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Friday, February 22, 2013

Rocknroll Weekend: 02.16-17.13

Examples of why I love live music were quite evident this weekend. I took in a couple shows in Ohio and got to see a lot of friends I haven't seen too much of since moving to Pittsburgh. That alone is worth driving a few hours for me as I will do from time to time.

Saturday I got to see 2 of my favorite Cincinnati area locals on one bill and they did not disappoint. Neither band has been playing shows much over the last year or so making it all the more special to see them when I had the chance and even better together. Both bands have a sound I really enjoy and get regular play on my iPod. I also speak of them quite often when I talk of good music that comes from the Cincy scene. I also got to see them in a recently opened venue that I hadn't had the chance of going to before I left.

One big reason that I love live music is that the moment will never be lived again. Some bands can be a bit monotonous, having such a scripted set that you know pretty much exactly what may happen any given night you watch them play but most of the time there is at least one variable that makes each night unlike any other.

On this night, Beneath The Oaks debuted their new drummer making a new stage dynamic unlike any other time they have played. It also seemed the some songs had slightly changed arrangements from both the e.p. recordings and other times I have had the privelege of seeing the band. I was able to capture a clip of the song Depths.


The Never Setting Suns decided to play a longer set (which included both Spheres & Into Your Hands in their entirety but separated by the rest of the set...I don't recall seeing that before). I actually filmed both songs and intended to upload the clip for Into Your Hands but something happened to the file and it was not readable by my programs on my Mac. During Into Your Hands, Corey lost his balance and landed on Tyler's kick drum. After the show, it was realized that Corey cracked the plastic of the kick drum. The set was somewhat different in that the band jammed as Corey put it, much like they do when they practice. There was little said between songs. Spheres is always a good song to capture live on video because of all the different dynamics that got into the 10+ minutes of the song. This night was no different.


On Sunday, I was in Columbus to see Project 86 as well as several other bands on the bill.

To Kill A Monster is from Columbus and my friend Marco talked about how good they were. I also enjoyed them and captured a song that I believe has a working title of "Confetti." I figure you can't go wrong with a little cowbell.


OceanSpeak was next, also from the Columbus area. I never heard of this band but I believe they have to be making a name for themselves with the unique performance they have. The song I captured ends with the vocalist/guitarist playing drums.


Similar to OceanSpeak, I captured a song by Come Wind that featured all the members doing some form of percussion. This band I believe is from Ohio as well but have had their music played nationally through RadioU & TVU.


Project 86 closed out the night before things switched over to the reggae night. I wish I would have filmed Spy Hunter. This was a moment that made this set unique from all the rest by Project 86 (though I can't think of any 2 times that I have seen this band that I would say were the same). Andrew was crowd surfing and the mic came unplugged. During the verse instead of trying to plug back in, Andrew jumped in the mosh pit. When he ended up on stage he continued to work the crowd for the sing a long parts while tossing the drummers cymbals around. This was an awesome set overall by Project 86. I ended up capturing a new song titled S.O.T.S.


Bands are touring less & less because people aren't coming out to support. Both of these nights were fairly well supported and all the bands made it worthwhile for the cover charges we paid to see them. I sincerely hope the apathy I have seen over the recent years in the music scenes dies. Live music is meant to be seen LIVE. I film these clips (and sometimes whole sets) for the purpose of trying to relive the experience in a small way. Even now, as I watch them I wish i could go back in time and be there again. You will never have the same feeling you get when you are there when you watch these & other clips on YouTube or even online "live" performances. If you love the bands you listen to and care about the people involved, you really need to come out to shows and support and experience the moment.

All clips included in this blog are filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson

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