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Thursday, July 30, 2015

"Time Toupee" - The Trailer


This is a trailer that Josh Robieson & I worked on over the last week or so for a movie called "Time Toupee"
It was fun to work on & learn a few new things in the process. Hope you like it & support the funding campaign if you can! Only $900 needed to reach the goal!
"Time Toupee" - The Trailer
PunGent Studios w/ a TigerRAWk Film present a trailer for "Time Toupee"
An angry, bald cop finds his salvation when things get too hairy. With a time altering wig in his arsenal, you know it's TIME TOUPEE!
Tony Donovan is a temperamental, clumsy police officer suffering from alopecia. When the case of a lifetime falls into his lap, he must navigate the pitfalls of the investigation without losing his temper, his sanity, or his life.
When this detective is on the case you know it's TIME TOUPEE!!
Helping him along the way is the nervous rookie Adam Fuddnuddler, his sauve and handsome best friend and partner Dominic Sprazzo, his office crush Delilah, his anger management psychotherapist, and a mysterious blind gypsy who sees much more than anyone. Oh, and did we fail to mention a mystical wig that can alter time itself? Yeah, he has that too!
In a world of thinning justice, where a bald faced lie sends a cop to his demise, you know that it's TIME TOUPEE!
Starring Josh Robieson from Flatfoot 56, wrestling superstar Tony Kozina, Kimberly Azana from Boss and Couples Retreat, and featuring international wrestling stars such as Kongo Kong, The Hooligans, Yabo Gustobo, Machine and many more!
Please visit our kickstarter to find out more & to be a part of this groundbreaking new film!
Movie concept created & written by James Amthor & Josh Robieson
This trailer Written & directed by Josh Robieson. It narrated & also written byJames Amthor. These scenes acted by Kimberly AzaƱa & Josh Robieson. Additional soundtrack is Chopin's Funeral March.
Filmed using an iPhone 6 & JVC HDD Everio. Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini. Filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson

Friday, July 24, 2015

My 'Burgh Life: Joel & Elphie Celebrate 1 Year Together (October 30th - November 7th, 2014)


This project contains footage of Joel & Elphie celebrating the first anniversary of the commitment to be in relationship with each other. Elphie traveled by Amtrak back to Pittsburgh & arrived while I was at work. On October 30th besides watching The Crow (as EVERYONE should) we went to a Penguins game that they won 3-0 over the defending Stanley Cup Los Angeles Kings. Before we watched the movie, Elphie decided to bag up Scout.

On Halloween we officially celebrated the anniversary. We went to EatNPark for dinner then drove around the nearby South Hills neighborhoods to see the decorations & trick or treat costumes before heading out to Monroeville for some Monster Mini Golf. It's not documented apparently but we hit another EatNPark for dessert where the manager I assume was dressed in drag & costume. It was interesting. We picked up a few movies then went back to the house to watch Donnie Darko.

The next day we decided to take advantage of the Daylight Savings time change by driving to the Cincinnati area to enjoy a nice meal of Island Frydays & LIVE music from The Saudades & Leper at Joe's Java in Wilmington. We returned to Pittsburgh late then I had to work fairly early in the morning of course. Also not documented in video was the Halloween leftovers shopping trip & the visit to Burgatory.

At the end of the week, I got the privilege of driving in a brief but awful storm while at work. After work we went to Game N'at to play arcade games, pool, pinball, & other games. It was a good time. The next day we decided to stop by Klavon's Ice Cream Parlor in the strip & enjoyed some amazing ice cream.

It wasn't a bad way to celebrate our first year as we prepared to transition to the next chapter in life.

Additional soundtrack includes Tell Tale Heart by Grave Robber

Here are the LIVE clips separate from the project for those who care.

Horrible Rambler by The Saudades


Primul (The First) by Leper


Filmed by Elphie using a Canon Power Shot SD 780 IS & Joel using an iPhone 4 & Sony HD Bloggie. Edited by Joel using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini.


