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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A Shared Life: Summer In Chicago (June - August 2018)

This project includes footage of life in between travelling to Europe and the upper Midwest States and Manitoba Canada except for Audiofeed. That will be a separate project and I will get it finished and posted here at a later date. This ended up being a much longer project with lots of show footage links included from the months of June through August of 2018.

My summer footage started out with my work commute on Friday June 1st which turned out to be quite the foggy morning. On Sunday June 3rd we attended the Uptown Covenant Church BBQ on Montrose Beach then hiked around for a while. It was quite windy with higher than normal waves. As we left we heard a drum circle in the distance so I tried to capture it on video as well. We stopped by a frozen yogurt place later in the Skokie area which was not captured on video.

On Saturday June 9th, we attended the 30th Anniversary of Nocturna at Metro. Aurelio Voltaire did a special show as part of the event. I captured the song "When You're Evil" which featured the "Chicago Chapter of the Beelzebub Choir" and I included other footage of the revelry from throughout the night.

When You're Evil by Aurelio Voltaire LIVE During Nocturna’s 30 Anniversary @ Metro (06.09.18)

On Tuesday June 12th we were able to snag last minute tickets to see Rag-N-Bone Man at Park West. We got some of the last seats available along a back wall. While we sort of felt out of place in that venue and amongst that crowd, it was a good show. I captured "Human" which included a re-mix version.

Human by Rag-N-Bone Man LIVE @ Park West (06.12.18)

On Wednesday evening, June 13th we celebrated our third anniversary of our marriage by playing mini golf at Haunted Trails then getting frozen custard at Andy's down the street. This is a pretty fun mini golf course.

On Thursday night, June 14th I caught October Bird Of Death at Burlington Bar. I captured one of the newer songs, "Vices" and enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with the guys for a while that evening.

Vices by October Bird Of Death LIVE @ Burlington Bar (06.14.18)

On Saturday June 14th I was able to see The Radiations for the first time at a bowling alley - Tivoli Bowl in Downers Grove, IL. I captured the full set for the band but I used only this song for my personal documentation purposes. They were pretty good...and the Furries came out that night as well.

The Radiations LIVE @ Tivoli Bowl (06.16.18)

The next week I waited last minute and got resell tickets for face value to see my old pal, Derek Zanetti doing his Homeless Gospel Choir music at Aragon Ballroom opening for Frank Turner And the Sleeping Souls on the Be More Kind Tour. I didn't get to see Derek to hang out, unfortunately, but I captured the song "Crazy" from the set. I also captured "Thick as Thieves" by The Menzingers and a song by Lucero as well as "Be More Kind" by Frank Turner And The Sleeping Souls. On my way home, I also saw some folks who clearly were just coming out of the Kenny Chesney concert at Soldier Field.

Be More Kind by Frank Turner And The Sleeping Souls LIVE @ Aragon Ballroom (06.23.18)

Lucero LIVE @ Aragon Ballroom (06.23.18)

Thick As Thieves by The Menzingers LIVE @ Aragon Ballroom (06.23.18)

Crazy by The Homeless Gospel Choir LIVE @ Aragon Ballroom (06.23.18)

On Sunday, June 24th, Elphie got up early to go to McKinley Park to see Japanese drumming. The event was called Tsukasa Taiko. I included the clip she captured here.

That night, I went to House of Blues to catch the last of the three nights that Social Distortion was playing. I captured the end of the set with some banter and "Ring Of Fire." It was a good set.

Ring Of Fire by Social Distortion LIVE @ House Of Blues (06.24.18)

On Wednesday June 27th, we went to the Full Moon Fire Jam at Foster Beach. There was an acrobatic group performing during the earlier part of the evening. We went to the lake to see the moon coming up as teh sun set behind us then returned to see some of the fire acts before going home.

On Saturday June 30th I went to a house show out in Naperville, IL. The space is called The Waiting Room and it's run by the members of The Magnifiers. Desiring Dead Flesh was playing and I captured "D.I.Y. 'Til I Die" from their set. Also what ended up being a surprise was that KillCult was playing which featured some friends. I captured their song "Provoke" as well as clips from The Magnifiers, Bad Jokes, Feedback Fiends, and CherryHead. It was cool going to a basement/house punk show...especially cool to see the kids doing this thing.

Bad Jokes LIVE @ The Waiting Room (06.30.18)

D.I.Y. Til I Die by Desiring Dead Flesh LIVE @ The Waiting Room (06.30.18)

Provoke by KillCult LIVE @ The Waiting Room (06.30.18)

The Magnifiers LIVE @ The Waiting Room (06.30.18)

Cherry Head LIVE @ The Waiting Room (06.30.18)

On Sunday, July 1st we celebrated Canada Day by getting Poutine at Bad Apple. It was good Poutine. Before we left, Elphie decided to play in the rain in the yard for a few moments.

