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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Summer Music Festival Footage - Part 4: Audiofeed Day 2 (or 3 counting the Hog Roast)

Saturday July 6th…we woke to another day at Audiofeed. A good number of new folks had shown up at the festival grounds after playing another festival in Illinois consisting of mainly punk bands. On the way to shower I caught a set by Triple Stitch and was able to catch up with a few friends.


After the shower on my way to the tent to drop my things off I happened upon my first "generator" experience of this fest on the Front Porch Stage by Must Build Jacuzzi. This stage gave opportunities to the bands who were not booked to play Audiofeed.


After a quick run to the tent, I returned to hear some celtic folk punk by 6'10. This is a side project with Tobin and Brandon from Flatfoot 56.


I was able to then see Brandon Reid on the Acoustic Stage after missing him the day before.


A Hill To Die Upon played metal at the Blacksheep/HM Stage.


After this, I went indoors to the Arkansas Stage for the Spoken Nerd set.


Spirit & The Bride played in the field behind the Blacksheep/HM Stage as part of the Front Porch generator stage. It was another good performance by them and I was able to again capture the entire set on film.


Next, I caught The Scurvies set. I was intending to see them the week before in Chicago as well but due to a car accident this ended up being the only set I caught from the Scurvies for the summer.


As night began to fall, the Acoustic Stage became the Asylum Stage and I caught a Steampunk performance by Insomniac Folklore.


Another unscheduled band played the Front Porch Stage and certainly left an impression with the performance and antics. Desiring Dead Flesh is not to be missed.


We returned to see Midnight Valentine at the Asylum Stage.


I wasn't able to catch a lot of the set, but I was able to watch a few songs by the Saudades on the Front Porch.


I spent much of the set by Grave Robber back stage. I was privileged to shoot blood into the crowd before filming "Army Of The Dead"


At the Arkansas Stage, I filmed the entire set by Listener.


Flatfoot 56 made a surprise appearance at Audiofeed.


The festival ended with The Soil & The Sun.


All band footage is in a playlist that can be accessed here:


This festival, though only a few days compared to the week long retreat that Cornerstone was, it was still refreshing and enjoyable. It was nice this year to have the company of Elphie though I did miss the crew from the 86 and all the banter and fun we would have over the course of the travel and week at Cornerstone. To me, Audiofeed is the logical next step in this journey of life for me & the way I hope to spend many of the summers to come.

That said, summer 2013 still had a long way until its end and a few more small music festivals to be attended...

All footage was filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson. Footage was filmed using a JVC HDD Everio & edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini.

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