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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Homeless Gospel Choir & Groundhog Day: February 2013

On Friday I dropped into a house show that my friend Derek was playing. I filmed a clip of the song "Capitalismo" (by The Homeless Gospel Choir). I left the show early (and arrived a bit late due to other commitments) for work, this was the only clip from the show I got.


Saturday was Groundhog Day. Since I was at work until 10am, I was not able to go to Punxsutawney to experience this holiday the proper way. My uncle, who was born on Groundhog Day saw his shadow and therefore prognosticated six more weeks of winter (much like the calendar says) but Phil did not claiming we'd have an early spring. I watched it as I believed it was shown on the movie by watching KDKA-TV. I later watched the movie and realized they used a station called WPGH...opps! haha.

After leaving work I went to my first real Pittsburgh Penguins game at Consol Energy Center (and first real one in Pittsburgh) as they beat the New Jersey Devils 5-1. After a little nap, I met with my friend Joe for his 30th birthday at Roland's Seafood Bar & Grill where he works.

I got some footage throughout the day so here is that clip as well:


Filmed & edited by
Joel A. Swanson

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