg (Hope For The Rejected), Coriolis, Skot (Leper), Red Baron, Jason Berggren (Strong Arm), The White Collar SideShow, GraveRobber, HeadNoise, The Deal, Jeremy Ritch (Hold Fast), Mattie Montgomery (ForToday), Leper, Jenni Brooks (Rise Above), Crush The Enemy, Thommy Green (Sleeping Giant), xLooking Forwardx, The Scurvies

Rock/Indie LIVE Performance Bootlegs from Cornerstone 2009:

Project 86 & MewithoutYou (full sets)
Clips of The Illogical Spoon, So Long Forgotten, Timbre, And Then There Were None, Stavesacre, Gasoline Heart

Hardcore/Metal LIVE Performance Bootlegs from Cornerstone 2009:

The Chariot, The Crucified, Living Sacrifice (full sets)
Clips of The Showdown, Becoming The Archetype, War Of Ages, The Devil Wears Prada, UnderOath

The Lakeside Cornerstone Chronicles 2008

Cornerstone 2008 LIVE Performance Bootlegs:

Cincinnati Area Bands @ Cornerstone 2008 (full sets by All The Day Holiday; Seabird; The Winner's Circle)

Tooth & Nail Day 2008 (feat. Inhale/Exhale; Destroy The Runner; Becoming the Archetype - full set; Showbread; & Life In Your Way)

Cornerstone 2008 Punk Bootlegs (feat. Flatfoot56 full set; footage of FBS; Revolution Radio; The Last Hope; The Scurvies; Rodent Emporium; Our Corpse Destroyed; & The Wednesdays)

Cornerstone 2008 Bootlegs of full sets by The Chariot & As I Lay Dying; footage of Sophia; The Satire; Disciple; Family Force 5; & This Fires Embrace

Cornerstone 2008 Bootlegs of full sets by MewithoutYou & The Psalters: footage of Jesus For President; Aaron Weiss; Gasoline Heart; Bradley Hathaway; The Glass Ocean; Charlie Peacock; & The Rez Band

Lakeside Cornerstone Chronicles 2007 (with optional commentary, deleted scenes, a 'making of' featurette, and still photographs)

Cornerstone 2007 LIVE Performance Bootlegs:

Tooth & Nail Day 2007(feat. full set by Project 86; footage of Once Nothing; Chidren 18:3; Becoming The Archetype; Inhale/Exhale; Jonezetta; As Cities Burn)

DJGlow - Gregor's Golden 27th Birthday Set

The Glorious Unseen - Worship Set @ Anchor Fellowship Stage

Cornerstone 2007 Wednesday Punk Night @ The Undergound Stage (feat. full set by Headnoise; nearly a full set of FlatFoot56; footage of Our Corpse Destroyed; The Wednesdays; The Lee Boys - Not Punk but filmed on Wednesday; The Remnants; The Last Hope)

Cornerstone 2007 Bootlegs of full sets by The Chariot; Starflyer59; footage of Jonezetta; The Violet Burning; The Satire; Gasoline Heart

Cornerstone 2007 Bootlegs of full set by MewithoutYou; footage of The Psalters; Aaron Weiss; Shane Claiborne; Timbre; Bradley Hathaway

Cornerstone 2007 Bootlegs of full sets by Norma Jean; UnderOath; footage of Klank

The Lakeside Cornerstone Chronicles 2006 - unedited for the most part

Cornerstone 2004 & 2005
4114 Witler House Shows

08.13.12 - Destroy Nate Allen, John Hays, Jarrod Geary (technically this was a show on the turf in the vacant lot across the street)

05.22.12 - (the last house show) Exile, FBS, Misunderstood, Hard Knock Life, Crash Cap Hooligans

05.14.12 - Grotted, Take It To The Street, Memorials, Crash Cap Hooligans

04.23.12 - Ceolacanth, Tombstalker, Mutilation Rites

04.12.12 - Debtor, Memorials, Sixteen, Messes of Men

04.09.12 - Endeavor, Comrades, Take It To The Street, Spirit & the Bride

04.05.12 - Mephitic Husk, idiedtrying, Impia

03.06.12 - Harley Poe, The Homeless Gospel Choir, Davie Slagle, Silent Tongues

03.04.12 - Your Favorite Hero, Audiostrobelight, Burns Like Fire, The Creature, Don't Wait Up, Role Models

02.26.12 - Dead North, Dessa Sons, Smallhouse, John Hays

12.15.11 - Deathbed, True Life, The Creature, Grim State

11.20.11 - Pessoa, Homemade Drugs, Dessa Sons, Fake Hands

11.14.11 - Warning/Warning, SiLO, Grey Host

11.03.11 - Girlfight, Dessa Sons, Fake Hands, Memorials

11.01.11 - HisDayHasCome, In-Sane, Siblings, Take It To The Street

09.26.11 - Headnoise, Deadhorse, Little Brother

09.19.11 - Shoppers, White Walls, Pillowbiter

08.11 - Enabler, Mares Of Thrace, Veterans, Thought Suppression, Black Tie Operation
07.11 - Wormeater, Destroy Nate Allen, Homemade Drugs, RAWR!, William James

06.19.11 - LIstener, A Rose By Any Other Name, The Homeless Gospel Choir, Silent Tongues, Little Brother

06.06.11 - Spraynard, The Please And Thank Yous, Siblings

05.29.11 - A Better Life, One More Go, Car Rides, Don't Wait Up

03.11 - Deadhorse, William James, Little Brother, The Never Setting Suns (not yet available)

10.10 - Deadhorse, The Never Setting Suns, Silent Tongues (not yet available)

09.10 - Deadhorse, Wild Talents, Sacred Spirits, Silent Tongues (not yet available)

There were several other 4114 Witler house shows between January and May of 2011 that will not be available on DVD because some jerk stole my video camera during a show in May 2011. I was able to replace it rather quickly by the grace of God when I found a great deal on ebay but I had over six hours of show footage on that camera I hadn't yet transferred to my mac for editing purposes. Sorry.

