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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Shared Life: Summer In Chicago (July, August, September) 2017

This project ended up being a lot longer than I had anticipated. It didn't seem there was that much activity during these months but I guess a lot was crammed in the time between Audiofeed and the roadtrip my wife and I took through the Northeast states and eastern Canada. There were things that occurred during this time of my life that I do not want to expound upon here...but I am grateful that there has been the opportunity for forgiveness and redemption and a chance to rebuild.

The weekend following Audiofeed, I caught some Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. on Friday July 7th the Pirates lost 6-1. On Saturday July 8th, they won 4-2. I also captured the full moon that night. On Sunday July 9th, the Pirates won 14-3. I ran late to this game unfortunately...but the Pirates kept on scoring. I arrived as the bottom of the order was batting still in the first inning. That evening, Elphie and I decided to take a Funeral Flag that had been attached to a stop sign in the neighborhood. It had been hanging there for over a week at that point.

On Tuesday July 11th I captured some epic lightning around our house. I decided to make a separate video clip of this after slowing it down a considerable amount. I had also made screen shots of some of the best frames that I had posted to Instagram at the time that I decided to add into this footage.

On Saturday July 15th, I attended a Bachelor Party for Josh Robieson at Hooters and his brothers house while Elphie went on a weekend trip with Anastasia Bird for her Bachelorette Party. We both captured a little bit of it on video.
On Monday July 17th there was a punk show in the basement of JPUSA's Eastwood House that was to feature Easter Teeth, 2Minute Minor, and Anti-World System. 2Minute Minor opened with Easter Teeth following. Easter Teeth was on tour from California. They have an interesting sound. Anti-World System was scheduled to close the night but conflicts with one members work schedule caused it to be that they would not play this night.

Wednesday July 19th was National Hot Dog Day so I went to Sonic to get some dogs. It was great!

On Saturday July 22nd, Josh and Anastasia got married. The reception was a pool party. This was one of the more fun weddings I have attended.

On my morning commute on Tuesday July 25th, I encountered a man who decided to use the garbage can in the Roosevelt Red Line Station as a urinal. I felt "Territorial Pissings" by Nirvana was an appropriate soundtrack.

Friday evening on July 28th, Elphie and I went to a park to watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It was pretty cool.

On Saturday afternoon, July 29th, Elphie and I attended Jennifer Buckley's Birthday Party

After Jennifer's birthday party, we went to Exodus Ink for the second installment of Promised Land Variety show. The playlist linked above has the performances from both events.

Sunday July 30th there was another pool party, this time it was sponsored by Tat2Church as well as Crossroads Church which happens to be next door to the pool. Skot and Rachel Shaw came out so they could waterslide.

On Thursday August 3rd, I was invited to help Chicago Chalk Champ, Shaun Hays do some 3D art at Lollapalooza. I got to hang out, enjoy some catering, and take in the fest for the day as I helped where and when needed with Shaun on his project. It was fun until the rainstorm caused an early end to the evening and me to get soaked. Elphie and I hung outside the fences during the rest of the festival to listen to some bands. On Saturday August 5th, we captured some pyrotechnics from Chance The Rapper's set as well as the Navy Pier Fireworks. We hung out at a skatepark that evening for a while as well.

On Tuesday August 8th, some of my favorite live bands came to town to play at the Huntington Bank Pavilion in Lake Michigan. We missed the opener but got there in time for Bouncing Souls. Rancid played next which was my main reason for being there. I captured "Ruby Soho." Dropkick Murphys played the final spot and I captured "Shipping Off To Boston." Then Rancid and Dropkick Murphys played a few classic punk songs together. I wanted to get "When The Kids Are United" but didn't start my camera in time so instead I got "I Fought The Law And The Law Won." That night, after the show on our commute back home, we had a bus driver who was talking to himself.
On Thursday August 10th, Elphie and I were privileged with a guest list spot to see Aurelio Voltaire at Cobra Lounge thanks to one of Elphie's friends who works there. Bella Morte opened. Voltaire played a long set and spoke a lot about personal things throughout the set. I captured his song "Brains" from this performance.

On Saturday August 12th, Elphie and I played some board games while hanging out at home alone. I put on some records, one being a new Listener 7" which was mislabeled in regards to speed so I made a funny video out of it. We played Zombieopoly so naturally I needed brains.

On Sunday August 13th, Elphie and I invited Skot, Rachel, and Jen Mercy out for mini golf and go-karts at Haunted Trails. It was fun. I decided that "Everything Was Green" by Leper made for an appropriate soundtrack as well as FBS' song "Faster Than Before.
On Monday August 14th Leper got the opportunity to open for Ester Drang. Another local was on the bill as well called Oxi. It was good to hear Ester Drang again after so many years.

On Tuesday August 15th, Elphie hung out at McKinley Park with the ducks for a while.
On Wednesday August 16th, Elphie was invited to watch the Navy Pier Fireworks from a boat. She captured some great shots of the city as well as the fireworks.
On Friday August 18th, Elphie and I went down to Lansing, Illinois to Royal Skate Shop intending to see Desiring Dead Flesh and 2Minute Minor. We were quite late arriving I guess so we had just missed Desiring Dead Flesh and 2Minute Minor had begun playing. We did hang out with Desiring Dead Flesh for a while afterwards so that was good.