Thursday, July 23, 2015

My 'Burgh Life & other footage: September & October 2014


The footage was shot in Pittsburgh, Warren, & Chicago (as well as along the way while on Amtrak) after Elphie returned to Chicago after our RAWkNRoll summer. The Pittsburgh Pirates played their last stretch of home games in mid to late September so I attended as many of those games as I could:

Sept 17 - Pirates WIN 9-1 vs Red Sox
Sept 18 - Pirates WIN 3-2 vs Red Sox
Sept 19 - Pirates WIN 4-2 vs Brewers
Sept 20 - Pirates lose 1-0 vs Brewers

Along with the game on Friday the 19th, my parents & I went to the Heinz History Center in the strip. We primarily visited the sports part on this trip but did get to see Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, & George Romero's directors chair for one of his Pittsburgh area zombie films. On Saturday the 20th after the game was the final fireworks night of the season:

Pirates Post Game Fireworks @ PNC Park (09.20.14)


Preseason hockey started in September in Pittsburgh as well so I went to the 2 home games which the general public could purchase tickets to (one preseason game each year is designated for kids so those tickets are not available):

Sept 22 - Penguins lose 2-1 vs Red Wings preseason
Sept 25 - Penguins WIN 3-2 vs Wild OT preseason

In between those hockey games the Pirates clinched a spot in the playoffs for 2nd year in a row on September 23rd! On September 26th, I made a trip to my hometown for the following weekend & found out that Island Frydays - a favorite food spot owned & operated by my friend Leo would be on Diners, Drive Ins, & Dives. The next day I took some time to calibrate my hunting rifles.

October 1st was the day The Pirates returned to the playoffs for one game vs the Giants. I got some footage from around Pittsburgh through the day leading up to what turned out to be a 8-0 loss. The next day we had a bonfire at the house...turned out that The Appleseed Cast were among those enjoying the fire & the Smores.

On October 4th Mike Herrera & some other guys came to the Altar Bar playing MxPx songs:


October 10th I departed on the worst Amtrak trip imaginable. I had been contacted earlier in the week that the train would travel as far as Toledo then from there busses would be provided. I boarded the train around midnight as usual in Pittsburgh. I was pretty tired so I went to sleep quickly. I woke sometime around 6am I believe only to find out we hadn't even arrived in Cleveland yet! Cleveland is less than a 3 hour drive by car from Pittsburgh. By the time we pulled into the Cleveland station it was nearly 9am. We arrived in Toledo for the chaotic transition from train to bus around noon & I didn't end up in Chicago until 6pm that evening. The trip was to meet with my current employer about the job possibility. Thankfully they are reasonable people & I got my interview done that evening. I was in Chicago just over 24 hours, much of that time sleeping from the grueling trip. Leaving Chicago then for Pittsburgh, travel seemed to go quite well through Indiana but once back in Ohio it was delayed. I was scheduled to work at 7am if I recall correctly so once I realized that wasn't going to happen, I called from the train. I got a call back at some point asking when I would get there. I couldn't give an actual time but figured it would be between 11am & noon that we would finally pull into the station. It was 11:30am so I went home then on to work by 1pm which added to the nightmarish scenario when they decided to add on to the rest of my shift indefinitely through the evening. I argued against this, finally got to go home & fell asleep. The next day I had been written up. Ha! I'm glad I don't work there anymore. More documentation on that in a later video.

That week, mewithoutYou was coming through Pittsburgh playing "Catch For Us The Foxes" in its entirety on October 14th:




On Friday the 17th, one of my housemates had guest spots on a hardcore/metal show at The Altar Bar through Gideon. She asked if I wanted to go so I figured why not?!





After the show we got to hang with the Gideon boys & ate at Primanti Bros.

The Steelers were playing on Monday Night Football October 20th so I kept my eye on ticket prices. They were surprisingly low cost. I work on Sundays so attending Steelers games isn't easy unless it's a late afternoon or more likely a night game. I purchased an upper deck north end zone seat to attend for the first time at Heinz Field. They won 30-23 & afterwards I checked out The Great Hall.

Wednesday Night Rivalry came to Pittsburgh on Oct 22nd w/ the Flyers coming to town. It was the first regular season Penguins game I got to attend but unfortunately as seems to happen, the Flyers won in Consol Energy Center.

Friday & Saturday (October 24th & 25th) I got my first chance at hunting for the season. It was the only success I had for the entire squirrel season. I realized it was a lot easier as a kid with my grandpa out there helping me. He would walk around a tree where a squirrel would try to hide. His walking would usually get the squirrel to move where I could get a shot. We had quite a lot of success in those days. This weekend, I saw a few deer on Friday & Saturday I saw a couple squirrels both in the same tree. It happened to be where I had success last fall as well. I was able to shoot a Black Squirrel & hoped to get a crack at the Grey Squirrel to but that didn't happen. The Black Squirrel would be the extent of my harvest for the small game season.

Additional soundtrack includes Pittsburgh Pirates radio highlights, Analogue Logic by Action Action, & The Pittsburgh Steelers theme song.

Though this was part of the summer film project, I decided to add this September LIVE music clip into this blog as well:

Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd LIVE @ PNC Park (09.13.14)


Filmed using an iPhone 4 & Sony HD Bloggie. Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini. Filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson