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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

A Shared Life: Fall In Chicago (September - November 2018)

This project is comprised of footage starting after we returned from our upper Midwest road trip until we left for Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving during the months of September through November 2018.

The next weekend after we returned from our road trip, the weather was nice on Saturday, September 15th so we decided to go downtown to hang out for a while. While hanging in Millenium Park near the Bean, someone put their drone to flight only to be reprimanded by park security. While sitting there, I began seeking out things on Atlas Obscura that we could potentially check out in nearby spots downtown. One that showed up and appeared to be very close was a Tiffany Dome that is in the Chicago Cultural Center which was closed to the public at the time. We ate some dinner then walked to Couch Place also known as the Alley of Death due to a tragic fire at the Iroquois Theatre that once stood where the Oriental Theater stands now. We happened to come across a tour so we listened for a bit to the tour guide. I don't think he was particularly happy with our eavesdropping on his paid tour, so here's a shout out to Chicago Ghost Tours (with apologies for eavesdropping). Once we came out of the alley we noticed some interesting architecture on the side of one of the buildings then walked toward Daley Plaza to get a view of the Chicago Temple, the tallest church building. It is a relatively normal looking downtown building except with a steeple on top as well as the "Sky Chapel" apparently. We returned to Millenium Park to the Crown Fountain which is where faces are broadcast on towers with water falling down them and then they spray water from the mouths. We've visited this spot many times before but decided to make it "Atlas Obscura official" with video documentation as well. After this, we walked north for a while through the Magnificent Mile to get ice cream and frozen yogurt. I had hoped to find another couple Atlas Obscura spots but didn't get to them or passed them by without realizing it.

I went to Liar's Club on Wednesday September 19th to see 2Minute Minor and there was a guy trying to run for mayor at the show. He danced some strange "River Dance" kinda thing to the last band of the night and tried to get the word out about his campaign. I don't recall his name. I captured "Keep Your Guard" from 2Minute Minor.

Keep Your Guard by 2Minute Minor LIVE @ Liar’s Club (09.19.18)

On Friday September 21st I went to Naperville for another show at The Waiting Room. I wasn't sure if I would go because of how long it takes to get there and it being a weekday so I had work to get home from first but decided to go ahead and go...and I'm glad I did as it would be the last time for this year that I would get to catch Desiring Dead Flesh. It was the only set I got footage from...I filmed "Punk Today."

Punk Today by Desiring Dead Flesh LIVE @ The Waiting Room (09.21.18)

On Monday, September 24th there was a bonfire at the Robieson's home with some good hangs with friends.

On Friday, September 28th I went to The Wire in Berwyn to see Zao. There was an unfortunate conflict in that a few bands I would have loved to see in a setting like The Waiting Room, October Bird of Death and Flatfoot 56, were doing just that. But, I had bought tickets to see Zao a few months before and it's not every day that Zao comes to town any more than its everyday to see Flatfoot 56 play a house show. I ended up capturing "The Ghost Psalm" by Zao. Throughout the Zao set, there was a screeching sound that I eventually figured out to be coming from Russ apparently screaming along with Dan. It occurred during the video as well.

The Ghost Psalm by Zao LIVE @ The Wire (09.28.18)

On Wednesday, October 3rd I went to Reggies to see the Pilfers on an unseasonably warm day...much like the beginning of October last year. I caught Pilfers a couple years ago at a Five Iron Frenzy show at Reggies and really enjoyed them so having the opportunity to see them again was pretty cool. They had a local ska band, the Jacob Horn Trio open and Rehasher were the headliner doing pop punk...featuring a member of Less Than Jake. I enjoyed seeing Pilfers again though the video footage turned out a bit dark.

Rehasher LIVE @ Reggies (10.03.18)

Pilfers LIVE @ Reggies (10.03.18)

Jacob Horn Trio LIVE @ Reggies (10.03.18)

On Friday, October 5th we held our annual Halloween house party...and it rained again as it has the last few years. We had a few friends end up coming over to play games and enjoy snacks and drinks and good times.

