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Monday, October 10, 2016

Catacombs Show featuring Anti-World System, Ramp Vampz, & Desiring Dead Flesh (09.30.16)

On Friday September 30th, 2016 another installment of Catacombs shows occurred at Wilson Abbey. This night featured Anti-World System (D-Beat punk from JPUSA in Uptown Chicago), Ramp Vamps (Skate Punk from Peoria, Illinois), & Desiring Dead Flesh (Punk from Bay City, Michigan) as they returned home for a long tour that took them to the west coast for the Extreme Tour.

The titles in this Show Promo video & the beginning of each band's set was the first time I was able to return to using the Motion program to make the titles. For some reason it wasn't opening on my old computer so I was using a built in option on Final Cut Pro for most titles. I prefer using Motion...it's a little easier overall. I prefer using the black & white effect on the Promo videos. I took a clip of the song "Don't Forsake The Fellowship" by Anti-World System for a soundtrack.

Set List:
1. There’s A War
2. Set Apart
3. All Israel Will Be Saved
4. Expel The Immoral Brother
5. Errors Of The Desert Fathers
6. Don’t Forsake The Fellowship
7. I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel
8. False Prophets & Teachers
9. I Am A Reformer
10. War Of The Maccabees
11. Starving The Sheep
12. The Plague

Anti-World System requested the black & white effect on all videos that involve them going forward so I obliged. I think it turned out ok. The set was good & seemed to be received well by the folks in attendance.


Ramp Vampz played their 2nd show on this night. It was good to hear them & see something new. I suspect we will see more from them in coming years. It will be cool to see them grow.

Set List:
1. The Bully & The Weak Need To Share The Playground
2. Thoughts In My Head
3. Passafist
4. Hypocrite
5. Take This Cup
6. God Bless Afghanistan
7. R-e-l-a-X-X-X
8. Holidays Suck!
9. Trips To The Park
10. A Day With Dad
11. Through It All I Will Follow You
12. Decapitated
13. Unappreciated
14. Ignorance
15. Don’t Leave The Rainbow
16. 3,000
17. KMart’s Parking Lot
18. Contemplating The Demise Of Western Civilization…
19. Stop The Fire
20. Wedgie
21. My Dying Words
22. Unity Beyond
23. Mohawks & Mullets
24. Blood, Sweat, & Circle Pits

It's always an adventure at a Desiring Dead Flesh show. Lots of objects fly through the air. Stuffed animals tend to be dismembered. Circle pits, sweat...maybe some blood too. It was nice that they could pass through Chicago again & that we could have them once again at Catacombs. They are always welcome!


Some other footage I captured on this night include Leper giving medical advice to Desiring Dead Flesh & other banter, some merch sales, & a wonderful post show meal of pulled pork & chili for the bands.

Filmed LIVE at Wilson Abbey’s Catacombs in Uptown Chicago, Illinois on Friday, September 30th, 2016 using an JVC HDD Everio. Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini.

Filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson

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