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Monday, May 2, 2016

The First Catacombs Show @ Wilson Abbey featuring Desiring Dead Flesh, October Bird Of Death, & Leper (04.17.16)

I had the privilege of booking the first Catacombs show at the Wilson Abbey - a venue that is part of JPUSA.

Bryan from Desiring Dead Flesh contacted me in November asking if I could help the band get a show in Chicago. Original thought was to do a house show but then I recalled another location where it seemed there was a desire to do shows. Ultimately, with the information I had & the advice I was given, I contacted the folks at JPUSA about trying to make this show happen there in hopes of the best possible outcome for all involved. In the midst of trying to organize this, Kos from Anti-World System posted on their page that they were going to start hosting shows at JPUSA for the underground Christian bands. These shows would be called The Catacombs. I contacted Kos a couple days after contact was made with the others at JPUSA & within a week this show was booked.

Even prior to my contacts with JPUSA, I had asked October Bird of DeathLeper if they wanted to be on board. Another band was originally going to be on the bill as well but unfortunately they could not play & some others I hoped could never responded so we did this show with three bands.

The turnout was good & the sound was awesome! We were able to take good care of Desiring Dead Flesh while on their tour & hope the rest of their travels go well too.

The night was opened up by October Bird of Death. This is a relatively new band. This was their third show so far. They have a good melodic punk sound.

I sandwiched Desiring Dead Flesh between the locals so they played second. The crowd seemed to respond well to their brand of punk music.

Leper closed the night with their goth music. Most folks sat for this set but were attentive.

After the bands were loading out & as we closed it down for the night, shenanigans occurred with Josh Robieson & the remaining members of the bands.

The experience was good overall...I hope to bring other friends from other places to play a Catacombs show at Wilson Abbey in the future.

Thanks to all who came out!

This show will be available on DVD for anyone who is interested. Contact me - TigerRAWkShows@gmail.com. Donations are welcome to cover cost of DVDs & postage. Thanks!

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