On Saturday, October 6th after a late wake up, I drove to Tinley Park for 350 Brewing Company's Punktober Fest. I got there at the end of the Flatfoot 56 set. I filmed "We Grow Stronger." I stayed for the rest of the show which featured Mike Herrera of MxPx playing solo acoustic. I filmed "Heard That Sound" that he did with Josh Caterer of The Smoking Popes. The Mad Caddies were the headliner. Somehow I had missed out on this band over the years and liked what I heard...I wish I had caught on sooner.

Mad Caddies LIVE during Punktober Fest @ 350 Brewing Company (10.06.18)

Heard That Sound by Mike Herrera (MxPx) w/ Josh Caterer (The Smoking Popes) LIVE during Punktober Fest @ 350 Brewing Company (10.06.18)

We Grow Stronger by Flatfoot 56 LIVE during Punktober Fest @ 350 Brewing Company (10.06.18)

On Sunday, October 7th, we went to Northwestern Indiana for some Halloween shopping and dinner with the Shaws. I found an interesting hillbilly decoration.

On Thursday, October 11th, Elphie flew south...for her cousin's wedding and to spend some time with her family.

On Friday, October 12th I went to House of Blues to see Thrice. It seems that the crowd at these shows are the type I like the least of any shows I go to. It was a sold out show (and I got my ticket through Stubhub for about half the price) which could account for the conditions. Fortunately, I was able to secure a spot where I could get a decent video of "Image of the Invisible" without a very tall person getting in my direct line of sight or having someone leaning on or pushing into me.

Image Of The Invisible by Thrice LIVE @ House Of Blues (10.12.2018)

On Saturday, October 13th, I went to Brauerhouse in Lombard to see Agnostic Front. The show was in the new larger venue space. I noticed a lot of gimpy dudes at this show...not sure if they were getting themselves hurt in the pit or if it accrued over the years of going into the pit at hardcore shows or completely unrrelated situations. It appeared there was only one skirmish that resulted in someone being thrown out of the show. I captured "Police Violence" by Agnostic Front. 2Minute Minor opened and I captured "Tried and True" from their set. The Beer Nuts also played...that was an interesting set.

Police Violence by Agnostic Front LIVE @ Brauerhouse (10.13.2018)

The Beer Nuts LIVE @ Brauerhouse (10.13.2018)

Tried And True by 2Minute Minor LIVE @ Brauerhouse (10.13.2018)

On Thursday, October 18th I attended Everybody Coffee's Last Hour. It features bands during the shop's last hour of operation for the day. This night featured Dead Birds and The Uh-Oh's.

I got up early on Saturday morning, October 20th to pick Elphie up from the airport as she returned from her trip south. We went back to bed for a while then got up to go to the Haunted Flea Market in Wheaton, Illinois. It was quite cold so I don't think we stayed as long as we usually do. When we got home Elphie wanted to do a taste test that involved cow tails, a potato chip, and beef jerky. It was interesting.

On Friday, October 26th we went to the annual Nocturna All Hallow's Eve Ball at Metro and saw lots of cool costumes. The sound on this night was off...it seemed very "bassy" in the house speakers and the mic kept feeding back on stage during the costume contest. We ended up leaving a bit early because of the sound issues.

On Saturday, October 27th we had our friends in Grave Robber coming to town to play at Division Street Tap along with Leper. This would be a new venue for us. We found the venue and went inside and it was about what I expected anyway in that it was small but it appeared to be missing something important for putting on a show...the sound system. It turned out my powers of observation were correct...there was no sound system and the owner of the bar was trying to call in someone with a sound system so that the show could go on. We hung out with our friends in the bands as sports were shown on the televisions (so I got to see a World Series game, ha). Some members of Leper left as well as friends who came for the show and then the rest of Leper left and Grave Robber was getting ready to leave when we were told that a sound system was on its way to the bar. Grave Robber loaded up and Leper returned and the show went on about three hours after it was intended to start. There was also supposed to be a costume contest and Elphie thought she might win being about the only person in costume left at the end of the night but then a few other people showed up and had louder friends...but Elphie did get a gift card for enduring until the end! I captured "Zombieland" by Grave Robber and "Where Is Thy Sting" by Leper on video.