4120 Witler House Shows

06.18.10 - Deadhorse, Wild Talents, Ancient Mariner

04.19.10 - The Soil & The Sun, Enlou

03.08.10 - Bear (The Ghost) Sacred Spirits, John Bloch

03.04.10 - Pomegranates, Future Trends, & a dance party

The Autobahn Electronic Music Festival features various electronic artists including Joy Electric, Travelogue, The Echoing Green, Cut The Red Wire, Norway, & many others)

Autobahn 10 (Said Fantasy, Travelogue, FM Towns, FutureWolves)

Autobahn 9 (Reagan Eighties, Cut The Red Wire, I Satellite, Joy Electric, Travelogue, The FoxGlove Hunt, Echoing Green)

Autobahn 8 - The Blizzard Edition (w/  bonus Travelogue full set)

Autobahn 7

Autobahn Fall Edition (6.5)

Covenant Shows 2009-2010

Covenant's Final Show (04.24.10) featuring White Collar Sideshow

Covenant's Good Friday Show 04.02.10 featuring Mark Nicks of Cool Hand Luke, A Wayward Heart, Josh Klaine & James Masters, Canoes

Covenant 01.23.10 & 03.11.10 featuring The Javelin Dance, Set Sights Forward, Eagle Scout, Brian Beyke, I Am Alaska, The Sleeping Sea

Covenant's Punk RAWk benefit for Haiti 02.12.10 (DVD not currently available…sorry)

Covenant 01.16.10 DIY Noise show (DVD not currently available...sorry)

Covenant 01.12.10 featuring FBS, Foxes On Fire, Cosmic Affliction, Awake

Covenant 12.29.12 featuring The House & the Human, The Bell & The Hammer, Matthew Simspon (DVD not currently available…sorry)

Covenant 12.19.12 DIY noise show (DVD not currently available…sorry)

Covenant 12.17.09 featuring We Became The Sun, Still Pioneers, Ocean Is Theory, Jonathan Hape, Night After Dark

Covenant 11-6-09 Leper, Grave Robber, Vexing Souls, (DVD not currently available…sorry)

Covenant Halloween Hardcore Metal Show 10.31.09 featuring Though She Wrote, Strength Within, Behead The Tyrant, Aneirin, My Ticket Home, All Out Best

Covenant 09.11.09 featuring The Never Setting Suns, The Calm Blue Sea, Good Morning Gladys, Still Pioneers, The End Of The Ocean

Covenant Hip Hop Performances - Summer 2009 featuring Kings Of Tragedy, K-Drama, B.I.G. S.T.E.V.E., Bracey, Chozen, D-M.A.U.B., and Soulja-K.

Covenant 06.19.09 featuring The Last Hope, Revolution Radio, GirlFight, Aneirin, I Am The Messenger

Covenant 06.15.09 The CarniTOUR featuring Jonathan Hape, The La De Les, Sing For Company, Lindsay Donovan, The Seasons (Andrew Owens & Courtney), The Bell & The Hammer. Also includes the June 5th, 2009 BBQ show - Still Pioneers, Brian Beyke, Ed Milano.

Covenant 05.28.09 featuring Bradley Hathaway, Aaron Lee Martin, Jonathan Hape, Still Pioneers

Covenant 05.23.09 featuring Scott Phillips, Etta Avenue, Geoff Hill

Covenant 04.03.09 featuring  David Van Buskirk, Jess Lamb & Redline, A Wayward Heart, and Matthew Simpson

Covenant 01.23.09 featuring Jonathan Hape, "And They Said No", and Jon Clark

Past Covenant Shows (before I booked them)

Covenant's YeshuaFest 2008  featuring Pomegranates; Enlou; The Scribbling Idiots; Silent Tongues; & Lew Ross

Covenant July 2007 featuring Cut The Red Wire with Illustrious Louise; Those Lavender Whales; & Brendan Moss; also an art show by Andy Bird of Cut The Red Wire

Covenant May 2007 featuring Psalters

and other Bootlegs

Crash Cap Hooligans: a brief history of the legendary band (RIP 2012)

I Am The Messenger - Relapse Show

Spirit & The Bride - (10.13.12)

Spirit & The Bride - Debut Show

Facing The Tides - Debut Show

All the Day Holiday's CD Release (includes footage of Enlou, So Long Forgotten, Hazle Weatherfield, Deastro)

Sophia's Last Cincinnati Show (also includes sets by All The Day Holiday, When Hope Prevails, & The Beneath)

Staple's Final Night (also includes final Cornerstone appearance)
NOTE: Staple has been reborn...look for future film projects including them

Taylor Sorensen - 2 Nights LIVE in Mansfield (with the only 2 appearances by Upon Awakening; David Van Buskirk; & 40 day Flood)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Covenant's Hardcore Metal Halloween Show now available on DvD


Halloween Hardcore Metal Show now available for donations at http://aTigerRAWkfilm.blogspot.com


Though She Wrote


Strength Within


Behead The Tyrant




My Ticket Home


All Out Best


Thank you for your support!