We left for Audiofeed on the Fourth of July and stayed through the eighth. You can find that footage and the blog here.

After returning from Audiofeed, Elphie wanted to go to listen to a show from outside of Huntington Bank Pavilion on Wednesday July 11th. I hung out as well but I left for a little bit to see the Navy Pier Fireworks from near the Alder Planetarium.

Navy Pier Fireworks (07.11.18)

On Thursday July 12th I went to the Beat Kitchen to see Silent Planet and My Epic. I ran a bit late so I missed Comrades. I captured the opening to the new album by Silent Planet in the songs "Thus Spoke/The New Eternity" and finally captured "Lower Still" by My Epic and with Micah Boyce from So Long Forgotten doing his guest vocals. I've wanted to get this song filmed for quite some time so I am thankful I was able to on this night.

Thus Spoke / The New Eternity by Silent Planet LIVE @ Beat Kitchen (07.12.18)

Lower Still by My Epic w/ Micah Boyce from So Long Forgotten LIVE @ Beat Kitchen (07.12.18)

On Friday July 13th I went to Wilson Abbey for the show with Tobin Bawinkel playing solo and telling some stories about the songs of 6'10 and Flatfoot 56. I captured this version of "Cain." Good Saint Nathanael played as well. They had been doing a short tour over the last week. I captured "Everything That's Lost." The Uh-Ohs opened the show and I captured some footage of them as well. We hung out for a while after the show too which was good.

Cain by Tobin Bawinkel LIVE @ Wilson Abbey (07.13.18)

Everything That's Lost by Good Saint Nathanael LIVE @ Wilson Abbey (07.13.18)

The Uh-Ohs LIVE @ Wilson Abbey (07.13.18)

On Saturday, July 14th Elphie and I hung out outside of Wrigley for Journey and Def Leppard but I didn't get any footage from that apparently. Sunday July 15th ended a busy week of shows by going to Tinley Park at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre for Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson's Twins of Evil Tour. Opening was a band called Deadly Apples and I captured their song "Further" along with "Sweet Dreams" by Marilyn Manson and "Dragula" by Rob Zombie. It was a very hot day ha...and some of the crowd wasn't so pleasant to deal with but it was cool to see these bands at least once in my lifetime. For all the scare he has caused a certain type of people, Marilyn Manson put on a fairly boring show...I've seen things that ought to bring much more concern to those people within their own culture than Manson's antics.

Dragula by Rob Zombie LIVE @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheater (07.15.18)

Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson LIVE @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheater (07.15.18)

Further by Deadly Apples LIVE @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheater (07.15.18)

On Wednesday July 18th I partook of National Hot Dog Day at the Sonic in Uptown. On Saturday July 21st I also partook of National Hot Dog Week at Portillo's in Villa Park after attending the Curiosities and Oddities Expo that took place down the road.

The following Saturday, July 28th we attended my cousin Justin's wedding in Wheaton, IL to Laura. We had some issues getting there due to traffic but we did make it. The footage I captured was the reception dinner afterwards as well as decorating the car. My family came to visit for the wedding then hung around for a few days after.

On Sunday July 29th we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art to see more Japanese drumming and traditional dance by Ginkenshibu. We walked from there to Navy Pier and hung out for the remainder of the evening.

On Monday July 30th we visited the Swedish American Museum in Andersonville. It was interesting and informative. We also visiting Woolly Mammoth and had lunch at Tre Kronor and visited the Sweden Shop across the street. Not captured in video was driving to see the Baha'i Temple which was designed by a Swedish architect nor our dinner at Bad Apple.

On Tuesday July 31st we visited the Lincoln Park Zoo where we witnessed a gorilla wrestling match with a few karate kicks. Later, we got Chicago pizza at Falco's.

Leaving work on Thursday August 2nd there was a  helicopter over Uptown. That night we went to Liar's Club to see 2Minute Minor with Some Kind Of Nightmare as well as Mystery Actions and HotLips Messiah. I captured "Goon Crew" from 2Minute Minor and clips from the rest of the bands as well. Elphie came along due to my previous experience of seeing a drunk old man expose himself but she was disappointed that it did not happen again on this night.

HotLips Messiah LIVE @ Liar’s Club (08.02.18)

Mystery Actions LIVE @ Liar’s Club (08.02.18)

Goon Crew by 2Minute Minor LIVE @ Liar’s Club (08.02.18)

On Saturday August 4th, I went back out to Naperville for a show at The Waiting Room with Desirind Dead Flesh. I captured "Lap of Poverty" as well as "Knuckle Sandwich" by The Magnifiers and clips from Bad Planning, The Scants, and Bad Jokes.