Where Is Thy Sting by Leper LIVE @ Division Street Tap (10.27.2018)

Zombieland by Grave Robber LIVE @ Division Street Tap (10.27.2018)

On Sunday, October 28th we visited a Spirit of Halloween store then we went to Asian Buffet as an early celebration of our Halloweeniversary. After filling ourselves to the gills, I decided to go to Subterranean to see Il Neige and Sound of Ceres but I got there too late to see Il Neige. Sound of Ceres was quite an interesting live performance and featured Jacob Graham who is involved with Pastiq Musiq and was in bands I had filmed quite often in the past: The Promise Book and Flashlight Party. It was good to catch up a bit with him.

Sound Of Ceres LIVE @ Subterranean (10.28.2018)

On Wednesday, October 31st, Halloween day I noticed a helicopter hovering over my neighborhood on my way to work. I got some clips of costumes as I walked home then we went to Bree Thai to celebrate our Halloweeniversary where the employees were in costume.

On Friday, November 2nd there was a show at Beat Kitchen featuring Harley Poe. When I went to buy tickets, I found out it was sold out so I floated out a request for anyone selling tickets. On Friday morning on my way into work I saw someone posted on the Facebook event page that they had four tickets they would sell so I figured I'd give it a shot. I was only trying to buy two and made an offer comparable to face value plus fees and an extra dollar or so for two tickets and the person sold me all four tickets. So then Elphie and I went about seeing if anyone else was interested in going to the show and gave those extra tickets away to our friends. I had multiple people ask for the extra tickets but we gave them to friends. It worked out to have a fun evening with Sid which was needed. Harley Poe played my house in Cincinnati in March of 2012. Though the turnout that night was not great, I really enjoyed their set and this was the first chance I had to see Harley Poe again so I was glad it could work out. I wanted to get "Ima Killer" so I'm glad that worked out as well. Amigo the Devil was the headliner and the show was opened by Woodrow Hart and the Haymaker who was really good too.

Amigo The Devil LIVE @ Beat Kitchen (11.02.2018)

Ima Killer by Harley Poe LIVE @ Beat Kitchen (11.02.2018)

On Saturday, November 3rd F.B.S. played their final show as a memorial for Jay Phillips in Dayton, Ohio at Oscar's Bar. Some of us made the road trip from Chicago for it. A playlist for the show is linked below and a blog regarding that event is linked here.

Bundy And The Spins LIVE During Jay Phillips' Memorial @ Oscar’s Bar (11.03.2018)

Betty Machete And The Angry Cougars LIVE During Jay Phillips' Memorial @ Oscar’s Bar (11.03.2018)

F.B.S.: The Final Show LIVE During Jay Phillips' Memorial @ Oscar’s Bar (11.03.2018)

I Fought The Law by VoltageHawk w/ F.B.S. LIVE During Jay Phillips' Memorial @ Oscar’s Bar (11.03.2018)

Viceroy Kings LIVE During Jay Phillips' Memorial @ Oscar’s Bar (11.03.2018)

Dreadful Rumor LIVE During Jay Phillips' Memorial @ Oscar’s Bar (11.03.2018)

On Sunday November 18th we attended the annual Disgracegiving put on by Disgraceland Wasteland Suspensions at Wasted Youth Tattoo and Piercing in Romeoville, Illinois. I got short clips of most of the suspensions we saw during the night. There was good food and good community.

Additional soundtrack is "Church Bells" by Low And Behold and "The Swarm" by Grave Robber.

Filmed using an iPhone 6 and 8 by Elphie and Joel A. Swanson. Edited using Final Cut Pro on a Mac Mini by Joel A. Swanson.

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