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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A Shared Life: Winter And Spring in Chicago (January - April 2018)

I combined the winter and spring clips for 2018 due to the brevity of the entire project. Also I hope to get most of 2018 posted in the early parts of this year, 2019 since I did not get them done in time to do them in 2018. One could think of this series as a "year in review" of sorts. We did not do as much as we may have in years past during the months of January through April...perhaps due to preparations to go to Europe taking up most of our income and, well, Elphie plain does not like the cold! Ha!

Speaking of which, the new year came in quite cold so I took several clips of my frozen morning commutes on January 5th, 9th, and 16th which fit the additional soundtrack nicely. On Saturday January 6th, we were able to attend the 2018 edition of the Annual Twelfth Night Epiphany Party at Kate and Larry's house which is always a good time then on Monday January 8th I got to sit around reading The Walking Dead books while waiting to see if I would be selected for Jury Duty. I got a small amount of compensation, which partially paid for my Taco Bell lunch as I left. Elphie brought in a dish of snow so Stein could have fun with it and in it on Tuesday, January 16th.

On Thursday, January 18th we went to Quenchers Saloon in Logan Square to see October Bird of Death on Sid's birthday. It was my first show in a while and good to hang a bit with the guys. It would turn out to be the last show I would attend at Quenchers Saloon as it closed later in the year.

Beckoning Beast by October Bird Of Death LIVE @ Quenchers Saloon (01.18.18)

On Saturday January 27th I went to Wilson Abbey to see Hushpad with Native Land and VON Strantz. It would be my only chance to see Native Land due to learning in the coming months that Matthew Hobler had stomach cancer and would not survive the fight in the earthly sense. It was a good show and I am glad I was able to go.

Hushpad LIVE @ Wilson Abbey (01.27.18)

Native Land LIVE @ Wilson Abbey (01.27.18)

Through The Looking Glass by VON Strantz LIVE @ Wilson Abbey (01.27.18)

On Saturday February 3rd, Elphie and I caught The Castros...well the end of their set in the Garden Room at J.P.U.S.A. We hung around afterwards to play games with folks and enjoy the company of friends.

The Castros LIVE @ J.P.U.S.A.'s Garden Room (02.03.18)

on Sunday February 4th, we watched the Super Bowl and I was happy to report that the Pittsburgh Steelers remained the only football franchise to win 6 Super Bowls! On Thursday February 8th, Elphie had a surgical procedure...she asked me to film her waking from the anesthesia so I included it here. The next day Friday February 9th, Snowmageddon occurred and was compounded by neighbors shoveling their snow on my car. How thoughtful of them. We did not get out that weekend with the car.

However I did take the train to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Vic Theatre on Saturday February 10th. They are among my favorite live bands and I was glad to get a spot with a good view of the entire stage in a smaller venue. It was good to escape a certain facebook debate as well by being at a show. Night Beats opened the night.

Little Thing Gone Wild by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club LIVE @ Vic Theatre (02.10.18)

Night Beats LIVE @ Vic Theatre (02.10.18)

Leaving work on Wednesday February 14th I captured footage of ice forming and falling from the Wilson Men's Hotel...again working well with the additional soundtrack. On Saturday February 17th we attended Nocturna at Metro then on Sunday February 18th we got some footage of Stein's shenanigans. On Saturday February 25th we attended Sanctuary at Underground Lounge. Monday February 27th marked the opening of Shamrock Shake season...at least for me.

On Saturday March 10th, we spent the day with the Shaw's hanging around Northwestern Indiana and got some ice cream at Bubbles. On Tuesday March 14th a Winchester was held at the Denny's in Oakbrook Terrace.

On Friday March 16th I went to Liar's Club to see 2Minute Minor and Some Kind Of Nightmare with Imbecile Missile and HotLips Messiah. It was my second time to see Some Kind Of Nightmare and first time seeing Imbecile Missile and Hot Lips Messiah. Not included in the footage was a guy named Willie exposing his willy. I captured "Soda Tax" from 2Minute Minor.
Since moving to Chicago, every St. Patrick's Day has been spent watching Flatfoot 56 at Ballydoyle Pub in Aurora but this year they played in Florida on St. Patrick's Day so we went to the Comedy Clubhouse on Saturday March 17th to see Helen perform then stayed for the rest of the evening's performances.

On Thursday March 22nd, we drove to Warren, Pennsylvania to celebrate Easter a week early due to scheduling issues on Easter weekend. The weekend included some family time, changing car tires and oil, pet standoffs, and visiting with Grandpa. We returned to Chicago on Monday March 26th. Elphie found a party at L.A. Fitness on Thursday March 29th.

Flatfoot 56 played Reggie's on Saturday March 31st to give us a celtic fix for the early spring. Elphie shot some footage from the balcony that I used as well. We captured "Brotherhood." It's nice having other angles to use sometimes. The Brass Knuckle Boys, Night Cap, and teenage sibling punks The Magnifiers played the show as well.

Brotherhood by FlatFoot 56 LIVE @ Reggie’s (03.31.18)

BrassKnuckle Boys LIVE @ Reggie’s (03.31.18)

NightCap LIVE @ Reggie’s (03.31.18)

We spent Easter Sunday April 1st celebrating with dinner and hangs at J.P.U.S.A. On Tuesday April 3rd we microwaved some Peeps!

I received an email informing me about a secret show that Underoath would be playing on Friday April 6th in Chicago. It turned out to be at Subterranean and I was able to attend but to do so, I had to stand in line in the cold throughout my lunch break and into my work time in the afternoon. I got a free download of the new album and a poster along with access to the show so I went back to work for about an hour then clocked out early so that I could attend the show. It was a short showcase meant for record executives that the band opened to the public. It was interesting seeing them in a small space. Perhaps I should have filmed the whole thing but I captured a new song, "Rapture", from the set. Later, Kickstand Productions would contact me asking to use some of the footage in their promotion for future shows at Subterranean. Thanks for the support!

Rapture by UnderOath LIVE During A Secret Album Release Show @ Subterranean (04.06.18)

Another snowstorm occurred as I walked to work on a spring day, Monday April 9th. Saturday April 15th we attended Nocturna at Metro.

On Tuesday April 19th, Analecta played with NAAL and Infinite Third at the (Clint) Eastwood House at J.P.U.S.A in Uptown Chicago. There was also a Mouth Council session after the show.

Mouth Council LIVE @ J.P.U.S.A.’s (Clint) Eastwood House (04.19.18)

Analecta LIVE @ J.P.U.S.A.’s (Clint) Eastwood House (04.19.18)

NAAL LIVE @ J.P.U.S.A.’s (Clint) Eastwood House (04.19.18)

Infinite Third LIVE @ J.P.U.S.A.’s (Clint) Eastwood House (04.19.18)

On Sunday, April 29th we celebrated my birthday with Moses watching The Walking Dead and eating pizza. Over the next week we prepared to go to Europe.

Additional soundtrack is "Ice Blankets The Landscape" by Said Fantasy.

Filmed with an iPhone 6 and 8 by Elphie and Joel A. Swanson. Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson

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