Lap Of Poverty by Desiring Dead Flesh LIVE @ The Waiting Room (08.04.18)

Bad Planning LIVE @ The Waiting Room (08.04.18)

The Scants LIVE @ The Waiting Room (08.04.18)

Bad Jokes LIVE @ The Waiting Room (08.04.18)

Knuckle Sandwich by The Magnifiers LIVE @ The Waiting Room (08.04.18)

On Sunday August 5th we went to the Tattoo Church pool party again but unfortunately there were no water slides due to issues with an inspection. Hopefully they will return in the future!

On Wednesday August 8th, Levi The Poet played what seemed like a very early show at Cobra Lounge.

Levi The Poet LIVE @ Cobra Lounge (08.08.18)

On Thursday August 9th, we returned to Liar's Club to see October Bird of Death with Mikey Classic and His Lonesome Spur with Fishgutzzz And His Stinkin' Orchestra and Old Grand Dad. It was good to see Mikey Classic again and the first time seeing his band mate in the God Damn Gallows, Fishgutzzz which I really enjoyed. I enjoyed Old Grand Dad as well. I captured "Splintered Bones" by October Bird of Death. After the show, I was waiting on the bus Forrest Gump style so Elphie decided to film it.

Old Grand Dad LIVE @ Liar’s Club (08.09.18)

Splintered Bones by October Bird Of Death LIVE @ Liar’s Club (08.09.18)

On Friday August 10th I went to a free show at Buckledown Brewing featuring The Radiations opening for 80 Proof Preacher and The Usuals. I ran a bit late but it was a fun show.

The Usuals LIVE @ BuckleDown Brewing (08.10.18)

The Radiations LIVE @ BuckleDown Brewing (08.10.18)

On my way home from work on Monday August 13th, something reminded me that The Smashing Pumpkins were playing at the United Center. I checked Stubhub and found some very low priced tickets in a very good location it would appear. After trying to print the tickets at home to no avail, we went to the United Center where they were able to print the tickets for us so we could go in after getting a bit of a run around as to where we were supposed to go to print the tickets. We missed the opening act and first few songs but we did get in, found our seats on the front row right above the Zamboni tunnel and a direct view of the stage over the floor crowd. It was a long show so I guess missing a little bit of it didn't matter too much. I captured footage of "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" and I used some of Elphie's footage from a slightly different angle and zoom in the editing.

Bullet With Butterfly Wings by The Smashing Pumpkins LIVE @ United Center (08.13.18)

On Saturday, August 18th we went to the Wheaton All Night Flea Market where I found and purchased Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as well as Celebrity Death Match video games! We didn't arrive as late nor did we stay as late as we did last year. On Sunday, August 19th I went to watch the Chicago Air and Water Show from the North Avenue Beach. I ended up getting a sunburn through a hole in my shorts and the mark on my skin still remains! On Monday, August 20th, Elphie wanted to listen to Pearl Jam outside of Wrigley. Around the time that the show was scheduled to start a storm rolled in. I captured some lightning from the storm as well as some shenanigans on Waveland Avenue as the show was going on with Mark who apparently loves to play hacky sack.

On Friday August 24th, Flatfoot 56 played at Brauerhouse with Skapone opening. It was good to see some ska music and I captured "Courage" on film from Flatfoot 56. Also happening in another part of the building was a ladies night complete with male dancers. I'm sure that was quite exciting as well.

Courage by Flatfoot 56 LIVE @ Brauerhouse (08.24.18)

Skapone LIVE @ Brauerhouse (08.24.18)

On Saturday August 25th, Brien Cron asked me to film the Chicago Tiny House Fundraiser. Linked below is the playlist with all the videos from that event and here is the link to the blog with a lot of information regarding that event.

Chicago Tiny House Fundraiser (08.25.2018)

Later Saturday evening, after the Chicago Tiny House fundraiser we went to Haunted Trails with Skot and Rachel Shaw and Jennifer Mercy. We weren't informed that the mini golf closed early so we were somewhat rushed through our game unfortunately. We got frozen custard at Andy's afterwards.

On Wednesday August 28th I captured some lightning as a storm rolled through the city from our backyard and out front as well. On Friday morning, August 30th, I experienced some transit trouble as the CTA Orange Line only went as far north as the Halsted station. I was one of the lucky people to rush out to the Archer bus and get on the first one to come by before the large crowd. The footage shows some of the remaining confused people on the platform as another train drops off another crowd. I was late for work but expected it to be much later than I ended up but it was frustrating as we were leaving that night for our fall road trip to the upper midwest and Manitoba, Canada.

Additional soundtrack includes "Everyone Needs A Lovesong…Right?" by Dark Valentine, "Our Love Saves Us" by Blindside, "She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy" by Kenny Chesney, "Pretend You’re Alive" and "Summer Life" by Lovedrug, "Gump" by Weird Al, and "Last Day Of Summer" by The Cure.

