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Monday, June 28, 2021

Regarding Blocked Videos And Copyright Claims

 It seems to becoming increasingly difficult to add other people's music into my videos. Copyright claims are cropping up for even the most independent artists which leads to videos being blocked on YouTube. These aren't necessarily causing "copyright strikes" against my channel...which is good. It seems to have less of an effect on live performances than it does when I add a track I like or feel is appropriate for the video clip I am working on.

While I don't see how anyone is losing out on earning money for my use of these tunes (I doubt there is someone out there choosing my video project as their way to listen to this or that track) I do suppose there are legal means and measures I could take to use these songs that I have not really done to this point. I have probably annoyed a couple friends with my complaining about their music causing copyright claims that result in a video being blocked. Sorry to those of you...

My hope is rather than taking away from any of you, that it brings awareness of your music to someone who may not have otherwise heard it.

Some good news on this front...YouTube has added a feature where I can mute the offending tune so (hopefully) the videos are viewable once I take that step!

My idea had been to perhaps upload projects without adding any music in...only do that for my own personal copies of the projects. Perhaps that will be what I do in the future if it becomes too difficult to navigate through the copyright claims and blockages.

Anyway, for the videos that were previously unable to be viewed due to copyright claims bringing about a block, most of my videos are once again viewable in most places. I am still sorting through videos and finding where I may need to mute but I think I have taken care of most. If you there was a video you were dying to see, it may now be available to you!

Thanks to whoever may watch! I appreciate it!

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