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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

06.15.13 & 06.16.13 RocknRoll Weekend w/ mewithoutYou, Shone, & Leagues

This was the third year in a row that a great show happened to fall on Father's Day and so I attended that show. Unlike the previous two years, this show did not feature Listener. Instead it featured mewithoutYou. For a long time now I've felt that mewithoutYou was my favorite touring band to see live. Again, they put on a rad show but surprisingly played a lot more new stuff than I expected including one that didn't make it onto the new album.


Opening for mewithoutYou was a band called Shone. There was this internet buzz going on earlier this year about "Heat Thing." It turns out that this was the title of Shone's album and those guys were somehow behind the hype. Thankfully, it wasn't all just hype and they put on a great performance as well.


Prior to the show was a potluck and the chance for folks to join Aaron Weiss (lead vocals of mewithoutYou if ya for some reason didn't know) in singing Sacred Harp songs. I thought I may have been too late to see that but a friend tipped me off it was still going on so I went back behind the venue to check it out and caught a little bit on video.


On Saturday, I visited Pittsburgh's 3 River's Arts Festival. There was one band on the bill that I recoznized so I checked them out. They are called Leagues. I seem to remember them being played on RadioU. As I arrived the song I had heard was being played. I captured the next one on film.


Besides all the good live music, I got to see a number of friends. That made the hours on the road worth it!

All videos filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson

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