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Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Shared Life: Spring in Chicago & Show Footage (April - June 2015)

The Spring in Chicago edition of "A Shared Life" video project includes footage from April through June of 2015.


***It seems it's possible this video is blocked for most of you that would find it worth watching. I attempted to "mute" the part that causes this problem but YouTube says that it could not remove the audio from that part for some reason. It worked with another video so why it wouldn't work with this is a mystery to me. If you can watch it, enjoy. If you can't, my apologies.***

The footage starts with an Easter trip to Pennsylvania & back from April 2nd through 4th. On April 6th an experiment involving a Peep & microwave occurred.

There were some Nocturna & Neo events (April 18th, May 15th, & June 20th) including a special song request on June 20th.

I watched some Pittsburgh sports at Durkin's a few times in April. It seems I am subject to seeing loses when I go there. On April 27th we had a very noisy work day in Uptown. I went to several Pirates games at Wrigley Field versus the Cubs (April 28th, 29th, May 15th, 16th, & 17th ) & at U. S. Cellular Field versus the White Sox (June 17th & 18th). On April 29th I got to see the Pirates beat the Cubs for my birthday. Stewart attended the old ballgame with me on May 15th.

Other footage of my birthday is included too. Elphie's birthday celebration on May 13th is also included along with a few other parties. On May 2nd we attended the wedding of Sarah & Ryan Wendt then went to Montrose dog beach to hang until the reception. After a ballgame, we hung at Millennium Park on May 17th. We did the Hunger Walk on June 20th then went to Lincoln Park Zoo on June 27th.

Soundtrack is "Separate & Sprout" by Cut The Red Wire

Elphie & I got married in June as well. Another post will be made once all the footage is edited but here is the LIVE stream & a related playlist:



LIVE Concert Footage:

"In A Sweater Poorly Knit" by mewithoutYOU LIVE @ House Of Blues (04.11.15)


"Spirit O Spirit" by Dr. Dog w/ mewithoutYOU LIVE @ House Of Blues (04.11.15)


Must Be The Holy Ghost LIVE @ Reggie's (04.27.15)


"Attack Of The Dungeon Witch" by He Is Legend LIVE @ Reggie's (04.27.15)


Destroy Nate Allen - full set LIVE @ The Wilson Abbey (05.01.15)


Danielson LIVE @ The WIlson Abbey (05.01.15)


"Standing In Line" by Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil Live @ The Wilson Abbey (05.01.15)


Fances Luke Accord LIVE @ The Wilson Abbey Red Line Room (05.03.15


"Chicago Pier" by Timbre LIVE @ The Wilson Abbey Red Line Room (05.03.15)


"San Dimas High School Football Rules" by Kris Roe of The Ataris LIVE @ Concord Music Hall (05.16.15)


"Into Your Veins" by Five Iron Frenzy LIVE @ Concord Music Hall (05.16.15)


"Chick Magnet" by MxPx LIVE @ Concord Music Hall (05.16.15)


Lithuania LIVE @ Abbey Pub (06.11.15)


Foxing LIVE @ Abbey Pub (06.11.15)


"D-Minor" by mewithoutYOU LIVE @ Abbey Pub (06.11.15)


RAWk n Roll Wedding Celebration sets:
Spirit & The Bride


Destroy Nate Allen






Grave Robber - acoustic


House Show sets:
Leper Semi-Acoustic


Taylor Sorensen of The Trigger Code


Filmed using an iPhone 4, iPhone 6, Sony HD Bloggie, & Canon Power Shot SD 780 IS by Elphie & Joel A. Swanson

Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson

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