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Monday, December 5, 2016

October Bird Of Death: A LIVE Collection (2016)

This video compilation of the LIVE footage of October Bird Of Death after attending several shows & filming different songs each time. The idea was to get all the songs from an upcoming release filmed live & put in order. I don't know what the album order will be so instead, I put it in order of the set list they have most recently been playing. I had originally figured I'd just make a playlist but Glenn Willis asked if it was possible to make one video of all the songs. So I did that instead.

As noted in the previous blog...I included it with the DVD of the video footage from the Wilson Abbey show on 10.30.16 due to my mistake that resulted in the loss of the 6'10 video files from that show. So if anyone is interested in having a DVD copy of this, contact me & I can get it to you.

Here's a list of the footage included & where it was filmed:

This Is Our Lives LIVE @ An Seanachi (08.14.16)

Goons LIVE @ Debonair Social Club (04.08.16)

Uproar LIVE @ Take Hold Fest (11.12.16)

Fire In Those Eyes LIVE @ LIara's Club (08.24.16)

Shed The Grave LIVE @ The Burlington (09.03.16)

Art Deco Skull Fracture LIVE @ Audiofeed (07.02.16)

Hell To Pay LIVE @ Brauerhouse (10.22.16)

Death Made Its Offer LIVE @ Wilson Abbey's Catacombs (04.17.16)
*This is also a promo video for the upcoming release*

Filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson

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