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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sorry For This Delay...

I will again post video related things here soon (and on the Facebook page). I have taken a break from this hobby while I relocate my life to Pittsburgh. I am excited for this new chapter though I love my family/friends and many of those I worked with back in Cincinnati.

Well...stay tuned!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cornerstone 2012 - LIVE clips in a nice little playlist

Today I FINALLY began uploading the footage from Cornerstone 2012. Possibly (and at least officially) the last year of what I believe to be the best festival to EVER exist.

Thank you Cornerstone for most importantly being a beautiful community that allowed for a weeklong retreat with some of my favorite people for nine years and, to a lesser degree, a place for bands who may not otherwise get a voice in the "Christian scene."

Spirit @ The Bride LIVE at the benefit for A Voice For The Innocent @ The 86 (10.13.12)

I have the privilege of calling the dudes in Spirit & The Bride friends. Since I do this silly little filming hobby, I have been asked & honored to film this band on four occasions - three being full sets that can be found linked at the "TigerRAWk" facebook page and uploaded at the youtube page.

On October 13th, 2012 there was a special show at The 86 which I was able to run sound for the lower level of the club. This was where the hardcore and metal bands of the evening played. Spirit & The Bride was the opener on this show and you can see the set here:

More importantly than seeing friends play a good set, was the reason for this night. Another friend, Jamie Sivrais, set up an organization for victims of sex crimes called A Voice For The Innocent. Having been a victim, Jamie knows the pain and knows the best route to recovery is to speak up. A Voice For The Innocent is a nonprofit to give victims a place to speak up, speak out, and hopefully find healing and help in their time of need.

Here's a clip where Jamie explains a little of what it's all about:

It was a successful night and I was blessed to be part of it and look forward to hearing the positive impact Jamie and A Voice For The Innocent will have.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Unified Underground: SEVEN (2012)

I had the privilege to return to Unified Underground this year. I also got to go the years of 2008 - 2010 but had to miss the event last year.

This year, I rode out with my friends in the band F.B.S. which led to it's own fun outside of the Conference. I compiled footage into a playlist from this year's event:

Unified Underground: Seven (2012)

Here is footage from the previous years as well:

Unified Undergound: Thy Kingdom Come (2010)

Unified Underground: The Sideshow (2009)

Unified Underground: Resurrection (2008)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Upload for 09.13.12 - The WEBN Fireworks 2012

I skipped going to the fireworks last summer to hang with friends and not sit in the rain. This year I figured I would miss them due to work but things ended up working out that I could go if I wanted to endure the potential nasty weather...

It wasn't raining when I finally decided to go to the fireworks but by the time I parked my car it was pouring and didn't let up for about an hour. I finally sucked it up and walked down from where I parked to the riverfront and ended up soaked by I did get this footage of the WEBN fireworks 2012. At some point near the end the camera I was using stopped filming but I don't think much was missed.

Filmed using a Sony HD Bloggie. Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini. Filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Uploads for this week - 09.06.12

It looks like for now, Thursdays may be my day for uploading video projects...so here's what you got today.

On August 13th, 2012 there was a show in a vacant lot on Witler Street which happened to be covered in turf...a "playing field." I put this show on there due to the forbidding of house shows at the house I live after some unfortunate circumstances.

My friends in Destroy Nate Allen were traveling through the area and needed a show. I work with a venue called The 86 but the dates didn't work for it to happen there and I thought that an outdoor show for folk punk wouldn't be too hard to pull off since it is relatively quiet and there is no need for electricity. I contacted my friends Jarrod Geary and John Hays and they blessed me by joining in the fun.

I don't know if I will ever book another show on the turf but this one night turned out to be pretty cool and the weather treated us right as well. The footage from this night was filmed using a JVC HDD Everio.

Jarrod Geary

Destroy Nate Allen (full set playlist - also includs other Destroy Nate Allen footage as well)

John Hays

I also uploaded some footage from August 24th, 2012 at the Attic in Dayton during the Quit Your Band & Get A Job Tour featuring the final tours of A Plea For Purging and As Hell Retreats. I filmed these clips using a Sony HD Bloggie.

The Rose Hill

As Hell Retreats

A Plea For Purging

All footage was edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini.

