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Monday, February 27, 2017

A Shared Life: Fall In Chicago (October - November 2016) & Show Footage

A Shared Life: Fall In Chicago (October - November 2016)


After returning from Washington, there was a Catacombs show that I considered to be the end of the summer (for video work purposes). The next day, Saturday October 1st, we celebrated fall & the Halloween season with the annual house party. The weather wasn't great & seemed there was a lot going on that night but we had fun with those who came. I unfortunately dropped my phone that night damaging the screen. It seemed to also effect the video a little bit but I did get some footage that night & it has worked alright since then. On Wednesday October 5th, Some friends we met through Rise Above in San Antonio when we went there in 2014 for Death Or Glory Fest flew into O'Hare. Elphie had offered them a place to sleep so we picked them up that night & took them to Huck Finn's for dinner. Throughout the footage, there are clips I will call Stein's Shenanigans filmed by Elphie of our cat. We made a trip downtown on Friday October 14th to Luke's Lobster after searching for places to get Lobster Rolls. We got not only Lobster Rolls but also Crab & Shrimp Rolls. We also got invited to attend a birthday party for James in Lombard on Saturday October 15th. On a couple nice evenings, Elphie took the time to explore the nearby McKinley Park after living here for a couple of years. On Friday, October 21st Westboro "Church" decided to protest down the street from where I work at Weiss Hospital. I decided to walk by & see it but they were leaving around the time I arrived which was supposed to be when their protest started. Clearly, they are not a church as they arrived early & there was no food. What kind of church isn't late & doesn't have food?! The next day, Saturday October 22nd, Elphie & I went to the Wheaton Haunted Flea Market then to the Brauerhouse for a show (footage below). Before the show started, the Cubs beat the Dodgers to get into the World Series. On Wednesday October 26th, there was a donor appreciation dinner for Cornerstone Community Outreach. on Friday October 28th, Elphie captured some World Series sights in Wrigleyville before Nocturna that night. On Saturday October 29th, we went to Saved By The Max on tickets we won through a raffle at the Cornerstone Community Outreach donor appreciation dinner. Mr. Dewey was there! The food was pretty good & a cool concept of a restaraunt. We went downtown for a while then headed back north to Logan Theatre for a showing of Nosferatu with a live score. That was pretty cool too. On Halloween I took the day off work to spend it with Elphie but wasn't feeling so great. I ended up sleeping most of the day. That evening we went to Public House to get a dessert - a cake drink. It was a strange thing...but good. Stewart had a birthday on November 1st then the darn Cubs won the World Series on November 2nd. I filmed some fireworks & such in the neighborhood & the aftermath on November 3rd. On November 13th, the Supermoon occured then on November 20th we went to Disgraceland Wasteland Suspensions for Disgracegiving.

Soundtrack includes "In Love With The Fall" by Leper, "Creepy Little Thing" by Insomniac Folklore, "Parasites" by NYVES, "Saved By The Bell Theme" & some of the "Nosferatu" score.

Fall Show Footage

On October 8th, we drove to Rock Island for Gary's Suprise 50th Birthday Bash in his backyard with Leper playing a set until the cops shut it down. There was a little bonfire as well. I had forgotten to charge my camera so the footage cuts off a couple of times while switching between the camera, my iPhone, & Elphie's iPhone. A bit of an embarrassing mistake.

1. Intro
2. Photosensitive
3. Head-Case (Casca)
4. God-Hater
5. Monster
6. I Would Die Tonight For My Beliefs (No Innocent Victim Cover)
7. 13 Silver Bullets
8. Playground (Spielplatz)

During a previous Nocturna, Elphie won tickets to see Midge Ure of Ultravox & The MixtureMartyrs' on October 12th. I was not aware of either of these artists prior to this night.

The following evening (October 13th) I had purchased tickets for us to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Death From Above 1979, & Deap VallyHouse of BluesBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club encountered some equipment problems which may have effected their set list somewhat. While they continue to put on a great show, the first time I saw BRMC was definitely one of the best shows I ever saw. I captuired "Red Eyes & Tears."

This was my first time seeing Death From Above 1979. I enjoyed them. It's amazing how much noise these two piece bands can make.

I previously saw Deap Vally before with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in Pittsburgh. They had a different drummer for this show but still a good set much like I recall from before.

After watching the Cubs get themselves into the World Series at Brauerhouse, we saw a show with Flatfoot 56, The Run Around, & October Bird Of Death. Flatfoot 56 headlined the night. I captured a new song called Ty Cobb...fitting for a baseball kind of night.

The Run Around played a song called Keep Your L.A. which also was fitting for this night as the Dodgers had just lost to the Cubs for the right to play in the World Series.

October Bird of Death opened. I decided to film Hell To Pay. I've seen a lot of shows with these guys & continue to enjoy them each time!

There was a Catacombs Show at Wilson Abbey on October 23rd, with Leper, Insomniac Folklore, & Stasia Bird & Herd. To read more about this show, go to this blog entry.

Promo Video


Prior to going to Nocturna, I drove out to Palatine to see mewithoutYOU at Durty Nellie's. I filmed the song "I Never Said That I Was Brave" since they were celebrating 15 years as a band & just put out the "I Never Said That I Was Brave" ep on vinyl.

October 30th, there was a Wilson Abbey show with 6'10, October Bird of Death, & Exegesis. I somehow lost the footage of 6'10. To read more about this show go to this blog entry.


On November 5th, 2 Minute Minor had their debut show at The Mutiny. Wiley asked me to get pics of them playing. I tried but at the time only had my iPhone so they didn't turn out so well in the dimly lit bar. I did get video of the song "Goon Crew" though.
Footage from Take Hold Fest.

On November 15th, fresh off of Take Hold Fest, a show occurred in JPUSA's Garden Room featuring Stasia Bird & Herd, Chris Bernstorf, Keyoung, & Kevin Schlereth. I only filmed clips of these acts instead of the full set. I am way too far behind already! ha!

I filmed the song "Headphones" by Stasia Bird & Herd.

This was the first time I watched Chris Bernstorf even though we've been at the same events several times now. It was a good performance of slam poetry. He had a lot to say.

Jeff of "Keyoung" decided to strip down his performance for this show so it had a feel of his older work. It was good.

This was the first time I think that I captured a full song from Kevin Schlereth, red shorts & all. I'm glad to finally have a clip.

Shaun Hays came up to Chicago to see Project 86 with me at the Elbo Room on November 17th. I ended up filming the first song of the set which was "P.S." It was a pretty cool rendition of the song. The space was pretty small but the crowd who showed up seemed to enjoy the set. There were several other bands on the bill which I could have gone without seeing.

The next night, on November 18th, The Soil & The Sun played their last show in Chicago at the Beat Kitchen. I've always enjoyed their song "Raised In Glory" so I captured that one last time. I kept starting my camera at the beginning of songs to ensure I would get this one & I did! It was a lot more fun when they had the other members in the band but those who remain still put on a great show.

Filmed using an iPhone 6 & Sony HD Bloggie by Elphie & Joel A. Swanson. Edited by Joel A. Swanson using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini.

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