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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Destroy Nate Allen's Official Music Video for "Vegetables"

The official music video for "Vegetables" by Destroy Nate Allen is now available on their YouTube channel as well as at the High Endurance Records website.


This video consists of clips from Destroy Nate Allen's 2012 full US Tour documented in another blog. This took me all through the summer to finish after the editing & documenting of each show. As I documented those shows, I would also create a file of the footage of just the song "Vegetables" from each performance. I would also create another file if there was something that would catch my eye from another part of the show that I felt might work well in this video...be it dance moves, crowd or band reactions...anything that felt right. As I went along, I started getting the idea to built an intro from the beginning of the shows as well as something to end the video with from the end of some of the shows. This would be the intro & outro to this music video...it was my "artistic" liberty that I'm glad Nate & Tessa didn't ask to be cut, ha!

I would watch The Vegetables clips through sometimes several times each...Nate had asked me to capture the unique dance moves from each night so I did that as much as I could. I tried to sync up certain parts to the lyrics of the song as well. I probably drove my wife nuts having to hear the song so many times...and more as I started to put the clips into place. Thankfully, she is a fan of Destroy Nate Allen & we are all friends so I think she handled it pretty well...hahaha!

The "bicycles" scene was the first part I worked though...I found all the clips I could of people miming the riding of bicycles & used as many of the clips that I could to fit into this section I had to use the clip I had of a guy on a unicycle in this. Next up, I worked through the "hardcore breakdown" getting the best "pit moves" I could find. Other parts I focused on were people miming what appeared to be shopping, a guy using actual exercise equipment, & the guy who decided to do pushups. I felt each of these were highlight moments...some even were mentioned by Nate & Tessa during the shows. I did try to get as many different clips of as many different shows as I could. Some did stand out more than others so some shows are represented better than others. Overall, I felt I did the best I could when it was done. I gave it a couple days before I sent it off to Nate & Tessa...I wanted to ensure I was satisfied with what I created first while remaining open to constructive criticisms & making any edits or adjustments they may feel needed to be done. Nate did give me a few ideas he would like to see done differently & those changes were made over a week...as each change was made, a new file was sent to Nate for his approval. Some changes were removed if it was found to not be as appealing while other changes were made as needed. I believe it was toward the end of September when the final approved file was created & sent to Nate to be uploaded.

Now it is available for all to see!!

This was a lot of fun to work on & I hope to do something like this again one day soon! I am thankful for the opportunity Nate & Tessa gave me with this.

Here is the blog I wrote about working through the footage from the 2012 Full US Destroy Nate Allen Tour which includes the playlist of the tour footage as well as that of bands who played on tour dates with Destroy Nate Allen.

All this has been the first official work I've gotten to do for others & I am happy it turned out well enough for it to be used. Enjoy!

UPDATED: Destroy Nate Allen - Full USA Tour from the Fall of 2012

Doing these videos & booking shows over that years has allowed for opportunities to open up for me recently.

One of those has been to go through the archives of video footage filmed by fans from the last US tour by Destroy Nate Allen which occurred 3 and 1/2 years ago in 2012 & upload them to the Destroy Nate Allen Youtube channel. As of June 27th, I have finished editing, documenting the set lists, & uploading each show from this tour. Here is the playlist of that tour:


Because the footage is by fans, the video quality is not always the greatest (for instance, quite often the camera work is shaky) but each show is documented to the best of the ability of both Destroy Nate Allen and the fans. As I understand it, Nate wanted to get this footage out to the fans who attended these shows for quite some time, he just hasn't had the time to go through all the footage which was filmed over a 3 month tour & upload it. So that is what I have done so far. More or less, in this case, my job has been to find the best starting & ending points (cutting the excess footage as necessary), adding a title which includes the date & location of the shows, & making the set list for each night to include in the video information on YouTube.

