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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spirit @ The Bride LIVE at the benefit for A Voice For The Innocent @ The 86 (10.13.12)

I have the privilege of calling the dudes in Spirit & The Bride friends. Since I do this silly little filming hobby, I have been asked & honored to film this band on four occasions - three being full sets that can be found linked at the "TigerRAWk" facebook page and uploaded at the youtube page.

On October 13th, 2012 there was a special show at The 86 which I was able to run sound for the lower level of the club. This was where the hardcore and metal bands of the evening played. Spirit & The Bride was the opener on this show and you can see the set here:

More importantly than seeing friends play a good set, was the reason for this night. Another friend, Jamie Sivrais, set up an organization for victims of sex crimes called A Voice For The Innocent. Having been a victim, Jamie knows the pain and knows the best route to recovery is to speak up. A Voice For The Innocent is a nonprofit to give victims a place to speak up, speak out, and hopefully find healing and help in their time of need.

Here's a clip where Jamie explains a little of what it's all about:

It was a successful night and I was blessed to be part of it and look forward to hearing the positive impact Jamie and A Voice For The Innocent will have.

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