Filmed using an iPhone 6 and 8 by Elphie and Joel A. Swanson. Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A Shared Life: Winter And Spring in Chicago (January - April 2018)

I combined the winter and spring clips for 2018 due to the brevity of the entire project. Also I hope to get most of 2018 posted in the early parts of this year, 2019 since I did not get them done in time to do them in 2018. One could think of this series as a "year in review" of sorts. We did not do as much as we may have in years past during the months of January through April...perhaps due to preparations to go to Europe taking up most of our income and, well, Elphie plain does not like the cold! Ha!

Speaking of which, the new year came in quite cold so I took several clips of my frozen morning commutes on January 5th, 9th, and 16th which fit the additional soundtrack nicely. On Saturday January 6th, we were able to attend the 2018 edition of the Annual Twelfth Night Epiphany Party at Kate and Larry's house which is always a good time then on Monday January 8th I got to sit around reading The Walking Dead books while waiting to see if I would be selected for Jury Duty. I got a small amount of compensation, which partially paid for my Taco Bell lunch as I left. Elphie brought in a dish of snow so Stein could have fun with it and in it on Tuesday, January 16th.

On Thursday, January 18th we went to Quenchers Saloon in Logan Square to see October Bird of Death on Sid's birthday. It was my first show in a while and good to hang a bit with the guys. It would turn out to be the last show I would attend at Quenchers Saloon as it closed later in the year.

Beckoning Beast by October Bird Of Death LIVE @ Quenchers Saloon (01.18.18)

On Saturday January 27th I went to Wilson Abbey to see Hushpad with Native Land and VON Strantz. It would be my only chance to see Native Land due to learning in the coming months that Matthew Hobler had stomach cancer and would not survive the fight in the earthly sense. It was a good show and I am glad I was able to go.

Hushpad LIVE @ Wilson Abbey (01.27.18)

Native Land LIVE @ Wilson Abbey (01.27.18)

Through The Looking Glass by VON Strantz LIVE @ Wilson Abbey (01.27.18)

On Saturday February 3rd, Elphie and I caught The Castros...well the end of their set in the Garden Room at J.P.U.S.A. We hung around afterwards to play games with folks and enjoy the company of friends.

The Castros LIVE @ J.P.U.S.A.'s Garden Room (02.03.18)

on Sunday February 4th, we watched the Super Bowl and I was happy to report that the Pittsburgh Steelers remained the only football franchise to win 6 Super Bowls! On Thursday February 8th, Elphie had a surgical procedure...she asked me to film her waking from the anesthesia so I included it here. The next day Friday February 9th, Snowmageddon occurred and was compounded by neighbors shoveling their snow on my car. How thoughtful of them. We did not get out that weekend with the car.

However I did take the train to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Vic Theatre on Saturday February 10th. They are among my favorite live bands and I was glad to get a spot with a good view of the entire stage in a smaller venue. It was good to escape a certain facebook debate as well by being at a show. Night Beats opened the night.

Little Thing Gone Wild by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club LIVE @ Vic Theatre (02.10.18)

Night Beats LIVE @ Vic Theatre (02.10.18)

Leaving work on Wednesday February 14th I captured footage of ice forming and falling from the Wilson Men's Hotel...again working well with the additional soundtrack. On Saturday February 17th we attended Nocturna at Metro then on Sunday February 18th we got some footage of Stein's shenanigans. On Saturday February 25th we attended Sanctuary at Underground Lounge. Monday February 27th marked the opening of Shamrock Shake season...at least for me.

On Saturday March 10th, we spent the day with the Shaw's hanging around Northwestern Indiana and got some ice cream at Bubbles. On Tuesday March 14th a Winchester was held at the Denny's in Oakbrook Terrace.

On Friday March 16th I went to Liar's Club to see 2Minute Minor and Some Kind Of Nightmare with Imbecile Missile and HotLips Messiah. It was my second time to see Some Kind Of Nightmare and first time seeing Imbecile Missile and Hot Lips Messiah. Not included in the footage was a guy named Willie exposing his willy. I captured "Soda Tax" from 2Minute Minor.
Since moving to Chicago, every St. Patrick's Day has been spent watching Flatfoot 56 at Ballydoyle Pub in Aurora but this year they played in Florida on St. Patrick's Day so we went to the Comedy Clubhouse on Saturday March 17th to see Helen perform then stayed for the rest of the evening's performances.

On Thursday March 22nd, we drove to Warren, Pennsylvania to celebrate Easter a week early due to scheduling issues on Easter weekend. The weekend included some family time, changing car tires and oil, pet standoffs, and visiting with Grandpa. We returned to Chicago on Monday March 26th. Elphie found a party at L.A. Fitness on Thursday March 29th.

Flatfoot 56 played Reggie's on Saturday March 31st to give us a celtic fix for the early spring. Elphie shot some footage from the balcony that I used as well. We captured "Brotherhood." It's nice having other angles to use sometimes. The Brass Knuckle Boys, Night Cap, and teenage sibling punks The Magnifiers played the show as well.

