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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My 'Burgh Life: November - December 2014, Moving to Chicago & The Holidays

This post reflects on the the last sets of videos filmed in 2014 which also brought to an end my time living in Pittsburgh & the beginning of life in Chicago.

After celebrating our One Year Anniversary of being a couple, Elphie & I rented a UHaul to move the majority of my belongings to the home we would share in the future in Chicago. I ended up with a very painful eye infection or something in the midst of trying to load up my stuff but eventually got it all into the truck. I believe I took that Thursday off work in hopes of making the move easier by being able to leave Pittsburgh earlier in the day but the eye situation screwed that up. Anyway on Thursday November 13th, we left in late afternoon & headed north to my parents house where I gathered more of the things I felt wanted to bring to Chicago. We left for Chicago on Friday the 14th afternoon from Warren, PA & arrived in Chicago where all was unloaded as quickly as possible into a room that I would get to use eventually. We slept then I took the truck to a UHaul location to drop it off early Saturday morning. After a little more rest, some things were unpacked & somewhat organized. That Sunday November 16th we went to see Craig Ferguson live. Throughout the rest of the week I attempted to organize my stuff, visited what would be my new job to learn about the daily operations, & hung out with some Chicago friends before returning to Pittsburgh by Amtrak on Thursday November 20th.

Previously, on Amtrak there was a significant delay in travel causing some issues with both trying to interview for the future job but also with getting back to work my new job. I'm not typically one to complain about service but this was an exception. Amtrak reimbursed that trip so this ended up being mostly a free ride back home to Pittsburgh. Back in Pittsburgh we got ice cream at Klavon's Ice Cream Parlour again...I wish we had discovered how good it was sooner.

Elphie spent Thanksgiving meeting the Sorensen side of my family in Clymer, NY before taking Megabus back to Chicago on Friday November 28th. I stayed in Warren for the weekend to prepare for deer hunting season. It meant that I would be missing a couple days of work unexcused because the powers that be did not approve my request for those two days. Saturday I scouted the area I intended on hunting & prepared a few spots I thought might bring some luck. I saw several deer near where I ended up deciding to set up including a buck.

Monday December 1st, I arrived at my spot & saw a lot of deer (without antlers so I couldn't take a shot at those) & possibly a buck (but it was too far & running so I didn't feel comfortable taking the shot) all within less than half an hour. I'd say it was at least 10 deer. I didn't see anything for a while after that then heard a shot not too far away. Shortly after that I heard noise & saw a deer running toward me. It turned out to be a buck so I fired a shot. It continued to run & headed toward my car then stopped, stumbled, & fell dead. I walked over to it & found it to be an 8-point buck! It was my first deer since I was a teenager & first buck in 20 years! It provided good eating for us!

I continued to hunt the Fridays & Saturdays through the rest of the season in hopes of also taking an antlerless deer but I never saw another deer the rest of the season.

I decided that this deer I was able to shoot was well worth any punishment I received from work. As I returned to Pittsburgh after the hunt I called to find out when I was expected to start my day. I was given the earliest start time & told to bring a doctor's excuse. I of course did not have a doctor's excuse but went in anyway to face the music. I was told I was depended on & need to be at work as scheduled. I agreed but explained I had requested it off. When asked where my doctor's excuse was I explained I didn't go to see a doctor because I wasn't sick but hunting. I also explained that I would be resigning my position within the next two weeks anyway so I could turn in a notice now or later. I was told later & was given the rest of the day off. I took it then I worked out the rest of my time employed with the company. Throughout the rest of my time in Pittsburgh I also went to a few more Penguins games.

December 4th -  Penguins lose 3-0 to the Canucks
December 15th - Penguins 4-2 WIN over the Lightning

My last week in Pittsburgh, I attended the Broken Bones Bible Study at In The Blood one last time Tuesday December 16th then worked my last day at Airstar on Thursday December 18th. It felt good to leave the job & the stress of dealing with the management behind. I went to a final Penguins game in Pittsburgh that evening with my family & the Penguins WON 1-0 vs the Avalanche in overtime.

I moved the rest of my belongings in my car on Friday December 19th to Chicago. After a much longer trip than expected due to an accident on the highway, I arrived & unloaded in Chicago late in the evening.

On Saturday December 20th there was a show at Risen Savior featuring Brick Assassin, 6'10, FBS, & Flatfoot 56. We attended that before all the holiday travel:

Brick Assassin






Flatfoot 56


After the show, we traveled overnight to Warren, PA to spend a few days (December 21st-23rd) celebrating Christmas with my family. We arrived shortly before church time but I fell asleep & missed the service. We then spent time with my Sorensen Grandparents. We opened gifts on Monday night then left Tuesday for a stop in Pittsburgh before making the rest of the trip to North Carolina. We were in North Carolina with Elphie's family & friends to celebrate Christmas from December 24th-27th. From there we headed north by way of Ohio & northern Kentucky to see some friends on our way to Chicago. We spent December 27th mostly in travel, met Russ in Lexington, KY for pizza before arriving at the Sheehy home that evening. Sunday we spent in fellowship with the goth friends/family then I left to watch the Steelers beat the Bengals (or Bungals) w/ Chris & Leo. We stopped by The 86 on Monday December 29th to get coffee & food at Island Frydays before leaving for Chicago. On December 30th we opened the gift we received from the Rooke's by uncorking the "Scruffy Cider" & enjoying a glass w/ dinner.

My first New Year's Eve in Chicago was spent with our neighbors (& new friends) while fireworks went off outside on the streets & playing Cards Against Humanity.

Soundtracks include "If I Fell" by Brandon Reid, "Gasoline" by Destroy Nate Allen, "Silver Bells" by Sleeping At Last, "What Child Is This" by Leper, "Still Still Still" by BATZZ in the Belfry, "The Holiday Song (Some Christians Are Nazis)" by The Homeless Gospel Choir, "Dream A Dream" by Charlotte Church, "Auld Lang Syne" by MxPx

Filmed using a JVC HDD Everio, Sony HD Bloggie, iPhone 4, &Canon Power Shot SD 780 IS by Elphie & Joel A. Swanson.

Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson

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