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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Bloodline Fest 2018

Bloodline Fest was held at The Well in South Bend, Indiana on Friday evening November 9th and Saturday Noevember 10th, 2018. I believe there was a church service as well on Sunday but I ended up leaving after things were finished on Saturday night. This project is the experience of the festival as I filmed it.

I decided to slightly change the descriptor regarding the filming of these projects. Instead just the information that I filmed the event (or that Elphie and I filmed it when that is applicable), I decided  to go with "as filmed by"...the reason being is how i filmed it is a different experience than my experience as a whole and certainly different from how others experienced the event. I think that will be how it will be credited going forwarded. It seems more accurate and appropriate.

Bloodline Fest, in a way, was a replacement for Take Hold Fest that had been going on during this weekend each fall for quite a number of previous years. I had gone to Take Hold Fest twice. Bloodline Fest brought in a lot of the same community and family of the music scene to gather together again much like Audiofeed Festival has done for the community that once attended Cornerstone Festival during the 4th of July weekend each summer. I am glad that there are folks willing to pick up the torch when it is handed off or dropped by others who cannot continue any longer for whatever reason. I feel there is a resiliency in this community and these opportunities to gather together for a music festival speaks to that.

I created this project with about as much simplicity as I could. After the work that it took to edit through and build the Europe and Upper Midwest trip projects, I did not have a lot of desire to put so much effort into additional production or effects for this project. The goal is to document the artists that I saw during the weekend music festival and that goal is achieved here. I was not familiar with a lot of the bands. I decided to capture one full set each day...both happened to be by artists that I am friends with:  P.F.C. Pierce on Friday and The Uh-Ohs on Saturday. They are both relatively new projects so I did not have much if any footage documenting them to this point, yet.

There are a couple additional clips documenting the trip to and from South Bend, hanging out after the Friday shows and starting the next day, the dinner break, and the haircuts by Gaffer Project during the fest. To these clips I added "No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues" by P.F.C. Pierce (who also played the festival) as the soundtrack.
Friday November 9th, 2018

I took the day off from work in hopes to attend all of Bloodline Fest and see some friends who were playing early on Friday. Before I could go, I had to run a Christmas errand to the Sweden Shop in the north part of the city. When I did get going toward Indiana, I figured I might be running a bit late but I also decided to stop at Albanese to get some Gummy Goof-ups so I definitely was running late. I also had to deal with the time change going from Central to Eastern time. I ended up missing the first set which was a cover set.

I also missed most of Good Saint Nathanael, who I was trying to make sure that I got there early to not miss his set. In my hurried state as I entered The Well, I missed the sign the showed where the stage was that Nate Allen was playing on. I found the other stages but was at a loss as to where to find Nate so I asked Calvin Maloney and was directed back toward the entrance and down the stairs. I rushed in as Nate Allen was beginning his last song of the set so I hurriedly got my camera ready and began filming. It is a bit shaky, out of focus, and all over the place at times. I was not able to get the whole song.

P.F.C. Pierce (full set)
1. No Hopers, Jokers, and Rogues
2. The Vagabond Son
3. Faithful
4. Working
5. Blue Collar Pilgrim
6. You’re Gonna Make It

I captured the entire P.F.C. Pierce set and due to the 12 minute limit, there are a few cut points between songs that aren't quite covered up. It was my first time seeing P.F.C. Pierce but I have a lot of footage of Nate from his days with Fight Before Surrender (F.B.S.). The week before I had traveled out to Ohio to say farewell to that band so in a way, it was a fitting way to see part of a rebirth from the remains of the band. It was a good set to introduce the new music and as always, a good time seeing and hanging out with Nate.


I have seen a few Qajaq shows over the last couple of yeas since they are in Chicago and connected with a lot of the same people I am. I hadn't seen them real recently so it was cool to see them and I think I captured a song I hadn't filmed before.
I could not get a good shot of Chris Bernstorf during his set due to the lack of lighting and the crowd. The lighting was intentional and it's a good thing to have such a large crowd so this is what I got.

Gaffer Project was not originally scheduled to play due to a tour that they were on. Things happened with the tour and it worked out that they could play. It also seems a few bands dropped off Bloodline Fest opening the door for Gaffer Project. I am glad that they could come and some folks got haircuts because of it!

I captured the last song of Analecta's set which is a long one and due to the pesky 12 minute limit I still have yet to conquer, there are a few seconds missing toward the end of the song. I captured a song earlier in the set but I liked this one better, 12 minute limit gap and all.
After things were done for the evening, I had to figure out where I might be staying for the night. It had been said that folks would be permitted to stay on site at The Well so that was my plan. We were told we could stay in the room upstairs which was being used for band hospitality so I found a corner for myself. I hung with a few friends for a while first though. This included an impromptu celtic jam from Royce and Riordan Hanly that I captured a short bit of towards the end. It had begun to snow and I moved my car a little closer to the building and where there did not appear to be any signs indicating parking restrictions before I laid down for the night.

Saturday November 10th, 2018
After getting up, I took my things out to the car then came back into the coffee shop. I decided to order a mocha at The Well to help wake me up and enjoyed that until the music started again to kick off the second day of Bloodline Fest with Christian Welch.

I think this is the first time I captured this part of Christian Welch's set.

The Lionhearted had to have guest vocals due to a lost voice so Rosemont sang and this is what I captured.

I'm not sure if this is a full song or if I started a bit late in filming Common Folk here but this is what I got.

My apologies on the name spelling mistake, Jack M. Senff.



I feel like I might have cut off the end of the song that Rusty Vining was playing by mistake.


I had just seen Dead Birds a couple weeks before and the first song I captured was the very same song I had captured those couple weeks before so I captured a second song. This is what I posted.

I know I cut this song off by Orlee early...they mentioned it after they finished because of the folks clapping before it was over. My mistake.

Dad Jokes


At dinner break I decided I wanted to get some Taco Bell and (most importantly) Baja Blast.

I returned before the Bloodline Fest Dinner Break Open Mic began. Again, I took the opportunity to document the celtic jam by Royce and Riordan Hanly during the open mic.


The Uh-Ohs (full set)
1. Intro
2. Keep On
3. Giving Tree
4. Rose Tyler Lullaby
5. Cup Of Tea
6. Wannabe
7. Burn Burn Burn
8. Bootstraps

I decided to get the full set of The Uh-Ohs because I am familiar with them as friends and thought it would be fun. The 12 minute limit came into play so there are a couple quick gaps between songs.



I have seen Families a lot over the years as well due to them playing Chicago within the community I associate with. This might be the first time I captured this song but I'm not sure.


Bringing Down Broadway

The Gaffer Project does a thing where they give haircuts at shows that they are attending. Bloodline Fest was no different and a few folks got some haircuts. One dude documented here had his dreads cut.

During Kevin Schlereth's set, there was a marriage proposal. I included that at the end of this clip.

Idle Threat

I have worked with folks in Narrow / Arrow in other bands in the past when I was booking shows at Covenant. Jonathan Hape was on the first show I ever booked there and later in the year he brought the La De Les with him with whom Cody played. I like the sound of Narrow / Arrow and it was good to see them at the end of the fest.

Patrick 'Danger' Quigley closed out Bloodline Fest with a few words and then after some goodbyes with friends, I headed back to Chicago. I was glad that I attended the festival. It was a good time and I hope it will be back next year and that I can come back as well.

Additional soundtrack is "No Hopers, Jokers, and Rogues" by P.F.C. Pierce.
Footage filmed using an iPhone 8 and Canon Rebel T6 by Joel A. Swanson
Editing done using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson.

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