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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Shared Life: Summer in Chicago & Shows from July, August, September 2015

After returning to Chicago from Audiofeed, the following week some friends were in town to play at Taste of Chicago on July 10th in Grant Park. I left work & arrived just as they were setting up. There were technical difficulties but it was good to hear the tunes of Mike Mains & The Branches.

The next day I cheered on the Pittsburgh Pirates while Elphie was amused enough to film it. On Sunday, July 12th after attending a service at Risen Savior, Jon decided to blow up a parking cone then Elphie & went to The Original Rainbow Cone for ice cream after getting groceries. On July 17th, we hung with friends we met in San Antonio until they left by bus. We had dinner at JPUSA where we saw Spike's new "mobile" phone then headed downtown where Skot gave a parking garage tour. The next day Elphie & I went to IKEA. Josh Robieson had an idea to make a trailer for the upcoming movie he & friends developed called "Time Toupee." We filmed it on Sunday July 19th & it was edited in the week to follow.

On July 25th we went to Subterranean to see Listener. They didn't play at Audiofeed this year so it was good to catch them on tour.

I was privileged to film Chicago Chalk Champ Shaun Hays' seminar for the Chalk Art Festival in Melrose Park. Technical difficulties made the live stream difficult but I cleaned it up some then reposted it as it is seen here.

The Full Moon Jam occurred on July 30th in Uptown Chicago. It was the first time I've attended one of these & it was pretty cool.

August started with a trip to Indiana for Sean & Marissa's wedding. I picked up some fireworks along the way. The next day, August 2nd we spent the day at the Bristol Renaissance Faire then traveled through quite the storm with tornado possibilities back to Chicago. The lightning was pretty amazing. August 5th I filmed another seminar for Shaun Hays. This one had even more significant technical difficulties with the live stream so I posted this shortly after for those who wanted to see it before the Chalk Champ Chalk Art Festival.

Shaun Hays' Chalk Champ Chalk Art Festival fell on August 8th. Elphie & I documented the events of the day for him. It was an interesting but cool experience.

We also had our friend Guy paid us a visit. We tried to catch the Navy Pier Fireworks but ran late. Instead we saw a strange cow covered limo. We ended the night at Nocturna. This happened there as well.

Social Distortion played the House of Blues on Tuesday August 11th. They played mostly from the self titled album on its 25th Anniversary. It was a good show.

Friday the 14th we returned to House of Blues for Chant & KMFDM. Both were good shows


The Illogical Spoon played at Wilson Abbey on Saturday August 15th. I went solo to this one then caught the Navy Pier Fireworks afterwards.


On Monday August 17th I went to Subterranean to see Youth Crisis, Brick Assassin, Assault & Battery, & Concrete Elite. It was a good show especially for me on that night. I needed a show like that. It ended up being Sid's last show with Brick Assassin.




On August 23rd, Shaun Hays did his Chalk Art at Risen Savior & gave a message as well.

Haujobb played at The Abbey Pub on Tuesday August 25th.

On Friday August 28th, Still Alive played an album release show at Subterranean. I missed the first part of the show but made it in time to see In Exile as well prior to Still Alive's set.


On Saturday August 29th, Elphie & I joined Moses & Mary for a trip to the Berwyn Route 66 Car Show. Though I'm not really a car guy, it was good to hang with friends & see some of the cars too.

Tuesday, September 1st Common Fox Weeping debuted as a band at The Workshop. It was a good first show & they are definitely a talented band.

Friday September 4th Elphie & I went to Cincinnati for the weekend. On Saturday, we hung out with friends at Donna's house then got pizza compliments of Davey Policastro. We went to A Voice For The Innocent's Speak Up Saturday at The 86 & replenished my coffee needs.

Sunday, after hanging with friends some more, we went to the WEBN Fireworks down on the river where we met up with the Durbin's.

On Labor Day, Monday September 6th, Russ & I went to Great American Ballpark to see the Pittsburgh Pirates play the Cincinnati Reds. The Pirates lost 3-1 then Elphie & I returned to Chicago. On Wednesday September 9th I caught another Brick Assassin show. This time it was with Pillage, Freedom, & Agnostic Front. Another great show!




Riot Fest took place from September 11th-13th. I got to see two after shows. I had planned to attend three but a house show with Desiring Dead Flesh ran a bit longer than I anticipated.

On Saturday September 12th & Sunday September 13th, I was on location for the filming of "Time Toupee." Saturday night was a Riot Fest after show with Thrice at Concord Music Hall.

Sunday night at House of Blues Elphie & I saw The Interrupters & Rancid. All of these were cool shows.


On Friday September 18th on another violently stormy day we went to El Rey Ballroom just up the street from where we live to see BioCarbon13 & Hocico. It was cool.


The Pittsburgh Pirates played their last series in Chicago at Wrigley Field September 25th-27th against the Cubs. They won 3-2, 4-0 & lost 4-0. During the game on Sunday night the Supermoon eclipse happened. On Saturday night, we went to Nite Cap to see Grave Robber. It's always good to see our friends!

This project was using an iPhone 6, Sony HD Bloggie, Canon Power Shot SD 780 IS, & JVC HDD Everio by Elphie & Joel A. Swanson.

Edited by Joel A. Swanson using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini.

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