This project, though time consuming, was interesting & fun. It was cool to see the crowd interaction in the different parts of the country as well as see some folks I happen to know at the different shows. I learned a few new things while working through this project as well. I had to convert the files in different ways than I had before to be able to do the editing but it now should make it possible for me to edit other projects in the future that will be coming along now having this knowledge.

I am also going to attempt to make a music video compiling clips from each performance of the song "Vegetables" from this tour after I have gone through all the footage. I hope it will turn out well. This is yet to be done but I hope to have it done soon. That will come in a future update.

I also edited footage captured of some of the bands that played with Destroy Nate Allen while on this tour. I added this footage into a previously made playlist titled "Friends of Destroy Nate Allen" which is linked below:


Anyway, hope you enjoy this project I am doing for someone other than myself for a change...especially if you are a fan of Destroy Nate Allen.

JUST ADDED!! The official music video for "Vegetables" by Destroy Nate Allen is now available on their YouTube channel as well as at the High Endurance Records website. This video consists of clips from the 2012 full US Tour documented above. This took through the summer to finish & is now public for all to see.


All this has been the first official work I've gotten to do for others & I am happy it turned out well enough for it to be used. Enjoy!

Monday, December 5, 2016

October Bird Of Death: A LIVE Collection (2016)

This video compilation of the LIVE footage of October Bird Of Death after attending several shows & filming different songs each time. The idea was to get all the songs from an upcoming release filmed live & put in order. I don't know what the album order will be so instead, I put it in order of the set list they have most recently been playing. I had originally figured I'd just make a playlist but Glenn Willis asked if it was possible to make one video of all the songs. So I did that instead.

As noted in the previous blog...I included it with the DVD of the video footage from the Wilson Abbey show on 10.30.16 due to my mistake that resulted in the loss of the 6'10 video files from that show. So if anyone is interested in having a DVD copy of this, contact me & I can get it to you.

Here's a list of the footage included & where it was filmed:

This Is Our Lives LIVE @ An Seanachi (08.14.16)

Goons LIVE @ Debonair Social Club (04.08.16)

Uproar LIVE @ Take Hold Fest (11.12.16)

Fire In Those Eyes LIVE @ LIara's Club (08.24.16)

Shed The Grave LIVE @ The Burlington (09.03.16)

Art Deco Skull Fracture LIVE @ Audiofeed (07.02.16)

Hell To Pay LIVE @ Brauerhouse (10.22.16)

Death Made Its Offer LIVE @ Wilson Abbey's Catacombs (04.17.16)
*This is also a promo video for the upcoming release*

Filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson

Wilson Abbey Show featuring Exegesis, October Bird Of Death, & 6'10 (10.30.16)

 photo Catacombs 103016.jpg
This Wilson Abbey show, as I understand it, was originally put together for the planned release of October Bird of Death's new recording but since the recording has been delayed, it was show on the night before Halloween so costumes were encouraged.

Exegesis was added last minute to open this show. The original opener was unavailable for some reason or another so instead some great metal from the Colombians who make their home at JPUSA.


Set List
1. This Is Our Lives
2. Goons
3. Uproar
4. Fire In Those Eyes
5. Shed The Grave
6. Art Deco Skull Fracture
7. Hell To Pay
8. Death Made Its Offer

October Bird Of Death played second. They had some creative costumes. It was a great set. Even an axe was broken.

The headliner for the night was 6'10. Somehow, I lost the footage I got of their set so it will not be included here. My apologies. There is footage that shows the presence of all the members in between sets with their costumes, however.


Filmed LIVE at Wilson Abbey in Uptown Chicago, Illinois on Sunday, October 30th, 2016 using an JVC HDD Everio. Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini.

On the DVD archive for this show (anyone interested in these please contact me), due to missing the 6'10 set, I included the following LIVE collection of footage from October Bird Of Death. It was an idea talked about a few months back but all the pieces to make it happen have now finally been recorded so here it is for you to enjoy!


Filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson