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Monday, January 19, 2015

12.20.14 - Noise For Toys

There's a whole lot of footage I need to add to this page from the last half year.

Sorry…life is hectic when you propose marriage to a girl 3 states away & it leads to uprooting your life to transplant. The setup I use has basically been unplugged for the last 2 months…but now it's up and semi running here in Chicago.

The night after I officially moved here, some friends were in town to play one of their annual toy drive shows. It happened to be at a location I hope to call my home church while living this chapter of my life.

The toy drive is put on each year by the guys in F.B.S. as a way to give back. Guitarist/vocalist Josh Detty was blessed by folks at Toys For Tots & other outreaches as a child & it stuck with him through the years so he wanted to use the platform this band gives to help others.

We bought a couple toys to give along with the cover & headed over to Risen Savior for a nice of punk rawk!

Also on the bill were locals Brick Assassin, 6'10, & Flatfoot 56.

Here are the clips:





It was a fun show…right after, Elphie & I drove to Pennsylvania to begin the holiday family visits then return to Chicago for New Year's by way of Cincinnati.

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