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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

UPDATED: Destroy Nate Allen - Full USA Tour from the Fall of 2012

Doing these videos & booking shows over that years has allowed for opportunities to open up for me recently.

One of those has been to go through the archives of video footage filmed by fans from the last US tour by Destroy Nate Allen which occurred 3 and 1/2 years ago in 2012 & upload them to the Destroy Nate Allen Youtube channel. As of June 27th, I have finished editing, documenting the set lists, & uploading each show from this tour. Here is the playlist of that tour:


Because the footage is by fans, the video quality is not always the greatest (for instance, quite often the camera work is shaky) but each show is documented to the best of the ability of both Destroy Nate Allen and the fans. As I understand it, Nate wanted to get this footage out to the fans who attended these shows for quite some time, he just hasn't had the time to go through all the footage which was filmed over a 3 month tour & upload it. So that is what I have done so far. More or less, in this case, my job has been to find the best starting & ending points (cutting the excess footage as necessary), adding a title which includes the date & location of the shows, & making the set list for each night to include in the video information on YouTube.

This project, though time consuming, was interesting & fun. It was cool to see the crowd interaction in the different parts of the country as well as see some folks I happen to know at the different shows. I learned a few new things while working through this project as well. I had to convert the files in different ways than I had before to be able to do the editing but it now should make it possible for me to edit other projects in the future that will be coming along now having this knowledge.

I am also going to attempt to make a music video compiling clips from each performance of the song "Vegetables" from this tour after I have gone through all the footage. I hope it will turn out well. This is yet to be done but I hope to have it done soon. That will come in a future update.

I also edited footage captured of some of the bands that played with Destroy Nate Allen while on this tour. I added this footage into a previously made playlist titled "Friends of Destroy Nate Allen" which is linked below:


Anyway, hope you enjoy this project I am doing for someone other than myself for a change...especially if you are a fan of Destroy Nate Allen.

JUST ADDED!! The official music video for "Vegetables" by Destroy Nate Allen is now available on their YouTube channel as well as at the High Endurance Records website. This video consists of clips from the 2012 full US Tour documented above. This took through the summer to finish & is now public for all to see.


All this has been the first official work I've gotten to do for others & I am happy it turned out well enough for it to be used. Enjoy!

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