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Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Shared Life: Winter In Chicago (January, February, March 2017)

This footage was compiled throughout the winter months, January, February, and March 2017. Elphie and I did not return to Chicago from our holiday trip until about a week into January due to attending to family matters over that break.

Feeling confident in the Pittsburgh Steelers chances, I filmed reaction to their victories over Miami and Kansas City on January 8th and 15th. I did not film reaction to what happened against New England. While I was gone, we lost some folks at work so some added responsibility was added to my plate which included working early hours on a few Saturdays. I filmed the early morning drive along Lake Shore Drive one of those mornings on January 14th. On January 20th, I was watching a video of my friend Spike doing a duck call. It intrigued Stein so we captured video of this moment. On January 23rd, I went to Burlington Bar to see October Bird of Death. I captured a newer song called "Shadows Like Teeth."

Shadows Like Teeth by October Bird Of Death LIVE @ Burlington Bar (01.23.17)

Again, on February 8th, i went to Burlington Bar to see October Bird of Death and hang with the guys. I captured "Goons."

Goons by October Bird Of Death LIVE @ Burlington Bar (02.08.17)

February brought the goodness of Shamrock Shake Season! So I went to McDonald's to get myself a Shamrock Shake during lunch break. On February 11th, I decided to go to a sold out show at the Riviera Theatre to see mewithoutYOU. They were playing with Circa Survive who had an interesting stage design with hot air balloons with projectors showing images on them. There was also a lot of confetti. While I had hoped to get a newer song during mewithoutYOU's set, I missed my opportunity so I got January 1979 which ended the set.

Circa Survive LIVE @ Riviera Theatre (02.11.17)

January 1979 by mewithoutYOU LIVE @ Riviera Theatre (02.11.17)

While I was at this show, Elphie got video of Stein while he watched videos of other cats on YouTube. On February 17th, Elphie decided to serenade her friend for her birthday. A heatwave hit Chicago so we spent the day on February 18th hanging out in McKinley Park feeding squirrels, ducks, and geese. that night we went to Nocturna at the Metro. With the warm weather continuing into the next week, I walked around Uptown on lunch breaks getting some footage for another project idea I have. Elphie got more footage of Stein watching YouTube videos and me playing with him. On February 25th, I decided I wanted to go to the Stadium Series game being held in Pittsburgh that night at Heinz Field between the Penguins and Flyers. Since it had been warm for a week, I hoped the weather would be alright to do this so I made the long drive out to Pittsburgh. I got a lower level ticket through StubHub while making the drive and while it definitely was cold, I persevered and the experience was a lot of fun. The Penguins won too! I started to drive home that night and got through most of Ohio before pulling over at a rest area to nap. I continued the journey and made it back around noon after passing what appeared to be a pretty nasty wreck.

On March 1st, the Penguins made their way to Chicago so I bought a ticket on StubHub again to see them play the Blackhawks on the day of the trade deadline. Josh Yohe of DK Pittsburgh Sports did a subscriber meetup but unfortunately the Penguins lost. Elphie got a clip of Stein hitching a ride on my back. We caught Il Neige playing at an art gallery in Berwyn called OuttaSpace on March 3rd. It was a good set and the place had some cool art too.

Il Neige LIVE @ OuttaSpace (03.03.17)

On March 4th, Flatfoot 56 officially released their album Odd Boat at Reggies. I captured the opening song of the set with a little help from Elphie from her perch in the balcony. Also playing that night were The Crombies, Mickey Rickshaw, and Turnspit. 6'10 had a pre-show in the restaurant next door with Greg Rekus opening.

Stutter by Flatfoot 56 LIVE during the Odd Boat Album Release @ Reggies (03.04.17)

The Crombies LIVE @ Reggies (03.04.17)

Mickey Rickshaw LIVE @ Reggies (03.04.17)

Turnspit LIVE @ Reggies (03.04.17)

Someday Hun by 6'10 LIVE @ Reggies (03.04.17)

Greg Rekus LIVE @ Reggies (03.04.17)

On March 7th, while eating lunch at JPUSA, Stasia and Stewart decided to sing a duet together. Our friend Barb got married to Roy in a Steampunk themed wedding so we made a trip down to Cincinnati leaving on March 10th. We stayed with The Humans who made us a welcome sign. We also got to hang out with several friends during the visit including Josiah, Aaron, and Lisa. We went over to The 86 for the evening on March 11th then the morning of March 12th we visited University Church with the Humans and got Pho before heading for home. We also made a stop at a candy shop in Cincinnati as well as at Albanese Candy Factory on the trip back to Chicago. We made it back to Chicago in time to catch The Crossing play at Wilson Abbey for their annual seasonal show on March 12th.

Home by The Crossing LIVE @ Wilson Abbey (03.12.17)

On March 14th, Elphie brought some snow in for Stein to play in and filmed this. While I was working, I was tipped off to a last minute free Flatfoot 56 show to be held on March 16th, at Henry's in Chicago. It turned out to be some sort of party for Tullamore Dew and the venue was downtown Chicago...it was a slightly unusual place for this kind of show but it was fun nonetheless. The drink perks were great too!

Odd Boat by Flatfoot 56 LIVE @ Henry’s (03.16.17)

On Saint Patrick's Day, Elphie and I went to Aurora for the annual Flatfoot 56 show at Ballydoyle Pub where they play two sets with a set from 6'10 as intermission. I decided to capture the medley of "You Are My Sunshine," "This Land Is Your Land...," and "Dirty Old Town" from the first set and "Penny" from the second set with Vanessa doing a guest vocal. I captured 6'10 doing "Hurricane." It is always a fun show on Saint Patrick's Day...it's a perk of living in the Chicago area to see these guys do these shows each year.

Penny by Flatfoot 56 featuring Vanessa LIVE on Saint Patrick’s Day @ Ballydoyle (03.17.17)

Hurricane by 6'10 LIVE on Saint Patrick’s Day @ Ballydoyle (03.17.17)

You Are My Sunshine/This Land Is Your Land.../Dirty Old Town Medley by Flatfoot 56 LIVE on Saint Patrick’s Day @ Ballydoyle (03.17.17)

On March 19th, there was a suspension event at Disgraceland Wasteland that we attended. On March 23rd, we went to a Winchester with Josh, Andy, James, Helen and some others but the Denny's chosen for this particular Winchester was not up to par. Josh forgot his bag so we added a few items for his troubles. On March 25th, Andy invited us to spend the day for his birthday at Galloping Ghost Arcade. It was fun playing PacMan, Q*Bert, and other games. I set a few high scores as well...at least for that day. On March 30th we got dinner at Cheesies then went over to The Vic for Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.

Additional soundtrack includes “Renegade” by Styx (Steelers and Penguins versions), “Winter” by Il Neige, “Winter” by Travelogue, “2000 Winters” by All the Day Holiday, and “Penny” by Flatfoot 56.

Filmed using an iPhone 6 by Elphie and Joel A. Swanson. Edited using Final Cut Pro by Joel A. Swanson.

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