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Sunday, December 14, 2008

My First Film Premiere

Cornerstone Chronicles 2008 was viewed for the first time by people (besides just me) this evening.  This is my third viewing of the project.  First time was a week ago after all editing had been completed so that I could be sure I got everything in it.  I realized there was one scene out of order and another was skipped somehow so I made the necessary adjustments and went about the process of compressing the video into one full file complete with chapter marks for easy navigation to specific days of Cornerstone.

By my recollection, it took me nearly four months of editing to complete the entire project.  The project consists of a total of six DvDs (five bootleg performance DvDs and one documentary of the week with a few special things as well for good measure).

Certain parts took a lot more work than others.  For instance:

The opening countdown I added took several hours to put together.  I wanted a classic movie style countdown I could not find any such files in either editing program I have...maybe I didn't look hard enough.

The frisbee scene took a good four hours to complete when I got the bright idea to add synthesized sound effects from the Joy Electric Tick Tock Companion.

Was it worth it?  In the end I believe so...well at least the frisbee scene.  The countdown probably could have been done away with...maybe a disclaimer would have been appropriate?  The audience of this film project likely would get it thus no disclaimer was necessary as far as I'm concerned and tonight I feel Chris stated what needed to be said for any nonCornerstoner watching.

This Cornerstone was subtitled "From a New Perspective" because in previous years I camped with Gregor Reynolds (and others once too) and though I knew the group I camped with this time from previous Cornerstone experiences, it was the first time that they were part of the focus of the film.

The first Cornerstone DvD (06) was completely unedited and was over three hours long.  Last year (07) the project was edited down to 2:40 hours with about 30-40 minutes of extra footage I took out that I wanted to leave in so I made a deleted scenes feature.  Cornerstone 2008 was about 2:30 (though the credits push it a few minutes over) and I felt very good that was was included should be included and whatever was cut out was unnecessary.  There are memories not captured that I wish had been but I either did not have any tape left for that day to film to or had no battery life left after a full days filming.  Indeed, I feel this project is the best it could be for what it s.

My work so far is done from one camera and therefore more or less one point of view.  It is a handheld camera in a concert setting so it is hard to avoid heads and kept a steady hand but I feel these areas were improved from years past.

It would be interesting to see what could come if others were to also film and we would compile it all together.

During the viewing this evening it seemed most who attended enjoyed the spectacle.  Those who did not attend I am not sure they fully understood but maybe it sparked a desire to attend this coming year.

One particular part seemed to possibly cause some mixed feelings in a few were the parts that I recorded of Jesus for President & Aaron Weiss.  In my personal faith, I search to find what seems to be the true interpretation of the words of Christ.  I do not believe that Shane Claiborne, Chris Haw, or Aaron Weiss are the authority on such truth...only One has that authority but I do believe they raise interesting questions on what Jesus Christ actually meant by the things He said and did.  I included pieces in the Cornerstone documentary project that I felt weren't necessarily too radical but may at least make one think about what it means to truly be Christ-like today and in America.  By no means do I say that what was presented is an absolute truth or if one disagrees then they are wrong but I do believe those whose words I included in the film were valid enough to consider within our own system of beliefs.

Again, I am quite satisfied with the end result of the Cornerstone 2008 film.  Thanks for those whose interest made this film premiere night possible.  That was a first for me.  Most of my film work is either enjoyed by me and maybe one or two other people or just through youtube (which the footage this year has earned much more positive feedback on the quality than previously...though people complain about the artists or crowds not being up to whatever standard they expect or something petty).


Thank you as well for your donations and for those who still wish to donate I have a paypal system set up at:


There you will find a list of all video projects as the first blog with a paypal donation button assigned to each.  This is where blogs regarding the video work end up as well such as this blog (making it redundant if you are on the page and reading it and not reading it at facebook or myspace).

For those who could not attend (and I know you had good reasons like a wedding or being out of town) please let me know if we can set up another Cornerstone film viewing party or something like that.  I will be in Pennsylvania from Dec 23-27 and I work 2nd shifts (4p-12a) on Sunday and Monday evenings.  Pretty much anything else can be worked out in my schedule for you if you want to.  A few copies are in the hands of our friends so that might just be how you end up seeing it and that's cool too if that's how it ends up.  Just get in touch if you wish to...and I can get the DvD(s) to you at some point as well.

Thanks you all!

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