Brotherhood by FlatFoot 56 LIVE @ Reggie’s (03.31.18)

BrassKnuckle Boys LIVE @ Reggie’s (03.31.18)

NightCap LIVE @ Reggie’s (03.31.18)

We spent Easter Sunday April 1st celebrating with dinner and hangs at J.P.U.S.A. On Tuesday April 3rd we microwaved some Peeps!

I received an email informing me about a secret show that Underoath would be playing on Friday April 6th in Chicago. It turned out to be at Subterranean and I was able to attend but to do so, I had to stand in line in the cold throughout my lunch break and into my work time in the afternoon. I got a free download of the new album and a poster along with access to the show so I went back to work for about an hour then clocked out early so that I could attend the show. It was a short showcase meant for record executives that the band opened to the public. It was interesting seeing them in a small space. Perhaps I should have filmed the whole thing but I captured a new song, "Rapture", from the set. Later, Kickstand Productions would contact me asking to use some of the footage in their promotion for future shows at Subterranean. Thanks for the support!

Rapture by UnderOath LIVE During A Secret Album Release Show @ Subterranean (04.06.18)

Another snowstorm occurred as I walked to work on a spring day, Monday April 9th. Saturday April 15th we attended Nocturna at Metro.

On Tuesday April 19th, Analecta played with NAAL and Infinite Third at the (Clint) Eastwood House at J.P.U.S.A in Uptown Chicago. There was also a Mouth Council session after the show.

Mouth Council LIVE @ J.P.U.S.A.’s (Clint) Eastwood House (04.19.18)

Analecta LIVE @ J.P.U.S.A.’s (Clint) Eastwood House (04.19.18)

NAAL LIVE @ J.P.U.S.A.’s (Clint) Eastwood House (04.19.18)

Infinite Third LIVE @ J.P.U.S.A.’s (Clint) Eastwood House (04.19.18)

On Sunday, April 29th we celebrated my birthday with Moses watching The Walking Dead and eating pizza. Over the next week we prepared to go to Europe.

Additional soundtrack is "Ice Blankets The Landscape" by Said Fantasy.

Filmed with an iPhone 6 and 8 by Elphie and Joel A. Swanson. Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson

Thursday, December 6, 2018

In Memory of Skip Brooks


Skip Brooks was influential in the music scene I ran in. I got to meet him personally on a few occasions. One particular occasion was when he put on a fest called Death Or Glory at Rise Above in San Antonio. Skip worked out for Elphie and I to have somewhere to sleep overnight while we were there. It was a cool trip to Texas and a cool event.

Skip passed away after fighting cancer. These are all the videos I have shot that included Skip...either just him speaking or while he was playing in bands such as Crush The Enemy and Our Corpse Destroyed. Most of these videos were shot over the years at Cornerstone or Unified Underground.

Rest in Punk
Rest in Power
Rest in Peace
Rest in Glory.

You are a great man, Skip and you are missed and loved.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A Shared Life: The Holidays 2017

A Shared Life: The Holidays - Thanksgiving 2017

We departed for Warren on November 22nd, for our yearly Thanksgiving visit with Stein in tow. Along the way, in Indiana I was pulled over but the police officer was unusually reasonable and let us go. I took that as a warning and drove a bit slower the rest of the way. We stopped at a Sheetz for some food once we got off the turnpike in Ohio. We arrived as usual in the wee hours of the morning and it turned out that the burger I ate was not agreeing with me.

Thursday November 23rd, brought our annual Thanksgiving with the Sorensen family in Clymer, NY at my cousin Brynne's house. I had to take some Pepto to try to enjoy the meal. Other than that, it was good spending time with the family.

Friday November 24th, was a fairly relaxed day watching our pets interact. It turns out that our cat, Stein, is a bit of a bully. He walks around with his head cocked to the side stalking the other cats, including Mu who is at least twice his size.

We made our wat to Pittsburgh on Saturday November 25th, to catch the Penguins play the Lightning and WIN! We passed the Dairy Queen with an Apollo Capsule along the way on Route 8. When in Pittsburgh, we got some ice cream at Klavon's before the game and afterwards, we went to Roland's for some Lobster Rolls and Ravioli and to hang with Joe a bit. It was a good visit to my favorite city! Upon returning home, once again the quest for dominance continued with the cats.

We returned to Chicago on Sunday November 26th.

Additonal soundtrack is “Thankful” by Caedmon’s Call and “Party Hard” by Andrew WK.

December in Chicago:

After returning from Thanksgiving, on Friday December 1st, Elphie and I went to Chicago Theatre to see Nick Offerman on his "Full Bush" tour. I snuck a clip even though it was a no recording event. On the way home, I took a shot of the full moon. The next day, December 2nd, was a long day. We started out by going to Racine, Wisconsin for Ray and Z's wedding reception at George's Tavern. On the way home we stopped at a Piggly Wiggly for some cheese curds then passed under a Canadian Pacific Holiday Train. It turned out that we returned to our neighborhood in time to see the CTA Holiday Trains come through as well. Later that night, we attended the winter edition of Nocturna at Metro. On December 3rd, we returned to Wrigleyville to attend Krampus Mart at the Gman Tavern.

