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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Summer Music Festival Footage - Part 3: Audiofeed Day 1 (or 2 if ya count the Hog Roast)

Friday, July 5th I woke up in my tent which was nicely shaded due to good planning in the "picking a spot to camp" department. Elphie remained asleep so I explored the campgrounds as things began to start up. I visited the showers and found them to have warm water (some of which went to brew my coffee I purchase from The 86). I returned to the tent, drank some coffee and ate granola bars before venturing back out to listen to music...Elphie slept. The shade from the trees would remain through midafternoon.

Though my intentions were to see Brandon Reid, I mistakenly found myself at the Acoustic Stage watching another folksy fellow named Josh Ehrmann instead. Brandon was scheduled to play the following day there and was at the Arkansas Stage on this day. It didn't matter, I enjoyed the set by Josh Ehrmann.


After Josh played I went to check in with some friends as to the start time of their set. Nothing seemed to be going on at the tent they were scheduled to be on though the paperwork indicated there should be music going on. I ventured to the Arkansas Stage to catch some of Timbre's set before returning to the Blacksheep/HM Stage.


Back at the Blacksheep/HM Stage, my friends in Spirit & The Bride were finally about to get things going. They would be the first hardcore band to play Audiofeed. I set up a second camera on the edge of the stage and came away pleased with the footage I got to edit of this set and how it fit together for the most part. It's a pleasure knowing these dudes and see them do so well when they get a chance to play.


After Spirit & The Bride I was able to hear some passionate spoken word from Keyoung.


Friends who would perform later at the Asylum Stage would arrive around this time so we all met up and then eventually ended up back at the camping area and Elphie began to wake up. I returned to the music to catch a little bit of From The Eyes Of Servants.


Around dinner time some more friends were starting their set so I caught a little bit of The Rose Hill then listened to the rest while eating dinner.


After dinner there some instrumental music by Comrades. I had the privilege of booking them at my house toward the end of being allowed to do that so it was good to see them again.


The Burial did some metal later...


Relesser got the night started at the Asylum Stage...


I returned to the Blacksheep/HM Stage to catch a little bit of Maylene & The Sons of Disaster...


Then I returned to the Asylum Stage to see Leper play. Elphie got to light up some candles and then tossed candy (which you see at the beginning of the footage) during the set. It was a bit different than originally hoped but a good set nonetheless.


The evening ended for us after Leper. We hung out some with folks around the camp as well as at the Asylum. The feelings that this would be the new traditional summer getaway continued to grow as the day went on.

All footage was filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson. Footage filmed using a JVC HDD Everio & Sony HD Bloggie. Footage edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini.

A full festival playlist is here:


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