On Saturday, August 19th, we attended some of the Chicago Air and Water Show. We got quite a few clips from this. That night we went to the Wheaton All Night Flea Market and Eddie Munster was there to sign things for fans.

On Monday August 21st, there was a solar eclipse. At lunchtime, Skot, Rachel, and I went out to see what we could without the proper eye gear. I captured a couple clips during this. The cloud cover helped us to see some of the occurrence without going blind...maybe.

On Friday August 25th there was a JPUSA Garden Room show featuring Cousins, All Is Well, and QAJAQ. Elphie went to sit outside Wrigley Field to hear Lady GaGa while I was at this show.
On Saturday August 26th there was a show at Reggie's featuring Nonnie Parry, The Artist Formerly Known As Vince, and The Undead. I met Bobby Steele of The Undead a few years ago in San Antonio during Death Or Glory Fest. After the show I met up with Elphie at Nocturna.

On Monday August 28th I went to see the Pittsburgh Pirates lose to the Chicago Cubs 6-1 at Wrigley Field. I would not be able to attend the rest of the games of this series...turns out that was quite alright when I saw the outcomes of those games.
On Wednesday August 30th Elphie and I took our neighbor Lisa to see Warpaint and Depeche Mode at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Tinley Park, Illinois. Warpaint was an all female group and they were really good. This was a first to see Depeche Mode and they were great. I captured "Enjoy The Silence." After the show, I witnessed a girl puke in the sewage drain as I waited for Elphie and Lisa to use the restroom.

I felt sick so I stayed home on Friday September 1st. That evening I felt somewhat better so I attended the Kilter Magazine release party at Bucket O' Blood and D-Men Tap.

I wrote a separate blog entry on LaLaJPUSA, held on September 2nd, when I uploaded that project back in September. It was a fun event held for the first time. Follow the link to read the rest of my thoughts about it here.
On Monday September 4th, which was Labor Day, another JPUSA Garden Room show was put on featuring Families, BHLNDr., Gaffer Project, and Christian Welch. It was an interesting mix of styles. I have come to really like what Gaffer Project is doing.

On Saturday September 9th, after dropping Elphie off to go on her road trip for Raye and Z's wedding, I decided to drive to Indiana to make a soda purchase...undermining the Cook County Soda Tax, using the song by 2Minute Minor as a soundtrack.
On Friday September 15th I drove to Metamora to see Insomniac Folklore since it appeared the Chicago date would not be happening. I got there just as they finished up their set so I got a clip of what I saw. Josh and Stasia Robieson collaborated to make some music...since they arrived not too much before I did, they played the last set of the night. I captured a song from them. I got to hang out for a while at the farm chatting with these friends. It was a good time.

Elphie attended Raye and Z's wedding in Texas and she asked me to make a video of the ceremony from the footage she captured. This is that project.
On Monday September 18th, I witnessed the eviction of homeless folks from under some bridges in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. This was done by the order of Alderman James Cappleman and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Working with homeless folks, this is something that affects my daily life. There was no real plan for helping this folks...in the eyes of these politicians and their supporters, these homeless folks were not humans down on their luck but simply a nuisance...an inconvenience to their way of life. I documented a little of this as well as a protest vigil that occurred one week later outside the office of Alderman Cappleman during a time advertised as an "open house." I made a separate entry where I expressed some further thoughts on the matter and you can read that here.

I also happened to receive my new belt buckle in the mail on this day after my old one, a gift from Nate Ford, finally fell apart after something like 13 years.

On Tuesday September 19th, I took the day off from work to take our cat, Stein, to the vet. While we were in the waiting room, we found there was a special Lobster deal at Luke's Lobster's new location so naturally, with our upcoming trip to the Northeast, we had to indulge.

On my commute home on Friday September 22nd, I noticed a Gorilla riding on the Red Line. He got off at Jackson.

On Sunday, September 24th, I decided to purchase a ticket for a football game at Soldier Field between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears. I paid a higher price than I had wanted but hoped I'd get a good game out of it...well the Steelers did not play well and lost in overtime 23-17. It was a very hot day in September. I got home and had to hydrate after the game.

Related to the eviction of the homeless a week earlier, there was a protest vigil held on the evening of Monday September 25th outside the office of Alderman Cappleman. Scroll back up slightly if you want to see the separate video I created regarding this. You can also read my other entry if you wish where I expressed my thoughts on the matter here.

I found out somewhere on the internet that the house used as the Winslow House in the "Family Matters" opening scene was scheduled for demolition so while we drove to pick up our friend Gale so he could watch Stein while we would be gone, I decided to take a little detour to see the house before its demolition. We were too late...we only saw the remnants and possibly Urkle's home.

After this, we hit the road for our road trip....

Soundtrack includes “Lightning Storm” by Flogging Molly, “No Pool Party Tonight” by The Huntingtons, “Territorial Pissings” by Nirvana, “If Everything Was Green” by Leper, “An Eclipsing” by Stavesacre, “Soda tax” by 2Minute Minor, “Cold Morning” by Everybody Out!, “Renegade” by Styx, the Oscar Mayer Weiner jingle, and theme songs from “The Munsters” and “Family Matters.”

Filmed using an iPhone 6 by Elphie and Joel A. Swanson. Edited using Final Cut Pro by Joel A. Swanson.

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