Of Dust And Nations by Thrice LIVE @ Aragon Ballroom

I ended up waiting too long and the day of the Thrice show, Thursday December 7th, 2017, I found out that it was sold out when I made attempts to purchase tickets. I found someone on facebook who said that they were selling a ticket so I gave it a shot. They met me at the venue and sold the ticket for face value so I got to see Thrice. It was one of the better experiences I have had of seeing Thrice in Chicago. I believe it is due to the venue set up giving a little more space to watch. I filmed Of Dust And Nations...it was a song I've wanted to capture for a while. In hindsight, maybe I should have captured something from the Alchemy Index series since it was being celebrated that night. At this time, we were trying to save some money for going to Europe in the coming months but I did want to see this show and didn't think $30 was going to break the bank.

On December 13th, after a wonderful work related meeting in downtown, While waiting for the train to commute back home another CTA Holiday Train passed through. On December 16th the Wright girls had a Christmas party at their house. Later that night we drove to Kenosha, Wisconsin for Screened 2: Solstice Slammed at Mayhem Manor. It was an interesting night of VHS video on a bunch of tube televisions and music with a lit up floor. On December 18th, Elphie and I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights then to the ChristkindlMarkt at the Daley Center the next day, December 19th. On December 20th, we held a Christmas Party at Cornerstone Community Outreach. On December 21st at Chitown Futbol we were part of a surprise birthday party for Kyle Bawinkel just after the band got off tour. It was fun and it seems the surprise worked out fairly well.

Additional soundtrack includes “Santa’s on MLK Blvd” & “Holiday House Party” by Dark-Keys, “Carol of the Dubs” by A Heart Of Black & White, “Carol of the Bells” by Open World, “Carol of the Bells” by Jagged Doctrine, and “Carol of the Bells” by Accolade.

A Shared Life: The Holidays - Christmas 2017

We left for Cincinnati on December 22nd after I got off of work. We stopped at the Sheehy's to rest over night and got some time in to visit with them. In the morning, December 23rd, we had breakfast. Lisa stopped by to visit before we had to start down the road to North Carolina. We arrived in the evening.

December 24th, we celebrated Christmas with family on Christmas Eve. We spend December 25th, Christmas Day with family as well and had dinner at IHOP then viewed the McAdenville lights. Throughout the rest of the week we hung out with family and friends. We stopped by R.O.'s for Bar-B-Que. We also had dinner one evening at Whiskey Mill. We made a trip into South Carolina for gas as well as another visit with a friend at Pop Pops Pizza. We stayed in North Carolina to visit and celebrate Christmas with family and friends until December 28th.

Additional soundtrack includes “Carol of the Bells” by Accolade, “Carol of the Bells” by Timbre, “Carol of the Bells” by The Last Bison, “Carol of the Bells” by Future Of Forestry, “Carol of the Bells” by MAE, and “Ring Christmas Bells (Carol of the Bells)” by Folk Angel featuring Tedashii.

A Shared Life: The Holidays - New Years Eve 2017

On December 29th, we began our return drive from North Carolina. We stopped to visit with Elphie's niece along the way as well as at a diner to pick up some special Cherry Lemon SunDrop. We made our way north and west through the mountains toward Cincinnati where apparently there was a winter storm coming. We had to slow down somewhat but made it to the Sheehy's house with little difficulty and I was able to pick up some Skyline Chili to eat as well. We hung out for the evening with the Sheehy's and Lisa. Other friends didn't want to venture out due to the inclement weather.

We woke on December 30th, had breakfast with the Sheehy's then continued on our way to Chicago in single digit cold. I stopped at a Meijer as we left Ohio to pick up some Ale-8-One. We got to see a nice sunset as we drove and we made it home and the car seemed to survive the extreme cold.

On December 31st, because it was so cold we decided to not venture out to do anything to bring in the New Year. We stayed home and watched the events on television. The one event I would have liked to attend was Flatfoot 56 with Flogging Molly at the House of Blues and we were able to see a live shot from that party as well from the comfort of our living room.

Additional soundtrack includes “Carols Gloria” by Said Fantasy and “Holiday House Party” by Dark-Keys.

Filmed using an iPhone 6 and 8 by Elphie and Joel A. Swanson. Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson.

Monday, November 19, 2018

11.03.2018: Jay Phillips Memorial Show @ Oscar's Bar & The Final F.B.S. Show

On Saturday November 3rd, 2018 an era came to an end at Oscar's Bar in Vanadalia, Ohio. It more or less really came to an end about a year earlier but official finals shows were set to occur in November which turned into one final show with a slightly different cast.

