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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Joel & Elphie Getting Married (06.13.15)

On Saturday June 13th, 2015 Elphie & I were married in a small ceremony at a friend's house in Fort Wright, Kentucky just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. It was officiated by Chris Human - a friend more like a brother & owner of The 86 which I was able to be part of its beginnings. Elphie had her friends Sarah & Debbie stand beside her while I brought in my friends Joe & Russ to stand by me. Our immediate family were able to make the trip as well as friends from a few different places besides the Cincinnati area. The day turned out to be very nice despite a forecast for rain. It was also much warmer than expected after such a cold winter & cool spring up to that point. All in all it was a very good day & we were blessed by those in attendance as well as anyone who logged in for the live stream. The footage of the wedding ceremony linked below includes some footage from the live stream as well as stationary cameras I set up with help from Michael Sheehy. He also set up a few cameras and tried to capture the walk in of the wedding party as well as the leaving. Due to the heat some of his cameras failed to operate properly. Here is the final edit of the footage of the Wedding Ceremony:


I compiled a playlist of videos that documented events surrounding the wedding. Also added in are a couple clips highlighting the building of our relationship and the RAWk n Roll Celebration at The 86 from the night before the wedding. Except for the RAWk n Roll Celebration, all of this footage was compiled & burnt to a DVD with a few photo slideshows as well. The RAWk n Roll Celebration is on a separate DVD available for donation for anyone who would want it. Here is The Playlist:


This wedding video project was compiled during a period of time from August through completion in October 2015. The final project is pretty much the same as it appears in the playlist with differences in how it's divided up for viewers of the DVD. In watching the DVD, I realized a couple minor mistakes that were made which is frustrating. Otherwise I accomplished what I had hope to with this project. Here is each clip with its description:

 Intro & Invitations (02.10.15 - 02.12.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes the project intro & wedding invitations being printed then mailed out.


 Wedding Preparation Trip To Cincinnati (05.22.15 - 05.26.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes traveling to Cincinnati for some wedding preparations, the cake taste testing at Graeters, visiting Spring Grove Cemetery to scout picture taking locations, hanging at the Sheehys home - the wedding location, hanging with the Humans and other friends, and returning to Chicago.


Wedding Tattoo Trip To Pittsburgh (05.29.15 - 05.31.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes traveling to Pittsburgh by Amtrak to get a Wedding Tattoo done at In The Blood in the Southside by Justun Wanted. Joel arrived around 7am & went to Primanti Brothers for a sandwich then walked to the Southside & ate the sandwich by the river. As it got closer to the time the shop opens, Joel walked over to the shop. The tattoo did not take long so afterwards he walked to his old house with the Rooke's in Hazelwood as storms came through the area. That evening was spent hanging at Roland's with one of his best dudes, Joe enjoying conversation & a decent meal as well as some of the Pirates game before going to the Amtrak station to return to Chicago.


The Wedding Week (06.10.15 - 06.11.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes Elphie traveling by Megabus to Cincinnati to do her final preparations before the wedding, hanging with friends at Skyline Chili, the parents meeting, Joel in Chicago, a clip from the mewithoutYou show he attended, & Joel's trip to Cincinnati.


The Day & Night Before The Wedding (06.12.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes a trip to the county courthouse to apply and pick up the marriage license and the RAWk n Roll Celebration - A TigerRAWk Show hosted at The 86 featuring Spirit & The Bride, Destroy Nate Allen, F.B.S., Leper, and Grave Robber.


 Final Preparations On Wedding Day (06.13.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes the final preparations prior to the Wedding Ceremony and the guests arriving.


The Wedding Ceremony (06.13.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes the wedding ceremony using footage from several cameras along with the live feed which was broadcasted here at the time of the wedding.


Pictures, Reception, Cake, & Leaving To Honeymoon (06.13.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes the a collage of a few of the pictures taken at Spring Grove Cemetery after the wedding, folks hanging at the reception, the cutting of the cake, and Joel & Elphie leaving for the honeymoon.


Honeymoon & Newly Wed Life (06.13.15 - 06.26.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes the honeymoon through Indiana with stops at a hotel for the night, Fair Oaks dairy farm, Albanese Candy Factory, then onto Aurora, IL a hotel stay, mini golf, & a movie, and back home in Chicago visiting the Shedd Aquarium. Newly wed life shots include a special night at Nocturna with free admission & special song request of "Love Song" by The Cure DJed by Scary Lady Sarah & visiting Lincoln Park Zoo.


