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Saturday, March 22, 2014

A 'Burgh LIfe - September 2013

As the summer came to a close (for my video documenting purposes) that first week of September & Elphie returned to Chicago, I spent a lot of time following the first winning season in 21 years by the Pirates! They clinched the winning season with a victory over Texas on September . I went to see them the first game back in Pittsburgh as a "winning" team. They went on to clinch a spot in the playoffs a week later playing in Chicago. The last home games of the season were 3 against the Reds over the third weekend in September which included a fireworks night & I worked it out to be able to attend all 3 games somehow (my work schedule has me working on Sundays so that was a pleasant surprise). A friend came to visit from Cincinnati. Jeremy Taylor was traveling through and I was able to offer hospitality at our house. We hiked the Greenway then ventured downtown where we saw "The Duck."


The night after I went to the Pirates game against Chicago at home as a winning team, at a point when my bank account was pretty much empty, I found out about a Rancid show in Pittsburgh…I checked my account and had thankfully been paid so I bought a ticket to see the sold out show.




At the end of the month, as Pittsburgh prepared for its first playoff game in 21 years, I was able to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. My cousin, Taylor, turned me on to this band and I have loved their sound ever since. This was my second chance to see them.



All footage filmed & edited by Joel A. Swanson

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