Fight Before Surrender (or F.B.S.) was a mainstay in the regional punk scene as well as the underground Christian punk scene for about 20 years. Things happened that brought it to a screeching halt in October 2017...no last show planned. It was just the end. Then, this summer, there was rumbling about the band getting together for the last time for a couple of shows which turned into a plan for two final shows with the original lineup playing the first album front to back. I was pretty excited and planned to catch the show. It sounds like the idea came mostly from Jay Phillips. It was only days after these shows were announced that Jay passed away unexpectedly and the effect was felt throughout the scene and by many of my friends. I did not personally know Jay but I could tell he had a huge impact on many that I did know. The shows, of course, could not go on without Jay and were cancelled.

In the coming week or so, it was then announced that the final lineup of F.B.S. would "put aside their differences" to play one final show with the details to be announced. Once again, I planned to find a way to be in Ohio to see this final show. I also planned to record it.

Other folks then started talking about getting a car pool planned to get a group of us from Chicago to Ohio for this show. There was even an idea to rent out the Reggies Party Bus. I talked to my friends who had brought up the idea as well as with a couple others but with one week to go, there still was not a definitive plan on how to make this car pool happen. That's where Tobin Bawinkel (Flatfoot 56 and 6'10) stepped in offering to drive the new tour van if we had enough people. We did, in fact, get enough people to make it feasible (thank you Tobin!) and we departed early Saturday afternoon for Ohio, stopping to pick up Little Jessi along the way in Indiana. At some point between Indianapolis and the Ohio state line, Tobin opened his window but it would not close so we had to pull off to try to figure out the electronics that operate the window. It did not seem to succeed so Elphie offered her hat and we sent blankets up to try to brave the cold air blasting through the window. Miraculously, the window ended up working after a few moments on the road and we proceeded to Oscar's Bar for the show. We arrived just before the first band played.

Our main reason for coming out, of course was F.B.S. who would play in the middle of the evening so it gave us time to meet up with various friends who came out to the show. It was good to see so many people come out to support a band and a person that meant so much to so many. There was a lot of emotion as the set came to a close...I think both for the loss of a friend in Jay but also for the loss of a band many of us would consider to be a friend if not family after so many years.

F.B.S. did not disappoint...you can count on them playing loud, fast, punk which is typically 10 or so songs clocking in at about a 20-25 minute set. This set was double what we usually get with stories peppered in about Jay. Elphie offered to help film the set so I had two angles to work with for the project.

The Final F.B.S. Set

The Final Setlist:

Hammer fist RocknRoll
All I Want To Do Is RocknRoll
Out Of Control
Self Destruction
You Can’t Hide
Watch Your Back
Faster Than Before
Fight Before Surrender
In Your Blood
They Hate You
Ace Of Spades

Dreadful Rumor opened the night. It was their first show and they were pretty good.

Viceroy Kings played next. One member, GeeGee, was with The Migraines some years ago (others from that band went on to form Grave Robber). I recall in college hearing about The Migraines and "Five Bucks Short" as F.B.S. was known then so there is a lot of history with these guys it would seem.

VoltageHawk was third on the bill and came from Nashville to play this show. The drummer was the original Five Bucks Short drummer. He invited Josh and Charlie up to sing "I Fought The Law" to close the set.

Betty Machete And The Angry Cougars followed the F.B.S. set and all the emotion that came with it. It seems that they followed it up quite well with a lot of energy, intensity and grit that a band like this would seemingly have to have. I heard later in the night from Josh that F.B.S. played with Betty Machete a few years ago during a Noise For Toys event and was impressed by the intensity.

Bundy And The Spins was the last band I got to see as we had to get going back to Chicago. They were quite shiny in their sequined jackets and seemed like a fun rocknroll band.

Apologies to The Frankx. My crew wanted to get back on the road for the long trip home so I was not able to catch any of the set. I had hoped to get a little bit but it just did not work out unfortunately.

Filmed LIVE during Jay Phillips’ Memorial at Oscar’s Bar in Vandalia, Ohio on Saturday November 3rd, 2018 using a Canon Rebel T6 & iPhone 6 by Elphie and Joel A. Swanson. Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson.

The first time that I saw F.B.S. play was at Cornerstone 2008 on the Underground Stage. It is highly likely I saw them in 2007 as well if not 2006 but I don't seem to have video evidence to prove it so we will go with 2008. Either way it was definitely at Cornerstone. This last show on November 3rd, 2018 marks the end of the band so it would seem I have about a decade of videos. I probably saw F.B.S. at every Cornerstone Festival that they played from that point on as well until the end of Cornerstone in 2012. In late 2008, when the opportunity came to begin booking shows in Cincinnati at Covenant, bands that I focused on reaching out to were bands I saw at Cornerstone...especially the punk bands.