 Messages From Family & Friends (06.13.15)
This clip from Joel & Elphie's Wedding video project includes messages from family & friends:

Sarah, Lisa, Josiah, Amy, Peggy &; Jeff, Nate & Tessa, Laura, Monica, Chris, & Jonah, Joel's Mom, & Skot & Rachel.


Joel & Elphie's Wedding - The LIVE Stream (06.13.15)
This is the LIVE stream in its entirety from the start of the broadcast until after the wedding ceremony was complete and folks made their way out. The LIVE stream was for anyone who was unable to make it to the wedding. I decided to keep it available on my youtube channel for anyone who cares to watch it again or for the first time though I would recommend the other video of the wedding ceremony as it has better sound & other angles included. Also, that one starts just before the ceremony whereas this one shows a whole lot of other nonsense that would probably be boring to most folks.


The RAWk n Roll Wedding Celebration @ The 86 (06.12.15)
The following footage are the full set of each band who played the RAWk n Roll Celebration - a TigerRAWk Show at The 86 on June 12th - the night before our wedding. Check the bands out! They are all friends of ours & we were very happy to have them share this time with us.

Spirit & The Bride
Set List:
1. prayer/intro
2. Bite Your Tongue
3. Authority
4. Name Above All Names
5. Thresholds
6. Armageddon


Destroy Nate Allen
Set List:
1. Destroy Nate Allen intro/chant
2. Chick Flick
3. Put Your Head On My Shoulder
4. Turns Out You're Perfect For Me
5. Boobie Bar
6. Vegetables (w/ special guests Jeff Bradshaw & Spirit & The Bride)
7. White Flag


Set List:
1. Hammerfist RocknRoll
2. All I Wanna Do Is RocknRoll
3. You Can't Hide
4. Standoff
5. Self Destruction
6. Gods Or Men
7. Consumed
8. They Hate You
9. Live Grenade
10. Apocalypse


Set List:
1. What Does It Mean To Die
2. Jet Black Technical Difficulties
3. Jet Black Tears
4. I'm Not Afraid To Sleep Anymore
5. Watch What You Say
6. Haunt
7. Werewolf
8. 13 Silver Bullets
9. Take What You Want From Me


Grave Robber (special acoustic set)
Set List:
1. Intro
2. Fear No Evil
3. Reanimator
4. Paranormal Activity
5. I Wanna Kill You Over & Over Again
6. Skeletons
7. Dark Angel
8. Nightbreed
9. Army Of The Dead


Other Clips:
I included a couple of other clips into the project.

Minimize The Distance was a project I created when Elphie asked for a special video ONLY for her. At the time I was in Pittsburgh & she was in Chicago. I decided that blowing up Ohio & Indiana seemed like a logical way to bring us closer together so I took some footage of explosions & such along with some other footage I had to create that effect using a song she really likes by KMFDM.


A Step Toward Something Beautiful
Elphie needed more time to make a commitment to being an official dating couple than I did. This video shows my thoughts & feelings while waiting on her to be ready as it leads up to her making that commitment & doing so through a fun scavenger hunt through the house. I added in "Reflections" by Travelogue & she had "Beat Your Heart Out" by The Distillers playing.


An Audiofeed Proposal (07.06.15)
I proposed to Elphie awkwardly one night at the end of Audiofeed Festival right before going to bed. She accepted the proposal. I added in "Haunt" by Leper from the Audiofeed set as background music. I suppose I could have done better a proposing but this is how it ended up.


Soundtracks include "Turns Out Your Perfect For Me" by Destroy Nate Allen, "Go-Go To The GraveYard" by The Deadlines, "Enjoy The Silence" by Depeche Mode, "Flower Tattoo" by The W's, "Love You Till The End" by The Pogues,  "World Of The Future" by House of Wires (album version & Jon Sonnenberg Acoustic Selections Edition), "Haunt" by Leper (album version & Skot Shaw live acoustic version), "No Tomorrow" by Squad Five-0, and "Love Song" by The Cure (DJed by Scary Lady Sarah).

Filmed using an iPhone 4, iPhone6, Sony HD Bloggie, Canon Power Shot SD 780 IS, JVC HDD Everio, the live stream through a Macbook and Canon z12, and other cameras by Michael Sheehy, Elphie, & Joel A. Swanson

Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson

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