All filming & editing by Joel A. Swanson.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Crash Cap Hooligans: the brief history of a legendary band


This is a documentary i made from the short time that I was playing in a band called Crash Cap Hooligans. This was a fun experience for me and it's ending was not due to band members no longer getting along or creative differences or anything like that but due to a couple members moving elsewhere. It also provided an open door for one to do what he loves and tour with our friends FBS. I am glad to have had this time and to share the behind the scenes of this band..

This film project was not intended to be a narcissistic ego boost for any of us but more a humorous look at the two months and eight days that Crash Cap Hooligans existed. The idea was to do a Spinal Tap type video but instead this is what came of it and I am happy with it. Hope you enjoty the look into the basement of 4114 Witler & what went on from March til May 2012.

Footage filmed using a Sony HD Bloggie & JVC Everio. All editing done using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini.

Filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why nothing was posted here for so long...

So it's been well over 2 & 1/2 years since anything was posted to this page until my little mini update a month ago....

Here's the story...

The day I finished working on the Covenant Halloween Hardcore show DVD, the hard drive I had been using decided to stop working. On that hard drive was quite a bit of footage compiled throughout the year 2009....most of which had been posted to youtube and if warranted, to this page as well. Also on that hard drive was a show with the bands Leper, Grave Robber, Vexing Souls, and one other band I can't quite remember the name of which I never had the chance to edit. To this day, I still have not yet been able to gain access to that hard drive or the footage on it. Though really just a minor inconvenience, I delayed my editing hoping I could eventually salvage the files from that hard drive. I still hold to that hope that I will eventually meet a person who can do that for me.

During this time I was using digital tape with my video camera. When this hard drive decided to be nonfunctional, I had no space left on any of the tapes. A more professional videographer once told me not to re-use the tape due to dropping frames or something but I, not being professional at all but doing this as a hobby I enjoy, continued to re-use the digital tape (and in some cases wore them out I believe). Though finances were tight, I purchased a much larger and more efficient hard drive and tried to get the footage off some of the tapes before a show I had scheduled that night. This would be a show with FBS, Foxes On Fire, Cosmic Affliction, & Awake. I filmed the local bands using one camera then used the second during the FBS set and was able to move on from there to film shows again while I tried to find someone to fix that old hard drive.

In the meantime, things changed in my life and I no longer worked with Covenant and so those shows came to an end...a few months later I began doing house shows (eventually also came The 86) I had previously done all my work on my macbook. First I used iMovie then began using Final Cut Express. Both served their purpose for me to start but I wanted more control of the product I was making. I was blessed by my friend, Dan Simmons of All the Day Holiday with a Sony HD Bloggie. This would be my first HD Camera. I decided to purchase another one with a fairly large hard drive - a JVC Everio. I no longer would need to use the digital tape! After upgrading to the fully digital (and HD) camera and gearing my hands on Final Cut Pro, I found I would need a computer with a faster processor and other things my macbook was not capable of handling so I acquired a Mac Mini on another good deal on ebay to run Final Cut Pro.

I decided to finish projects filmed on the digital tape using the older software to edit on the macbook. With the Covenant shows, I decided to essentially work backwards starting at that point from the last show. I would do this during whatever free time I had in between editing footage that was more current.

I got most everything edited and posted but had yet another hiccup when the Macbook was used by someone else and ended up crashing. I eventually had it fixed and got within 3 projects of finishing off all the Covenant footage (that I could access) then just last month the hard drive failed again. On the hard drive is footage from the Covenant show on December 29th 2009 that I had been working on. I had finished editing the first set of that night and was nearing the end of the second set. So now I have two hard drives I hope to one day have someone recover files off of for me so I can edit and then post the footage.

At this point I don't have a macbook though I hope to find a good deal again through ebay or something to replace the old one once I have the funds. I continue to edit the current footage on the Mac Mini using Final Cut Pro and hope to one day salvage that show on December 29th 2009 and the one on that old hard drive from November 2009. In the meantime I will get the DvD list updated and hope to regularly post whatever it is I am working on to this page for those who care...if anyone still checks this out.

So, if you do check this page out, my apologies for the long time since I last posted anything here and I am back on track and hope to make postings more regular and have this DVD list up to date with each new project I finish.