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Thursday, June 29, 2017

A TigerRAWknRoll Summer 2016: Unified Underground, GothiCon, & Audiofeed

The early portion of the summer of 2016 which I titled a TigerRAWk N Roll Summer covered the period between June 10th & July 4th, 2016. Below is the playlist containing that video project:


June 10-13 We made a trip to Take Hold in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the final gathering known as Unified Underground. I had some camera issues & my car broke down while there but we survived, I got some good clips of bands & speakers. Also, I got to watch & celebrate the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup! We had our first anniversary the day after Unified Underground while stranded in Grand Rapids, Michigan but we were taken care of by the good folks at Take Hold. Upon our return to Chicago by Megabus, I was able to watch the Stanley Cup victory parade during lunchbreak at work & had the blessing of buying a car from our friend Kyle at a very low price to allow us to get around.

The complete playlist is below. If you want to read more on our experience you can go to the video blog post on the Unified Underground Conference 2016: The Final One, Passing The Torch.


During the rest of June I attended a few baseball games at Wrigley Field when the Pittsburgh Pirates played the Chicago Cubs. We visited Oberweis Ice Cream Shop & returned to Grand Rapids, Michigan to gather my belongings from my car before my parents towed it back to Pennsylvania.


Besides enduring some storms, I also visited Mama Linda to film some footage for a documentary I would make for her that I titled, "Feed My Sheep: The Ministry of Mama Linda & The Road Dog Cafe." Much more was filmed during Audiofeed Festival & you can watch it in the playlist below.


The next day there was a Catacombs show at Wilson Abbey featuring Anti-World System, Desiring Dead Flesh, & The Lonely Revolts. You can read out more about that show on its own blog. The footage from the show is below:






At the end of June, we returned to Audiofeed Festival in Champaign Urbana, Illinois where Gothicon 2016: The Family Reunion would also occur. We arrived early to try to help. I was gathering footage for some other projects this year besides my own pleasure of re-watching bands & shenanigans. This kept me a bit busier than usual Also, It was a very wet year which did put a damper on things, unfortunately. There is more in depth writing on our experience in the video blog post for Audiofeed Festival 2016.


I created a GothiCon video playlist. Besides the band footage from this year, this playlist also includes footage from the previous event held at The 86 in Cincinnati, Ohio back in 2011. I ended up making an "unauthorized" documentary on this year's event. I added that video to the beginning of the playlist below. You can read more on the GothiCon 2016: The Family Reunion video blog post.


After returning from Audiofeed Festival 2016, Elphie & I went to the Northside to shoot off fireworks & watch a firework display with some of our JPUSA friends.


Additional soundtrack includes "Swan" by White Lighter, "Party Hard" by Andrew W.K., sounds of Mike Lange calling the Stanley Cup winning goal for the 2016 Pittsburgh Penguins, "Worker's Call" by United Harvest Workers Union, "Come All You Weary" by Thrice, "Dumpster Divers (Breaking of Bread)" by Psalters, & "American War Machine" by The Huntingtons.

Collectively, the footage was filmed by Mama Linda, Tara, Mike Sheehy, Elphie & Joel A. Swanson. Editing was done by Joel A. Swanson using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini.

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