I would guess in 2009 was when F.B.S. and I connected to work out a show that would happen on January 12th, 2010 at Covenant. F.B.S. was involved with Rise Above Ministries at the time in San Antonio, Texas. I enjoyed having some hockey banter with Josh as I knew he was a Detroit Red Wings fan and the Pittsburgh Penguins had just beat them for the Stanley Cup the previous season! Ultimately, sports banter caused for Josh to unfriend me on facebook some years later, ha! Anyway, this show at Covenant went fairly well and brought in some new people that I had not reached in previous shows. It seemed that this show is where attendance picked up a little bit for the rest of the shows I would do at Covenant.

Over the next few years, as I transitioned away from the church to doing Witler basement shows and occasionally booking with The 86, F.B.S. would come through from time to time. Josh called me to ask about booking a tour featuring F.B.S. with Headnoise. I definitely agreed to doing this show but a few weeks before the tour was to begin, Josh called to let me know that F.B.S. would have to drop due to unforeseen circumstances. I believe this tour was intended to bring them home to Ohio...I know Nate moved back to Ohio around this time. I went ahead with the show anyway & it brought about the first ever acoustic Headnoise set due to a power outage.

A few months after this, there was a show scheduled for a venue called Bangarangs (formerly known as The Mad Hatter and now it is a park?). I don't quite recall all the circumstances surrounding this show but I do remember that Grave Robber and Behold The Kingdom were scheduled to play this show. If I am remembering correctly, I was talking with Shawn about something other than the show when word came that the venue would be dropping the show. I believe this was a day or so before the show...I offered to take it on in my basement but I could not guarantee anything but they could at least have a show. I believe Josh contacted me about F.B.S. playing as well at that point so I started working on getting some locals on board as well then I was contacted by folks with Bangarangs stating there was some miscommunication and asking if they could take the show back at their venue. I said it was fine with me if they could work it out with the bands. I was working as all this was going on so organizing the show wasn't easy in the midst of trying to do my "day job" but I said that they needed to take F.B.S. as well now that they had been added to the show during the couple of hours in which it was to be happening in my basement. Then another band that used the initials F.B.S. thought that they had been booked on this show and contacted Bangarangs to dispute the booking so I had to explain the band was a different F.B.S. and thankfully, the show did happen at Bangarangs and F.B.S. was able to play and they stayed the night at my place because they were able to get on another show in the area with Grave Robber and Behold The Kingdom the next night.

I was able to book F.B.S. for one Witler basement before the shows had to come to an untimely end. It was the first of two shows my band, Crash Cap Hooligans played. The idea to start this band came during another F.B.S. show I booked for The 86 in March.

I also booked F.B.S. at The 86 in August which was the first show with Russ on drums (Russ drummed for Crash Cap Hooligans as well). Speaking of drummers, over the course of this time of video documentation there were at least five drummers that I can recall: Andrew, Jose, Russ, Ryan, and some other guy between Andrew and Jose who I did not know.

In October, F.B.S. allowed me to ride along to Unified Underground in Maryland. This weekend trip was a lot of fun! Later that year, I booked F.B.S. to play the last show that I booked and one of the last shows that I would work for The 86 before moving to Pittsburgh.

After this, our paths typically crossed at various yearly events such as Unified Underground and the newly formed Audiofeed. I made my way to San Antonio for Death or Glory Fest at Rise Above and caught F.B.S. in Austin along the way. I never got into the game of booking shows really in Pittsburgh. There were decent spots already established and there did not seem to be a need for me to do it myself. Also, a blossoming relationship sort of took priority.

While moving to Chicago, F.B.S. played at Risen Savior where I would attend church for a time the first day I was in Chicago as part of a Noise for Toys benefit. In 2016 there would be another one at Wilson Abbey. It was after the move to Chicago that I started to attend Take Hold Fest and caught F.B.S. there a couple of times as well.

I ended up booking one more show after leaving The 86. This would be what I called a RocknRoll Wedding Celebration the night before my wedding with Elphie. F.B.S. was booked for this show and I was able to get my digital copy of the long anticipated album Self-Destruction (the vinyl had come a month earlier).

The final Unified Underground Conference was at Take Hold in Grand Rapids, Michigan and F.B.S. was playing. I started having some car trouble so I asked Josh to ride with me to try to decipher strange noises coming from the car. On our way back to Take Hold, the car jammed in 3rd gear so we pushed it into a parking lot and Elphie and I ended up stranded in Grand Rapids, Michigan for our first anniversary.

Prior to this final show, the last time I was able to see or even hang with the guys in F.B.S. was at Audiofeed 2017.

I am very thankful for the decade I spent watching and recording F.B.S. on stage and even more so, the friendship and the times spent hanging out beyond the shows. I wish circumstances were different. I wish the band did not have to end. I believe our friendship will remain though it may not be in quite as loud, fast, or punk of a setting as before.

Thank you F.B.S. for all these years!
Thank you Josh, Charlie, Ryan, Nate, Kristen, Andrew, Russ, and Jose for the friendship!