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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Wilson Abbey Catacombs Show Featuring Leper, Desiring Dead Flesh, Parental Petulance, & The Magnifiers (10.29.2017)

This Wilson Abbey's Catacombs show was intended to be filmed in its entirety using my Canon Rebel T6 camera but I did not have adequate space on my memory cards so I also filmed it with my iPhone 8 and Elphie got some additional footage using her iPhone 6. I continue to have to break up my footage to some degree due to the "12 minute limit." I still have not yet figured out a way to bypass this inconvenience. The clips I filmed with my iPhone 8 had some adverse affects on the audio. This occurred because I left the plastic wrap intended to protect it in the packaging on the phone. I thought it would be good to leave it on until I received the case and screen protector in the mail but the plastic seems to have blocked the microphone adversely affecting the audio quality. I originally figured this out on some other footage that I edited a day or so after I had filmed this show. I have tried to remedy this the best that I could in the editing process.

This show was part of a regional tour featuring Desiring Dead Flesh, Parental Petulance, and The Magnifiers. Leper joined as local support and was given the headliner spot on the bill.

1. Watch What You Say (Ai Grija Ce Spui)
2. Jet Black Tears (Lacrime Nere)
3. I’m Not Afraid To Sleep Anymore (Non Ho Piu Paura Di Domire)
4. 13 Silver Bullets
5. Beneath The Sun
6. Playground (Spielplatz)
7. Photosensitive
8. Head-Case (Casca)
9. Do As Thou Wilt (Fai Come Vuoi)
10. Holy
11. Improv
12. Take What You Want From Me (Ia Ca Vrei)

I filmed the Leper set using my iPhone 8. There is a gap that I edited using a fade near the end because of the unexpected encore. Leper played a fairly long set which included some improvisation and an encore. I tried to make it sound the best that I could in the editing process.

1. Playground
2. Pass The Fist
3. Holidays
4. Feed Us Fetus
5. Heart Soul And Mind
6. Rainbow
7. Unappreciated
8. Unity Beyond
9. Chords
10. Born That Way
11. I AmA Race Traitor
12. God Bless Afghanistan
13. Chuck’s Lawn
14. KMart’s Parking Lot
15. My Dying Words
16. I’m A Hypocrite
17. Wedgie
18. Cold Frame
19. Blood Sweat And Circle Pits

I also filmed the entire set for Desiring Dead Flesh using my iPhone 8 so there were some problems with the audio which I tried to remedy in editing. I also included a clip from Elphie that she filmed using her iPhone 6 during "Holidays Suck."

1. I Don’t Care
2. Disobedience
3. Food Fight
4. Monsters
5. Sneaky Snake
6. MaMa Knows
7. Gibberish
8. Into The Loo
9. Not Listening
10. Poops In My Butt
11. Dinos In The Dishwasher

I used both my Canon Rebel T6 and iPhone 8 during the Parental Petulance set. I ran out of space on my memory card for my Canon Rebel T6 so I switched to my iPhone 8. There are some small gaps due to the "12 minute limit" again and there was a moment where my iPhone 8 stopped filming for some reason as well. I worked through the iPhone 8 audio issues the best that I could in editing. 

The Magnifiers opened and, for me, were a pleasant surprise. I was a bit skeptical based on some older clips I watched and samples of older audio I had heard. They put on a good show. This set was filmed entirely with the Canon Rebel T6 so there are some slight gaps due to that "12 minute limit" plague. I also had some difficulties getting good clear shots when zoomed it. I think that is due to a particular lens I've been using and may have to consider not using it anymore for this purpose at least. I had a few difficulties also with filming over and through the crowd the way folks positioned themselves so there are some shaky moments here and there while I tried to move the camera or lift it. It's all still part of the learning process.
There were a few other random clips so I decided to make a "shenanigans" video...it mostly consists of Elphie eating and sharing her Witch Poop. These clips were filmed using my iPhone 8.

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