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Friday, December 26, 2008

Videos I Had Time To Upload

I uploaded several new video projects:


I can't recall if I shared these two videos on here or not.  These videos show the process of moving into the new location and a thank you to the District Advisory Board who helped finance the purchase of the building so that we could operate with a lot more space:

Covenant Moves To A New Location


A Thank You To The District Advisory Board


I also put together a few small projects displaying the events of the last month or so:

Covenant Thanksgiving 2008


The Baptism of Mohagany Conyers


Covenant Christmas Party 2008


The other videos I uploaded are related to the Cornerstone Chronicles 2008 DvD which is available for donation.

The first set are videos of a trip I took to Pennsylvania the week before I left for Cornerstone.  These are put together in a 30 minute special feature on the Cornerstone Chronicles 2008 DvD:

Travelling to Warren, Pennsylvania


Visiting with Rebecca, Erik & Jake/Going to a Show


My Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary


Returning to Cincinnati/Jesus For President


Preparation & Leaving For Cornerstone 2008 w/ The Weather Report


This last set is a 10 video series of Shenanigans from Cornerstone 2008.  This is the Cornerstone Chronicles 2008 film without the bands because they are already uploaded separately.  These 10 videos are on the following playlist right after the Cornerstone 2008 trailer:


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