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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Filming Life (revisited & updated)

Over the years & especially recently since I got back into using this page, you have primarily seen LIVE music clips & some full concerts I've edited on this page. A lot more is to come. This is a link to a recent reflection on life. I also have filmed clips that have shown my life much like many of my other friends take pictures to show their life.


You can read what I had to say there and find links to the video playlist that are broken down into various "eras" or if you aren't the reading type then here are those playlists embedded & linked w/ only a brief explanation.

Chicago: A Shared Life (2014 - ?)
Life in Chicago started at the end of 2014. There are a few other clips in here highlighting important events shared with Elphie from the Pittsburgh years as well.

Joel & Elphie's Wedding - 06.13.15
This playlist has both the live footage from the concert the night before, the live stream of the wedding ceremony, the recut & edited wedding ceremony, & other footage surrounding the celebration

LIFE (2012 - 2014) Pittsburgh Years
It was a much shorter chapter than I expected when I first moved to Pittsburgh. Though I met Elphie while in Cincinnati, our relationship developed more quickly shortly after I arrived in Pittsburgh & for it to continue to the place we are now meant leaving Pittsburgh. I was blessed with the opportunity to live with good friends while in Pittsburgh & reconnect with old friends. I was able to hunt once again which is an activity I enjoy. I also watched my favorite sports teams (ALL PITTSBURGH!) quite a lot. Going to shows decreased significantly but I suppose that's ok. Though the time was short, it was good.

LIFE (2007 - 2012) Cincinnati Years
My time in Cincinnati centered a lot in the music scene. I was able to try my hand in booking & promotion & was part of the start of a venue - The 86. I worked my own venue first at Covenant then did house shows when my living arrangements allowed. My most significant learning in video work (though the learning will continue of course) was during this time & I utilized it as much as I could in other areas such as w/ Covenant & The 86.

The 86

These clips highlight the shows as well as "shenanigans" of those of us who spent a lot of our time at The 86.

LIFE @ Covenant (2007 - 2012) - these clips fall into the Cincinnati era

The first few years I spent in Cincinnati I worked with Covenant - a Nazarene church in Northside. I tried to share what was going on in the ministry through my video work. I also had the opportunity to book & promote shows there prior to my leaving & moving on to do my own thing.
LIFE (2005 - 2007) Mansfield Years
These are some of the first videos I shot & edited. They aren't so great but shows a little bit of my life at that time. I got interested in doing this after watching the tour video put out by The Chariot (and other artists who followed suit) so there may be a few references to things I saw in that.

LIFE (2004 & 2005) "Vintage" TigerRAWk footage - encompasses life in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Meadville, PA, & Mansfield, Ohio

Prior to retiring the analog video camera, I took all the footage I shot at Cornerstone & a few places I lived to show whatever was of life in those places. This isn't good footage really but it was life then.

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